Friday, March 1, 2013

March Happenings

I like the March header much better than February. I think last month's was a bit too bold. I'm back to using Instagrams, too. I think it's fun to mix it up, but it's always a good reminder that I need to get out my camera more! The quote is from a Mumford and Son's song called "Not with Haste". I've been thinking about that specific line lately and I have a post brewing with some of those thoughts.

February was really good, but it felt super short. February ALWAYS seems to fly to me. Thankfully, because I'm usually so over Winter at this point. Anyway, March is going to be fun, but busy!

- The first big thing is the adoption conference I mentioned this week. I'm so, SO excited about it. Like cannot stand it excited. First of all, I'm excited to just learn more about something that's really important to me. But also, I'm so excited to be with two of my closest friends. Here's the major awesomeness: Carrie and I figured out recently that this is the first real trip since Ash moved where nobody has had a baby in tow (we're not counting the adorbs Baby Lynley Adele in the womb). Ashley spent one night here where we all went to a hotel and hung out. But every time we've gone to visit her or met somewhere we've either had Jude, Baby Graves, or Alaina accompanying us. And the time Ashley visited, I had to rush home between dinner and the hotel to go nurse Graves and I had to get home super early the next morning. I think it goes without saying the the three of us ADORE our kids, but it will be so nice to hang out with just grown ups.

- Ann Peyton has "field day" at school next week and I'm SO hoping the weather is not like it was today (frigid). Of course you never know here. It could be 75 degrees or it could be forty five degrees. If its' forty five we're not going.

- Also, Annie has Spring Break week after next. It seems like we just had Winter Break! Whatever, we're homeschooling.  I'm not too phased by it and it actually works out better because there won't be an issue with picking AP up when we're gone to the conference on Monday.

- I feel like I was in a grove with homeschooling back in the Fall and I kind of lost my fire at some point this Winter. I think I've kind of picked back up and we're doing a couple of new things, too. I really want to be diligent with this.

- Peyton has his prison ministry thing this month. It's called Kairos and it's a really neat ministry. Peyton will be going, with a bunch of other guys from our church, into the prison and pretty much just trying to share the light of Christ. The whole thing is born out of the Cursillo movement and it's like a spiritual retreat for prisoners. I cannot wait to see how God works!

- I feel like those few "big" things will make the month feel packed (and probably stressful at times). But they're things I'm so excited about, so I know it will be good!

Here are my goals from last month:
1. Cook at the very minimum three times a week. I really did well with this. I didn't keep up, but I think there was only one week where I didn't cook three times. I learned a few things that help me and I'll probably write a whole post on it later.
2. Organize kids' outgrown clothes. Yeah. This didn't happen. Or not completely, at least. I got a few things down for Carrie and I got most of Graves's stuff from last year ready to send to a boy mom friend (there really wasn't a whole lot because I think he's going to wear a good bit from last Summer this year). But there's a lot more of Annie's stuff to sort and split between Carrie and my sister in law.
3. Polish up the NYC blog and start posting over there somewhat regularly. Done and done. I think this is going to be a really helpful place to process things and a really fun place to share our excitement.

This month's goals:
1. Plan the children's birthday party (on a major budget). I'm excited about the challenge, but actually kind of wishing I had started earlier. I decided I'd give the joint party at least one more year. I know Annie would love a princess party or something like that, but espesially with trying really hard to spend less, two parties in two weeks seems less than necessary. Also, we're still not at the point where I think she cares about inviting school friends. Honestly, I'll be happy to have another party with just family and close friends, like always. I think I've got a theme picked and when I ran it by AP she seemed more than satisfied. Clearly, Graves will be more than satisfied if I just get him some dairy free ice cream (yeah, that's a whole other post, too).
2. I'm keeping number two the same. Because I need to get it done. Organize kids' outgrown clothes.
3. Get caught up and stay caught up on online budgeting. Theoretically, this should be easier this year but I keep procrastinating.
4. I didn't make a Lenten sacrifice this year, but I did resolve to try to just slow down. I want my days to reflect my priorities and that doesn't happen at the speed we sometimes live. Ann Voskamp says "Life’s so extraordinary it warrants going slow, held in reverential awe" and she's right. I don't even necessarily think I need to cut out things, I just need to do things differently. As I said at the beginning of this post, I have a post brewing about it and I'll explain more fully, but I just want to be present with the people I love.

Here's to March, a busy month lived hopefully in "reverential awe"- bathing in the Truth, relishing in the moments with my family, basking in the light of grace and learning to love with urgency but not with haste.


Annie said...

I'm excited to hear how your adoption conference goes!

I love your last goal for the month. I need to learn to live slower and better in the moment, too, and I'm interested to hear what brought you to make this a goal!

Christi said...

A very dear friend has been involved with Kairos for many years. It's an amazing ministry.

I don't know what the theme of their party is, but I have a cricut and a cameo (cutting machines) so if I can help make things and send them to you for the party, i I'd be happy to. I have tons of paper, so you'd just have to tell me what you want & colors.

Have a great day!

Carrie said...

Umm, this birthday talk is really making me feel insecure that I haven't started planning Alaina's party. That's in 2 weeks. Guess I should get on that :-/