Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Letter to (Four Year Old) Ann Peyton

 I'm daily amazed by how much you've grown. You're no longer a little girl who needs us to make most of your choices for you. You have strong preferences now- what you like and don't like. I'm not just speaking of small things like food either- your brother has stronger opinions there than you do. I'm speaking of things like music, what activities you enjoy, etc. It's amazing to see how much joy different activities can bring to you. To go outside for a day to visit the park, "chalk" (draw with chalk in the driveway), and then follow up with the library would be your dream day. In fact when mom and I decided what to do for your birthday that's exactly what your day looked like. Unfortunately I was working the day of your birthday, but when I got off of work we gave you a couple of presents before bed. 
 One of these presents was a set of Disney little people. It was Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Upon receiving these you declared," I can give Graves Beast and I'll play with Belle". It's amazing to see the degree that you care for your brother. You certainly have possessions that you don't want to share with him, but you also have such a loving heart for your younger brother. The relationship between you and Baby Graves is warming to watch. Sometimes you try to become a little too much of a mother to him, though you only do so to keep him safe and protect him from hurting himself (which he accomplishes approximately every 10 minutes). The relationship between you and him is mutual love and admiration- it's a treasure to watch it grow. 
 Your brain is wild with ideas, and you love a good challenge. Your favorite activity at night is your "critical thinking book". It's a book that has various small puzzles that illustrate concepts in a concrete fashion (what is a curved line vs straight line, the usage of "and" versus "one of", etc.) Some concepts are more difficult than others, but you never give up trying to figure out the concept- you absolutely love the book. As of late you have been worried about "picking the wrong one", your mom and I hope this is something you can grow comfortable with since it's an integral part of exploring this world (drawing incorrect conclusions). During the past year your imagination has taken off. You love to learn and play word games. When you want to be silly you enjoy rhyming words, typically the second or third rhyming words aren't real words because your vocabulary isn't quite advanced enough to create sensical rhymes. You certainly have grasped the concept though. 
Princesses are your absolute obsession. I hoped it wouldn't come to this, and really you didn't have much media encouragement for this. I suppose it's one of those things that naturally occur for most young girls- you simply love all things princess related. I think it's absolutely adorable, and I'm glad you're able to create worlds and stories around imaginary characters. Your mom and I absolutely love to see the joy that comes to your spirit as you are immersed in games and other forms of play. I hope you never lose your joyful and lighthearted spirit that allows you to enjoy life so fully. If you continue to explore the world with such curiosity and open-ness you'll find the joy The Creator has instilled within the fabric of our world. I thank God for you and hope that you continue to follow your own heart and spirit as you have in the past year.

Papa (and Momma)

P.S. (from Momma) Your outfit is a 3T. You and Graves both wore green yesterday to support a little friend who is going to have a bone marrow transplant. You aren't really a big fan of shorts, but I explained that when princesses go to the park they usually wear them, too and that made you happy enough :)