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Weekly Happenings Post #208 (March 17-24)-- Rollercoaster of Love

Peyton and I were just at each other last week. I usually don't blog about our disagreements in a huge amount of detail, I never blog about them until they're in the past, and I never blog about them without Peyton's permission. But to me, I share about so much of our life here that to let it go under the radar it feels a little....disingenuous? Anyway, it was nothing huge in the greater scheme. Arguments about how busy we should be and that sort of thing. In the moment, they feel hard and daunting and to be honest it is a big deal that we agree on how we live out our days here, but I'm thankful we aren't disagreeing about our core values. I have to say, we fight hard, but we love hard, too. That's just us. We're both opinionated and like to have our way. We're also both sorta passionate people who feel things pretty strongly. Which, on some days, is really really hard and on most days is really really beautiful.

Monday was a hard day for me. So hard. We all got up and got ready and I packed AP's lunch and we took our family picture and were walking out the door and AP threw the fit of her LIFE about not going to school. I literally couldn't get her in her carseat. I put her in time out and Peyton and I both talked to her and then tried again. Peyton had to do it and I was so frustrated. She calmed down on the way, though, and walked in happily. She teared up in ballet, but it wasn't the thrashy, out of control fit from earlier. Anyway, I left her and headed to the CPC. I worked on inputting client files and also prof-read an email for the director. Whoo hoo!

I picked up Chick Fil A on the way home and Peyton and I talked some. We got into an argument over him wanting to pack our week even fuller. In his defense, he rarely does ANYTHING for himself, it's all ministry/missionary things or just plain helping other people. But I was wound up tight as a tick and I didn't want to hear about it. Anyway, he left and I cried some. Then I started laundry and picked up around the house and then we left to get AP. We got home and I got the kids settled and I got on the computer for a bit. It started HAILING (so weird since it had been HOT earlier) and my mom called and said she was in my carport. She had been out this way and needed to ride out the storm. We visited and I let AP get up. She helped me wax some of my furniture and I straightened the house and then Graves woke up. The storm ended and the kids were fighting so badly so Minnie left. I hung up some clothes in their room and then I did some little activities with them from this book. I fed them supper and worked on my March playlist and then we just played.
 Ballet for a Savior who is ALIVE. I was a puddle.

 I gave them baths and put them to bed. My head was hurting so bad and I was just an emotional wreck. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed.

Peyton let me sleep in and I slept super late on Tuesday. That was nice! I got up and got ready and then started laundry and dishes. I loaded up Peyton's car with the recycling while he was getting ready and did the trash and compost while the kids were eating a snack and coloring. We straightened the house and I got them dressed and then we went outside and they chalked while we worked on AP's memory work. I loaded them up and we went to Kroger for the week and then dropped something off at the library. I let them play for a few minutes and then we came home and had a late lunch and late rest time. I did stuff on the computer and then did some cooking. I cut up onions, browned meat, and made spaghetti. I got AP up in time to eat hers and cut up some veggies to take to Ultreya. I woke Bud up and put him right in the car. We ended up being late and no one ate my veggies :-/

When we got home, I fed the kid supper and put them to bed. I cooked a hamburger corn pie for Peyton with the extra meat I had browned (it's his favorite dish, a casserole thing with tons of stuff in it, that I really don't like). I read blogs and we visited when he got home. I realizes I needed to wash AP's uniform and I set several alarms on my phone to put it in the dryer in the middle of the night.

Peyton put Graves in Annie's bed after they were both asleep, just to see how they'd do. When I had tried it, he woke up. When Peyton tried it, they slept that way until I got nervous when I woke up to go to the bathroom at four in the morning. Anyway, this will be their reality in NYC, most likely :)

I got up at 7:15 on Wednesday and got myself and both kids ready to take AP to school. I even had time to make the beds! AP did great at drop off but poor Graves! He kept pointing as we walked back to the car and I asked him if he missed Annie and he just buried his head in my shoulder. When we got home I ate a quick breakfast and then I realized I needed something from Hobby Lobby. We ran in and came home and I spent most of the morning working on a seeing project. Graves played SO well by himself. I folded some laundry and did dishes while he ate lunch and then we picked up AP.
This is after I told him it was time to go pick her up. I make the same face when I think about how I get to see Cookie this week. Plus a few tears maybe. Sisters make the best friends.

I put them down and uploaded pictures to Flikr and signed up for my placement next year for Junior League. There was a survey with it and it took about forty five minutes. I ended up getting them up so I could drop them at my parents because I needed to run by Continental to get something with my machine figured out. We ate dinner with my parents and then met Peyton at home.
 Graves kept pointing at this picture of little girl Cookie and calling her "Aubrey". So sweet. Sister's friends make the best friends.

I sewed some and got on the computer and visited with Peyton.

Graves and I both had hair appointments on Thursday. Peyton's brother who works offshore asked him to go look at a camera for him in Vicksburg so he had gotten up super early to do that. Both kids got up around seven and I went in their room and asked them to just play quietly for a bit. It worked but I'm sure that was a fluke. I let them come in the den and watch Dora after about half an hour and I got ready. Peyton got home and we talked and got the kids ready and went to get haircuts. Peyton took Graves and AP home after Graves's was finished.

When I got home we just hung out until naptime. 

 He looks so grown up!

 A better view from the front.

 I asked Peyton to roll up this big down comforter and he decided to roll US up in it. Bugs in a rug :)

Peyton went into work for a few hours and I realized our Internet was down. Graves took a really short nap though. I did my Bible study while they rested. When the kids got up I read to them and clipped their nails. They played and I did dishes, scrubbed the kitchen counters, swept and mopped in the kitchen and cleaned the baseboards. We went outside and I showed AP how to play hopscotch. I fed them supper and gave Graves a bath and put him to bed. I cleaned the kitchen and practiced braiding Annie's hair and then gave her a bath. I cleaned our vanity and folded clothes. Peyton got home and promptly went to bed at 8:30 (it had been a long couple of days for him) and Annie and I did some school stuff and I put her to bed. He had told me that he was going to go to the grocery store, but I knew he needed the sleep and since our Internet was still out, I decided to call it an early night, too. I ended up going to be several hours earlier than usual after having supper and half unloading the dishes and texting Carrie and Minnie a bunch about Graves's hair.

Peyton woke up SUPER early (since he went to bed so early) on Friday. Anyway, it woke me up and we ended up having another disagreement. Hurtful things were said and I just couldn't go back to sleep. I even got Annie to snuggle with and that didn't help. I was really really hurt and was having some hard thoughts/feelings. I ended up going in the den and we talked and talked and made up. I was finally able to sleep. We had meant to get up early and run errands, and Peyton did go to the store with Graves when he woke up, but Annie and I slept late. Peyton was really sweet that morning (sweeter than he usually is which is so incredible because he's always so sweet in the mornings...morning people sort of baffle me). Anyway, I got up and got ready and then started making chicken salad and pasta salad because Carrie and Morgan and their kids were all coming over. I straightened and unloaded and loaded more dishes and put on my make-up and got the kids ready and then they got here. We had so much fun visiting and it was fun to get together with two sweet friends at once.

After everyone left, we cleaned up and I got the kids settled for a late rest time. I got on the computer and did a few things and just relaxed and when they got up, we headed over to my parents' for beans and rice. We had a great time and got home late...of course. I read blogs and visited with Peyton when he got home.
Sister memory. Big Red was my 4-Runner that I had through all of high school, college, and my first couple of married/mom years. There are days I still grieve that car. Lots more days that I grieve the six hours between me and my sister/my babies and their aunt, though.

Saturday was a fun day! Peyton was supposed to have a Kairos training thing, but the whole thing got delayed (it was supposed to be on Easter weekend) due to hail damage at the prison. I was bummed for him, but SUPER excited about the extra time together. I slept a little late and then we all got ready and went over and visited with Peyton's dad (his mom was working). We stayed longer than we had planned because we were having such a good time and then ran a few errands- Walmart and Hobby Lobby. We got home and put the kids down and I got on the computer for a bit and then we talked about our plans for the week since Peyton had taken a few days off and now he wasn't doing Kairos.
 Most days AP only gets out a few things to play with because she *hates* cleaning up messes. [I'm pretty impressed with her self-discipline, for what it's worth.] But on Saturday she orchestrated this elaborate Little People tea party.

When the kids got up, we played with them and then Peyton cooked chili that we were going to bring to church the next day for a homeless ministry and I did dishes and laundry. We put Graves to bed and then I did some school stuff with AP and read to her and it was her bedtime. Peyton fixed a toilet that was leaking and I straightened around the house and then read blogs and went to bed.
My sweet momma's boy wants nothing to do with me when his papa is home. Simultaneously breaks my heart and fills it with joy- these two took so long learning each other's ways.

Also? I fell in love with Peyton partly because he could make me laugh like this.

Sunday was Palm Sunday and Peyton was teaching and our Sunday school class was serving lunch to some homeless people at a park in downtown Jackson. Busy day. I had planned on going but one of the girls who was planning on staying with the kids at the church had a sick child, so I ended up staying. Annie was so cute with her Palm branch and Peyton did well teaching Sunday school. I had fun staying and visiting with my friend Jennifer and watching the kids at church.

The kids took late naps and AP even fell asleep. Peyton and I talked a good bit and then I messed around on Facebook. We all got ready because we were meeting some of Peyton's pharmacy friends for pizza. We ended up having a great time visiting and stayed for a couple of hours. We got home and I straightened the kids room and put Graves to bed and then we put Annie in bed. Of course, it took her until like eleven o'clock to go to sleep because of that nap. I uploaded some pictures and started some posts for later in the week and then went to bed.

Since Kairos got cancelled we're hoping to do a lot with the days Peyton has off. Well, I say a lot. Mostly work on the yard, organize things, research where to live in NYC. Nothing singularly huge, but all together an accomplishment if we'll actually get done to it. Also, Cookie is coming into town and so are Ellis and Minda. So I'm super, super excited about seeing some of my far away favorites.

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