Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #206 (March 4-10)-- Learning to LOVE BIG!

What an awesome week! The week was a great normal week and then on Friday Carrie and I left for Created for Care, the adoption conference I've mentioned several times. Y'all....I expected a lot from this thing (mainly because of what Ash has told me about it), but it totally exceeded my expectations. A big theme for the weekend was "love big" and I feel so much more equipped to do that when our time comes (and really, there was a good bit of take away that pertains to our biological kids, too). I definitely planning to write a full post, but it was great and the time with my friends, without kids....well, that was obviously a nice little blessing, too.

Peyton got up at 6:00 on Monday and we chatted and then I went back to sleep until 7:30. I got up and got ready and packed AP's lunch and fixed her hair. I dropped her off at school and went to volunteer at the CPC. I did some more training on the computer and then came home. I visited with Peyton a bit and he left for work. I started laundry and dishes and got Graves dressed and then I took him in the yard to swing for a few minutes because it was so pretty. We left to get Annie. When we got home, I got everyone settled. Poor guy had really been trying to fall asleep in the car. I added some tomato paste to my soup from the night before that had turned out too creamy and ate lunch and then got on the computer.

He slept for about an hour and a half and then something woke him up. The culprit? Sister climbing on his crib. UGH. Annie and I had a long talk and I put her on the sofa while I tried to get him back to sleep. Ellis called and I ended up talking to him and then I went to check on Annie and she was asleep. So frustrating because I knew she'd have a terrible time going to sleep that night. Anyway, Morgan called and I started a movie and worked a little more on a post. I finished that up and then got the kids ready and we went over to my parents. We ate leftover beans with them since we had missed them the weekend prior :) We got home and I put the kids to bed and AP's sleep wasn't as disastrous as I thought it would be. I got on the computer and finished my post and did a few other things until Peyton got home. We talked and I tried to go to bed early-ish but it took me awhile to fall asleep.

Peyton had the day off on Tuesday and it was a GREAT day. He let me sleep in and when I got up we just had a lazy morning. He cooked breakfast and we watched a Winnie the Pooh movie with the kids. I took a bath and cleaned up the kitchen and we played some and then it was time for naps (breakfast was so late we all skipped lunch). I got on the computer and read blogs for a bit and then I read the whole chapter in Work for Wednesday night. I read in the sunroom and Peyton sat outside and we decided to let AP get out of rest time early to play outside. When Graves woke up, the kids had a snack and we all got ready to run some errands. I picked up my clothes and money from the consignment sale from last week, we ran by Walgreens and then we stopped at my parents' so Peyton could re-install my mom's carseats. We finished up by going to the library to return books. I had one new one I wanted to get for AP, but of course we ended up with about eight :)

When we got home, I got busy. I wanted to make lasagna that night. The kids were hungry and I knew it would be a process, but great to eat on all week. I fed the kids supper and Peyton ran back to the store for one last ingredient. I was getting Graves to bed when he got back home. Peyton took over and I made the tomato mixture and did some major kitchen clean up- loading dishes, cleaning the high chair, taking out the trash and recycling and sweeping. After that, I did some school stuff with Annie and read to her from her new book. The tomato sauce takes like two hours, so I got Annie to bed and then read my Bible for a good while. [Poor Peyton had a headache and went to bed early.] Anyway, I boiled the noodles and assembled the lasagna and then took a break and read blogs. I ate and watched The West Wing and went to bed.

Usually I rock Graves, this is how Peyton puts him to sleep:
[in AP's bed]

Wednesday was a fun day. AP had field day that afternoon and we got her ready and Peyton took her to school for half a day. I actually got going right after they left. I played with Graves and hung up some laundry and then organized some piles in the kitchen. I made Kool Aid and cleaned up Graves's breakfast mess and then Peyton got home. He had gotten the oil changed in my car and we visited some. I took a bath and then he left to go get Annie to take her to field day. He was volunteering, too, and I knew they'd be late getting home, so I fed Graves lunch and unloaded dishes and then put him down early for his nap. I got on Twitter and read blogs and uploaded some pictures. I worked on organizing my closet and watched The West Wing until Peyton and Annie got home. Peyton had something to do for MPHA and Annie helped me go through my shoes. Graves woke up and we played and I folded laundry and then we all got ready for church and I packed their suppers. I let them play on the swing set for a minute and then we left for church. We had a good lesson and when we got home, I got Graves to bed. Peyton spilled some milk in the fridge, but I told him I'd clean it up if he'd bath Annie. I got that done and cleaned up the kitchen and then I decided to clean out (like totally clean out and vacuum) my car. We put Annie to bed and I got on the computer and read some more blogs.

Peyton was working all day Thursday and then had a Kairos meeting and I had a good many things I wanted to do to prepare for the trip. Anyway, Graves woke up around seven and we lazed around for a bit, but AP was up shortly after and they were at each other's throats (I think they were both still tired). I ate breakfast and so did the kids and then I put on a movie and took a bath. They were playing well, so I vacuumed our bedroom and theirs and started cleaning bathrooms- I pretty much just did the floors. I started dishes and laundry and nailed up a picture in the kitchen. The kids ate lunch and then we read and I did school with AP. Then we had an indoor Easter egg hunt with plastic eggs and then it was naptime!

I got on the computer and uploaded pictures and got on Twitter. Then I ate lunch and did some of my Bible study in the sunroom. I watched The West Wing and folded laundry until they got up. An ideal naptime! When the kids got up, they ate a snack and we played and I folded some more laundry and unloaded and loaded dishes. I played with them and then we cleaned up AP's room and left for Circle. It was good but we got home late and I was stressed because I had realized I missed a really important Junior League meeting on Tuesday. I looked up directions for the trip, wrote a post, and messed around a bit. Then I had to pack. I went to bed around one.

Like I said, I'm going to blog about the conference in more detail, but I obviously want to include a kind of superficial recap here. I got up and got ready on Friday morning and Carrie got to our house around 7:30. AP was still asleep and I left Peyton with Graves crying at the window saying "Momma". That was hard :( Anyway, the trip took about seven hours. We were on a tight schedule and stopped one for a bathroom break and once for a super speedy lunch.

We were a little late the conference, so we hugged Ash and went right into a break out session (she had gotten us checked in already). We ended up going to a different one than we had planned to since we were late and I'm so glad because it was SO good. After that ended, we had a short break to regroup and then dinner. Then we had worship and listened to an awesome testimony. After that we had desserts and sort of mingled with everyone. We went back to our room and talked until late.

Saturday was busy- in the best way! We got up, got ready and grabbed breakfast. We worshiped some more and listened to a phenomenal speaker. We had a break, then lunch, then a couple of great breakouts. I went to the first one by myself and Carrie and I went to the second one together (we sort of split from Ash because it made sense for her to go to things more geared toward mommas who have already brought home a child). After the breakouts we regrouped and went to dinner. Dinner was followed by another main session with a great speaker and more worship. So awesome! We finished out the night staying up late visiting. Obviously.

I think the kids had a fun time at home with Peyton and Mickey and Minnie, too!
[Playing in the sunroom, a little bit berserk-o over being told "no" after requesting a treat, eating in the sunroom, and sitting on Mickey's peir with him]

The conference ended on Sunday and we decided to sleep late and then go to Ikea. [We had purposefully given ourselves an extra "fun day" and I was pretty blessed by that decision. It's always some great when the three of us get to spend time together.] We ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant and then headed to Ikea since it was about half an hour away. After lunch we dropped by the mall and just wasted time until dinner. We had ended up texting Amy since she lives super close to see if she wanted to meet for dinner. We had supper at Macaroni Grill and Amy was able to meet us! We were so excited since it was so last minute and we really didn't expect her to drop everything. [Sidenote: Amy was one of the very first people who I got to know just via our blogs that I felt like I was really, truly friends with. And that was YEARS ago. So it was so fun (and sort of surreal) to finally meet!]

We ended up staying at dinner pretty late and then (of course!) stayed up late talking.

We got home yesterday and I feel like it's going to be kind of a weird week because it's Spring Break and I've already had trouble keeping my days straight because Monday threw me off. I think it'll be a good, fun one, though!

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I was so jealous y'all got to meet Amy! Atlanta is so fun. I am leaving my kids for the first time this weekend. Hope we all survive.😄