Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #205 (February 25-March 3)-- More Big Feelings and a Hurt Wrist

The week started off rough with poor Graves's wrist still hurt, but that resolved itself by Tuesday. Annie is going through some sort of phase, though. I know it's just a little stage, but my patience was THIN last week. Thankfully, today was a really, really good day and I've done this long enough to know these things aren't the end of the world and I'm not a terrible mother (well, I can say that now after the really, really good day).

Poor Graves had an awful night on Sunday after her hurt his little wrist and Annie got in her bed around five (which is normal) requesting milk and a few other things (which is not). I was proud of myself for not caving, I told her she could stay, but she had to go back to sleep or else we were going to send her back to her room (which I really didn't want to do since Graves was so restless).

Anyway, Monday morning came early. I got ready and packed Annie's lunch while Peyton got her dressed and helped Graves get comfortable watching a video in our bed. Then I almost threw up (sinus stuff). Then I lost my keys. We were fifteen minutes late to school and I did my make-up at stop lights and ate breakfast on the way. I had offered to stay home with Graves and Peyton, but Peyton insisted that the afternoon and evening would be long enough and it would be good for me to go on to the CPC. Anyway, I got there a little late and jumped right in. That day, I listened to someone make follow up calls. Pretty soon I'll start doing it. Nervous! I went by the grocery store on the way home for one thing and when I got back home, Peyton said Graves was doing a lot better. I snuggled with him a bit and unloaded and reloaded dishes and hung up some clothes in the kids room. I fed Graves lunch and gave him a bath. That was sort of miserable with his wrist hurt, but he desperately needed one!

We picked up AP and came home for naps/rest time. I got on the computer, ate lunch, and started doing some reading in my training manual from the CPC. I decided to give myself one goal for the entire evening since Graves has been fussy in the evenings lately anyway and I figured he would be particularly so. My one goal was cooking dinner- and by that I mean browning meat, chopping an onion, pouring jarred spaghetti sauce in the pan and boiling noodles. I'm glad I didn't try to accomplish more because Graves was pretty cranky. We spent a good bit of the evening just playing in their room and then I put on a video since it was rainy/Graves was hurt.
 Poor Bud! He was still just letting his arm hang like that!

One thing about being injured....Busy Bud was much more inclined to oblige Sister's requests to play "resting games".

Annie was really the only one interested and I ended up browning the meat from start to finish with Graves on my hip. Haven't done that in awhile, but you know it's nice to be needed. I do count myself blessed that he's a munchkin like his momma :) Anyway, I fed Graves his whole supper on a spoon (been awhile since he's let me do that, too) and put him to bed while AP finished hers. She watched the rest of the video while I cleaned up the kitchen and unloaded dishes again and then I got her ready for bed. I actually went to bed early that night.

Graves was up at 7:30 on Tuesday and I was so tired from Sunday night. We just had a lazy first half of the morning and I really didn't do anything but change diapers and fix the kids' cereal. About nine thirty, I took a bath with the kids in the den for the first time. I'm not sure if that says more about how far they've come behavior wise or how far I've come anxiety wise, but it felt good either way. Anyway, I fixed myself some oatmeal and they finished watching an Olivia movie. I folded laundry and then I did school with AP and we had lunch. I did dishes, vacuumed some in the kitchen, and took out the trash. I cleaned out the Shark vacuum cleaner and then put the kids down. I got on Twitter and had a snack and then worked on my playlist post. I got ready and the kids got up and I fed them a snack and then Peyton got home.

I had planned to leave them with him and go to a consignment sale, but he decided he wanted to go to his parents' so we all loaded up. We picked up my mom and then dropped the kids and Peyton off with my in-laws. We were at the sale forever and the kids were tired when we picked them up.

We were going to eat leftover beans with my parents, but we ended up just getting them "to go". We got home and got the kids to bed. I had an awful headache, but I had to get some laundry going so AP's uniform would be clean. And I needed to fold some of what was in the dryer. I did that and finished my post and then went to bed. Well, we never put a pull up on AP. Somehow (this shocked me) she made it to our bathroom. We got her changed and just let her climb in bed with us. She was upset about not having her stuffed monkey and a few other things and Peyton told her we weren't going to get him, she'd have to and it was awful. My headache was not getting any better. He ended up taking her in the den and she finally calmed down and got the monkey. I'm glad he stood his ground but...woah.

I got up and got Annie dressed and Peyton packed her lunch and took her to school on Wednesday. I had fallen back asleep as they left and then ten minutes later I woke up in a panic. I called Peyton crying and saying "Do you have Baby Graves with you?" because, of course, he was nowhere to be found. Peyton had sweetly brought him with them so I could get some more rest. Whew. Anyway, they got home and I got up. Thankfully, my headache was gone. I took a bath and then read some in our book for our class that night. I had breakfast and started dishes and laundry. I fed Graves lunch and Peyton left to go get AP. Graves got Ranch all over his face and it caused this terrible rash. I bathed him and put him down for a nap.
 It didn't really seem to bother him, but seriously, how pitiful does he look??

They got home and I worked a post and then had some lunch and got ready for church. AP had a hard time again at church and I finally figured out that it was because they had changed rooms. Change is hard, yes? Anyway, I explained to her that it's not the room that matters, it's the people and it's what she was learning about the Lord that matters. Anyway, we had a stand off. I told her she couldn't go to our classroom. She could either go to her room or the nursery or sit on the second to the bottom step in the hall of the education building. It took half the time, but she finally went to class. She told me she didn't want to cry as she was tearing up at the door. I asked her to spin around like Olivia and take deep breaths and she made it. She got through the rest of class and I joined Peyton. Good grief.

We stopped by Walgreens on the way home to buy a few things and got everyone out, but we neither one had money. So, no. We came home and I browned some meat and fed Graves spaghetti while Peyton ran to Kroger for sour cream. We put Graves to bed and then Annie ate tacos with us. I did dishes, scrubbed the counters, and swept and mopped while Peyton got her to bed. I got on the computer and went to bed.

I got up around 8:30 on Thursday, a little after Peyton and the kids. I had breakfast (that Peyton cooked!) and got a bath and then we gave Annie a quick bath. We were going to meet Elizabeth and her kids at the library for story time. I took the kids and Peyton went to another area to read. Well, I quickly realized Graves was not ready for the preschool story time yet. There were other kids walking around but he was BY FAR the loudest. I started to get Annie up to take him to Peyton, but she teared up. Obviously, I was just going to deal with it but a girl next to us said she could just sit with her and her kids. I knew I recognized her from somewhere, but I felt weird. Anyway, I did leave AP and it took all of two minutes, but I still felt awful and guilty and all "whatcouldhavehappened?!?" all day. Later I had talked to the girl and we realized we had had some mutual friends in college. Clearly, it was fine BUT STILL. Elizabeth and her kids came over afterwards and Peyton cooked some frozen veggies (okra, corn, sweet potato fries, and broccoli) for lunch. We had a good time! After they left, I straightened the house and put the kids down for naps. Peyton was off so he went to get a haircut and I got on the computer for a bit. The kids got up around the time Peyton got back and they were both in awful moods. Annie even hit Peyton when he put her in time out for something, something she's NEVER done. We made a grocery list and he left for a Kairos meeting and I folded some laundry and read to the kids. I fixed their supper and put Graves to bed. I was feeling better and Annie was in much better spirits and I had a whole list of things I wanted to accomplish with her in the hour between hers and Graves's bedtime.

It took an hour and a half but we did it all, plus a cutting activity from her Kindermusik book and I cleaned up the kitchen.
 She's obsessed with these "peapod" footies. They're SO babyish to me and I love that. I bought them in a 3T years ago for that very reason. I guess I had some foresight into mothering an almost four year old and I knew little things that kept her a baby would be powerful for me. I thought about it that night and how I didn't have any pictures and I knew I had to get some before she outgrew them. Like that minute.

She took forever falling asleep and I just finished a post and read blogs until Peyton got home.

Carrie and her kids were coming over on Friday, so I got up and made chili and straightened the house. It was more messy than I realized. I had forgotten to start dishes the night before, so I did that and put up some groceries Peyton had bought after his meeting. I got ready and finished straightening and unloaded the dishes. I was reloading when the Howies got here :) We had a great visit and Peyton left for work.
 I love the expression on AP's face!

After Carrie left, we straightened and finished the dishes and then I put the kids down. Graves didn't nap well and woke up so MAD. I think he was just tired, but he basically wailed until bedtime. He's a bit dramatic ;) I folded a little laundry and tried to keep him entertained and then fed and bathed the kids and put him down early. Annie and I read and we did some school work and then I put her to bed. I worked on my blog design and wrote a post and then watched The West Wing.

Saturday was...interesting. No, it really wasn't that bad. I just miss Peyton a lot on Saturdays when he works. Anyway, I got up early with Graves and let Peyton sleep until he needed to get ready for work. And by "got up" I mean dozed on the couch until he came up to me and woke me up totally naked with his diaper in his hand ;) I tried to grab him and he ran into the gingerbread house and immediately started playing with his new "toy" he discovered. Sorry, but I thought it was hilarious. Anyway, AP eventually got up and we all had breakfast and I got a bath. I started laundry and played with the kids and then it was lunch time.
 He never let's us feed him anymore, but of course when she tries, it's a different story. Also, from Annie: "Do you think little girl Jasmine ever fed baby Aladdin?"

Graves ended up making a mess and so I bathed him. Well, I left him and AP in their room for LITERALLY like thirty seconds and ran to the laundry room to get a diaper. In that time he pooped on the floor. Sweet Annie told me "Well, Momma he *did* learn a new word 'Say "poo poo" Bud'". A new word! I guess I'll take it :)

I got everything cleaned up and got them settled for rest time. I ate my lunch, got on the computer and watched some of The West Wing and folded laundry. The kids got up and my mom called to say maybe we shouldn't come over because my dad was feeling bad and she thought he might be getting sick. [They had done something with friends on Friday, so we had rescheduled beans for Saturday.] 
 I often put him in his space pjs when we go to my parents' house in honor of my dad, the former Apollo engineer. We were missing him!

Anyway, I talked to her and Morgan on the phone and then folded some more laundry. Peyton got home and we visited and took AP's monthly picture and got Graves to bed after we fed the kids. 
 [brushing Olivia the pig]

We read to AP and then it was her bedtime, too. Peyton went over to his parents' house to see one of his brothers and I finished Annie's letter. I watched more of The West Wing and went to bed. 

I did not want to wake up at all on Sunday and we ended up being late for church. Peyton needed to go into work early and I knew we had to go to early church because of a birthday party that afternoon, so I hustled and made it work. We had communion and AP did great sitting through the service. Sunday school was rough, though- she had another meltdown. I was just kind of exhausted by it. Fortuantly, they were doing Angel Choir so the teachers had all the kids in one room. Since there were several teachers and they assured me it was best, I left her HOWLING. Like infant nursery howling. I was so conflicted and embarrassed and just SAD. I ran into one of our children's programs directors and I just about fell apart. She went and checked on her for me and sure enough, she was sitting in someone's lap singing, totally fine. I went onto Sunday school and ended up enjoying it. We came home and I fed the kids quick lunches and got them settled because we only had about an hour and a half before Gus's (Patrick and Haley's little boy) birthday party. I let Annie help me wrap the present and then I ate my lunch and got on the computer for a minute. I ended up taking a power nap and then I got us all ready.

The party was SO good...seriously Haley is gifted with this sort of thing. It was a music theme and I wish I had had my camera. There was popcorn, cotton candy, and a little train she had rented that was making rounds on their block. SO cute! Anyway, both kids had a blast but when Graves was done he was DONE. We left quickly and he was pretty much falling asleep on the way home. I guess cutting his nap short really bothered him? The kids (and I) were pretty muddy because the party was outside and I decided we weren't going to attempt evening church. Instead, when we got home I started making a new tomato soup I was excited about. The kids played, but Graves was pretty fussy. I did manage to fix the soup and clean up the kitchen and I also wrote out my "kitchen quote" and made a couple of reminder cards with AP's memory verse on them. I fed Graves and put him down early and Peyton walked in the door just as Annie and I were finishing up with the soup. I hadn't had enough canned tomatoes and I thought maybe it wouldn't matter because I like my tomato soup super creamy/not very tomato-y. Well, I think that's how it's designed to be in the original recipe because it turned out tasting like cream. We ate and then got her ready for bed. Peyton did most of her nightime routine and I started organizing a bunch of junk to go to the attic. We put Annie to bed and I uploaded pictures and finished some stuff for a homeschool notebook. I watched The West Wing and went to bed. 

I am so excited about the adoption conference this weekend. The rest of the week is going to be pretty chill (I hope)!

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