Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Happenings

I really like this month's header. Too bad I just realized it's not quite the right size so it isn't centered. I went back and looked and I had the same problem last time I used pictures from the real camera. Oh well, I really don't have the energy to fix it and I didn't even notice last time. I do love the background this month...sweet and soothing.


We don't have that much going on in April, at all.

- The main thing is the kids' joint birthday party. It's going to be toward the end of the month because that's what worked with Peyton's schedule. I figured out the theme and have planned it mostly.

- I've also tried to come up with a few fun things to do on the children's actual birthdays. 

- Annie also has a couple of field trips and school will be out before we know it! 

- I hope we can make a trip to Granny's soon. We were going to try to go this weekend, but then we all got sick.

- It felt SO good today and I know Peyton's itching to work in the yard. So...we'll probably do some of that this month. I guess :)

- I've been thinking and I'm pretty sure this is the last month for the "Winter Soup Challenge". I've made some good stuff and it's been a really fun motivator. I'm thinking of something similar for Summer- "Summer Salad Challenge" maybe?

Speaking of goals, here were last months:
1. Plan the children's birthday party (on a major budget). Like I said, it's pretty much planned. Now to orchestrate :)
2. I'm keeping number two the same. Because I need to get it done. Organize kids' outgrown clothes. Sort of did it. They're organized, but not all put up. [In my defense, some loaded clothes came back...so it's not just clothes they outgrew ;)]
3. Get caught up and stay caught up on online budgeting. Um, no. Didn't happen.
4. I didn't make a Lenten sacrifice this year, but I did resolve to try to just slow down. Why yes, I think I did.

Here are my new goals:
1. Get everything ready for the kids' party. I'm borrowing some decorations from a friend and the biggest thing- the kids' outfits- is taken care of. Sort of weird that's the biggest thing, but like I said, I wanted to do this on a major budget. I actually ended up MAKING Graves's (well, I appliqued a shirt...huge deal for me!) and Annie's has come together as of tonight. I'm sure they'll be some crafting and I need to figure out invitations, but it's going to be simple and sweet.
 2. Bumping number three up and commiting to get caught up and stay caught up on online budgeting.
3. I read something in my devotional today about praying for ""the charisma of 'deep gladness'"and I loved that idea. I decided to be intentional about praying for that gladness from now until Pentecost.

Here's to April. The month we celebrate the birth of our sweet girl and the birth of our sweet boy. May it also be a month where we gaze in awe at nature and celebrate new birth as Spring arrives in full force. And may it be the month that we celebrate the birth of a deep gladness we've not known before.  

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