Thursday, March 14, 2013

Letter to (Twenty Three Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

It's been such a fun month with you. All of a sudden you've gotten much more communicative and you're just so sweet and full of energy.

You think it's so funny when I turn a dish towel into a super hero cape for you and you really enjoyed the recent indoor Easter egg hunt that you and me and Annie had one morning before lunch.

I've mentioned it quite a bit lately, but you love babies so much. If we see a baby in a carrier at the park or the grocery store, you are just beside yourself and point and say "BAAAABY!" very loudly. [Actually, most things you say, you say loudly. I tried taking you to the preschool story time at the library with Annie the other day and it was a bit of a disaster. It wasn't so much how busy you were- there were others your age toddling around- but there were balloons and you got overwhelmed by the "BALLS!" and I just couldn't bring you down from that.]

You love playing with baby dolls and stuffed animals, too. You hold them close, feed them with a toy bottle and burp them. Then you lay them on the floor and cover them with one of your blankets. Honestly, I think you enjoy this type of imaginative play more than Annie did at your age. You've got a sweet little soul, Graves.

A couple of weeks ago, you sprained your wrist (Papa unintentionally pulled on it in a weird way). It was just the most pitiful thing, but you were SO cuddly. I enjoyed it so much, even when you wanted to be held the whole time while I browned a pound of meat. It's been awhile since you've needed me like that and I miss those days sometimes!

I saved the best for last. A couple of really special things have happened. First of all, you've FINALLY started talking more. You're saying new words ("shoe", "milk", "Minnie") and you've even started saying the sweetest little phrase "Wub Woo" ("love you"). That one would be completely unintelligible to anyone else, but the first time I heard you do it, I knew my beautiful boy had gotten even more beautiful.

Today at Mickey and Minnie's house you kept saying "Eat! Duck!" and "DUCK EAT!" and then we saw what you were pointing to- you had dragged a decorative duck out of Mickey's room and were pretending to feed him your granola. It was adorable. In the interest of being competley honest, you learned the words "poo poo" this month, too. It was after an incident on the carpet (definetly my fault). Annie, the voice of optimism that day, told me "Well, he *did* learn a new word. Say 'poo poo', Bud!" And of course you did.

Which brings me to the other special thing. You and Annie have been such sweet friends for a long time. But lately I've seen a new level of love for each other from you both. Y'all love to hold hands and have started playing so well together without incident. I can finally leave you two alone for long enough to take a shower and not really worry too much. When we're riding in the car and she's not there, you almost always look around and say "Annie? Annie?" (or really, "Ay-E? Ay-E?"). It's terribly sweet. You love to let her mother you. She likes to feed you things off a spoon and you let her. Sometimes she just sort of fusses over you about things and you let her. I'm so thankful for the little bond you two have and there's nothing more special to me than watching it grow.

Sweet boy, I am saving your last month as a one year old. I can hardly believe we're here. Wasn't it just yesterday I was cutting out every form of dairy and putting that rice sock on your tummy and trying so hard to figure your little self out? It sure seems like it. I adore you so much.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your raccoon jon jon is the reverse of your turkey from November; it's an 18 mo.

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