Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Baby No More! [Letter to (Two Year Old) Graves]


     You've just turned two years old- that's tough for your mom and me to get a grip on. We've rocked you on many long (and late) nights, you've had us awake quite early in the morning (read: 2 am), and we've had to go through some of the most squirmy diaper changes you can imagine! And those days are quickly moving past us. You've developed into quite an exciting young boy. Sure, you still wake up some, or you may have trouble going to bed easily; but for the most part you can do these things on your own. It's bittersweet in many ways. We don't have that little clingy baby to hug at night any more, we've instead got a small ball of energy who can hardly stay still when we lay down with you at night.

 My relationship has grown with you by bounds since last year. In fact usually around 7-7:30 am I hear the sound of "bapa....BAPA!" as I wake from the mist that is sleep. It's wonderful how much you care about our relationship. You love for me to read to you, lay in bed with you before you have to move to your crib, and really do anything in close proximity to long as I stay within eyesight. It's funny how our relationship has changed and of course how your relationship with your mother has changed as well. You've developed a definite preference for me when I'm home, and this is the complete opposite of what you felt a year ago. It's made our relationship grow into something truly special.
Your preference of activity hasn't really changed at all in the last year, and really we can describe it in a single word- BALL! You love to play with any type of spherical object, even if it's not made to be a 'ball'. You play throwing/rolling games with mom and me whenever we're in the room and you certainly have an arm on you. In fact you can throw harder/faster/higher than your sister presently can I think. Because of this your dressing table has many, many scars from the battles you've done with it. We actually had to be careful to buy you plastic/rubber toys for your birthday this year so you wouldn't damage anything (or of course, your sister) with your new toys. Another favorite activity of yours is to "ming!" (i.e. swing). Really you enjoy anything that takes place outdoors, especially if your sister can join you.
That brings me to the last point of this letter- you LOVE your sister. You look up to and adore her. She certainly returns the feeling, and I hope you both hold on to these feelings as you grow older. Siblings go through easier and more difficult time periods, and I pray that you and your sister can grow stronger in your bond throughout your lives. Your mother and I love you very much and we hope that you find as much fun and delight throughout your life as you've found thus far. You have a firecracker of a personality. You're absolutely cheery, but can get pouty in no time if things don't go your way. This is really cute right now, and you do pretty well managing your temper; I also hope you continue with this. You are our little man, and we enjoy so much the privilege of raising an individual such as you.

Bapa (and Momma)

P.S. (from Momma) Your airplane romper is an 18-24 mo.

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

Sweet post, Peyton! Can't believe Baby Graves is 2.