Saturday, March 30, 2013

What I'm Into: March

On the Nightstand:
Well, I probably didn't read as much this month as the last couple, but I enjoyed what I did read.

Reflections for Ragamuffins: Daily Devotions by Brennan Manning
I was slightly more consistent with it this time and some of the meditations close to Easter really got me. So good!

Work: A Kinddom Perspective on Labor by Ben Witherington III
This continues to be a really good read. There have been quite a few passages that have just really resonated with me.
[This is also why, in my opinion, the good writer becomes better by surrounding herself with the strong words of others]

I'm still working through this. It's so enjoyable and I'm finding myself nodding as I read.

Immersion Bible Studies: Acts  by Craig S. Keener
We're going through these studies in Sunday school and I'm loving them. To me it's the perfect balance between a deep analysis of Scripture with a very practical application. We've done Luke and are in the middle of Acts. Luke had a huge justice focus and Acts (of course) has a huge focus on the Holy Spirit. I've been very impressed.  

On the Shelf:
I'm keeping  both "manuals" from last month as I didn't really make a ton of progress in either. I'm also adding a parenting book to the mix.

Photoshop Elements 10: The Missing Manuel by Barbara Brundage
I keep saying I'll get to it and then I put it on the back burner.

Equipped to Serve (the Training Manual for the Center for Pregnancy Choices where I'm volunteering)
This is something I really need to get serious about.

No More Perfect Moms: Learn to Love Your Real Life by Jill Savage
My friend Darlene and I are seriously thinking of starting a small group for moms at our church and I think we may start with this book.

At the Theater (or from the couch):
Seriously, I did not watch a single movie, even from the couch.

On the Small Screen:
And I hardly spent much time with the TV. I didn't even watch much of The West Wing. I guess I just got busy and distracted by other stuff. Peyton's gotten way ahead of me and I feel like I'll never catch up so we can watch together :(

In My Ears:
My March playlist. It's really brought on strong emotions.

Around the House:
I decorated for Easter. It was very (very!) minimal, but more than I've done the past couple of years.

The kids decided a good place to store their plastic "hunting" eggs was in the play sink.

In the Kitchen:
I've made some tomato soup from one of my favorite cookbooks probably three times in the last month. It's really good, but it was just not tomato-y enough. Which is SO weird because whenever I try premade a tomato soup in a box or whatever I always taste the tomatoes too much and it's not creamy enough. Anyway, I'm working on adjusting the recipe. This is the first time I've really tried to tweak a recipe, but it is getting better. I'm making it one more time this week. 

Also, this is a bit of a cheat, but I watched/helped my sister make this chicken pot pie with biscuits for the crust this week while she was in town. AH-MAZING. I'm going to have try making it myself.

Also, random observations, but Value Butter doesn't come in sticks so much as um, blocks:

In My Closet:
I really enjoyed this sweater this month. I bought it on sale from the Anthro last Spring and it's so comfy. I also really like it for this time of year. It feels a little Springy (maybe even Summery)-- I guess because of the white? Anyway, it's just not as dull as some of my darker Winter things and it makes me happy.

In My Mailbox:
I haven't ordered anything and no fun mail really to speak of. 

In My Cart:
We're in budget mode and I'll be honest, I'm proud of how I've limited myself. Mainly, this means just not even walking through the doors of a Target. I did treat the kids to some new Play Dough when I realized all our old stuff was hard as a brick.

 Also, I recently had a chance to visit an Ikea and I got this cute print for $5 (for the kids room way down the road):
On My Heart:
Of course this time of year I can't help but be so thankful thinking of Christ's sacrifice. The other big (BIG!) thing on my heart is starting the group for mommas that I mentioned earlier in the post.

In My Prayers:
- I'm praying specifically for that group- that it will be a place of encouragement for moms and also a place where we can share our struggles as well as our triumphs openly and without fear.
- I'm continuing to pray for our church in general as we have a lot of transitions with various staff positions being open.
- For my marriage. Peyton and I had a rough week last week, but this one was WONDERFUL. It's something I should always include in my prayers, regardless.  

On the Calendar:  
April is both kids' birthdays. We're going to have a joint party again this year and that will be toward the end of the month to accommodate Peyton's schedule. I also want to make the actual day that their birthdays fall on special to each of them. I'm kind of racking my brain since AP's is next week :)

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Adele said...

I'll have to get my hands on that Brennan Manning devotional. Love everything he's written. :)

HopefulLeigh said...

Hurray for cute Anthro sweaters that are on sale! Perfect for spring.

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