Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekly Happenings #207 (March 11-17)-- Tired and Thankful

  [We took the picture Monday morning and AP had on her ballet leotard and her modesty shorts because a friend had her ballet skirt. Ha!]

Last week was Spring Break for AP. It was a great week and we had a lot of fun, but for some reason I was so tired all week. I think it was just a combination of things- being tired from the trip, Daylight Savings Time, and for some reason I didn't sleep well a couple of nights. Anyway, like I said it was a great week!

We came home from Atlanta on Monday. We got up and got ready to check out. Carrie and I took Ashley to the airport and then got on the road. We only stopped twice again, but the pace of was more leisurely. It was fun visiting in the car and we got home around 6:00. Poor Minnie, I think the kids had kind of overwhelmed her after she took over for Peyton when he had to leave for work. My dad ended up stopping by to help her at our house and I think things went smoothly after that. I know they were glad to see me, though! I played with the kiddos and tidied up a bit and then I fed them dinner and did dishes. I bathed Graves and put him to bed. I bathed AP and did her nighttime routine and put her down and then I got on the computer for the first time in days. I checked email (I have it on my phone, of course, but I had only glanced at it) and sent some Junior League emails and such. Peyton got home and we talked and ate the brisket he had cooked and then we went to bed. 

It was a weird night; I just didn't sleep well. I woke up and chatted with Peyton early Tuesday morning and then went back to sleep. Peyton was so sweet and let me sleep late. I got up and took my bath and we visited and then he left for work. The kids played and I started laundry and dishes and then we straightened up the house and they had lunch. I put them down for naps and cleaned the toilet in the guest bathroom. I read blogs and got on Twitter and then ate my lunch and read my devotional. 

Graves woke up early and I needed to make a phone call that I had meant to making during their naps. It was kind of a disaster with loud kids. I got off the phone and Graves and Annie had a hard time getting along. I changed both of their beds and put up some laundry and then I took them outside for forty five minutes. They loved it and I just sat in the sunshine and relaxed. 
They "chalked" on the tree.

This guy also enjoyed some sandbox sand for a snack :)

We came in and there were more meltdowns. I fixed them supper and then bathed Graves and put him to bed. I gave Annie her bath and then we did some school stuff and I put her to sleep. I uploaded and edited pictures and worked on my Weekly Happenings post from last week and then Peyton got home. 

Wednesday was Peyton's day off and it was so much fun. We had a lazy morning and then I took a bath and then we got ready to go for a big walk. Y'ALL. We walked on this nature trail for THREE hours. Fortuantly, my parents' house was right at the midpoint. So we took a break there for about an hour even though no one was home. Glad my kids LOVE to stroll! 
He took by the hand and kept telling him "DUCK EAT!". We were just giddy and thought it was so cute. One thing about his verbal development, it has allowed us to view these little achievements made by our second child with the same awe we had with our first.

We came home and it was rest time. I got on Twitter and wrote Graves's letter and then just visited with Peyton. When they got up, we took Graves's picture and then Peyton took the kids outside to play and I worked in the attic for about three more hours. 
 I could just eat him up.

I had SO much stuff to go up that's been junkin' up our office and I'm not even done yet. And I also needed to get down some stuff for other people. After that, AP and I did school and then I got her to bed. I watched the news and went to bed. 

We had a fun day again on Thursday, even though Peyton had work all day and then a Kairos meeting. The kids were up early for them and I was lazy the first part of the morning. Then I got busy. I took my bath and straightened and dusted and then I vacuumed the den and unloaded and reloaded dishes. My sister in law and her kids were coming over and it was nice to have a clean house. I cooked some veggies for the kiddos and Elizabeth and her kids got here. We had a great visit and when they left we cleaned up the children's room and then I put Graves down and AP helped me clean up the den and I did the lunch dishes. We read and I put her down. I got on the computer and read blogs for a bit and then I read and did my Bible study for almost an hour. The kids got up and we got ready and went to Hobby Lobby for a few things. When we got home, I folded laundry while they played. I fixed them supper and gave them both baths and AP kept being so grouchy and disrespectful. I had put Graves to bed and I ended up putting her to bed early. I think she was tired because she fell asleep while he was loudly growling. Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed. 

Friday I got up with Peyton and the kids. I usually sleep at least half an hour later than them when he's home, but we decided to all start the morning together. Anyway, I had breakfast and then took my bath. I started cooking some tomato soup and cleaned up the kitchen which was a bit of a mess while Peyton took the kids outside to play. I also straightened my desk in the sunroom that he's been using. We fed the kids lunch and Peyton left for work and I finished up the soup. I put the kids down for naps and split the time between the Internet and working though the Acts study our Sunday school class is doing. When they got up we straightened up and then I folded some laundry and we left for my parents' house.
 Nothing like a shortall and dinosaurs!

 Fun at Mickey and Minnie's. I have no idea why this post is so heavy on the Gravey ;)

 We had a great visit and on the way home I called Cookie to talk a little. I ended up calling my mom to talk, too, after the kids were in bed. I visited with Peyton when he got home and did a few things on the computer and went to bed.

Peyton had to work on Saturday and I got up with the kids. I spent the first hour lazing around and then I got my bath and got busy. I realized we didn't have an appropriate birthday present for Alaina, so I hustled to do some things around the house- sweeping and unloading and reloading dishes. I got the kids ready and we ran to Target. When we got home, I fixed their lunch. While they were eating I picked up the house and got some things together to bring to Carrie. I put Graves down and Annie opted to help me wrap the present in lieu of reading. I got her settled and then got on the computer for a bit. 

 Not sure what is more impressive- that she could make a little playhouse directly adjacent to his crib without waking him or that he slept through it. I'll say this: sharing a room is such a beautiful reality, most days, at our house.

I was going to work on my Sunday school lesson, but I took a short nap instead. When I got up, I got myself and the kids ready for the party. We had such a fun time celebrating sweet Alaina Ruth! Graves was so obsessed with the Howie's dog and Annie of course had the best time playing with Aubrey. It's always fun to see Carrie's family, too :)
It was a "garden party" so I brought my little tulip and caterpillar! 

When we got home, I changed clothes and straightened up a few things and then we went outside to draw with chalk. While they were playing, I grated soap for laundry detergent. Peyton got home and we loaded the kids in the wagon and went for a walk. Peyton didn't establish any ground rules (I hate the wagon and never take it) and we ended up carrying both kids for several blocks toward the end. It was still a lot of fun, though! 

 Sure there's all kind suck associated with Daylight Savings Time, but I wouldn't trade the extra outside hours with their papa for anything in the world.

When we got home, we fed the kids supper and bathed them and put them to bed. I got finished unpacking, organized some sewing stuff in my closet, and hung up a bunch of skirts during Annie's bath. Peyton went to the grocery store and we ate taco salads and then we cleaned up the kitchen. I got on the computer for a bit. I worked on my Sunday school lesson for the next day for about an hour. 

I woke up on Sunday and Peyton and I chatted and then he helped me get everyone ready (okay, he pretty much got them ready himself) and I hurried to get myself ready. We took separate cars because he had to work. I ended up turning around because I thought I had forgotten my lesson and AP and I got to church late. He got so mad about leaving something in the car and it was a stressful morning. Peyton had to leave the service early for work but Annie did GREAT when I dropped her off in Sunday school. We had visited with Darlene a bit so I was kind of rushing in and had to start teaching immediately. I thought the lesson went SO well and I was excited about a lot of people sharing. We came home and I fed the kids lunch and folded some sheets and unloaded and loaded dishes. They had rest time and I got on the computer and did a few things and then I took a short nap. They got up and I folded some more laundry and then we got ready for evening church. AP sat with me and did so good and oh my,  the sermon was POWERFUL. Peyton was at home when we got there and we all had supper (breakfast for dinner for us and fruit and sandwiches for the kids). We put the children to bed and I cleaned the kitchen and straightened the house and then read blogs for awhile. 

This week is pretty busy and Peyton is going to be gone more than I'd like. It started off kind of rough today- nothing big, just lots of little things that added up. We've got some fun stuff going on, though, and I'm sure it will fly by! 

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