Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekly Happenings #213 (April 22-28)-- Community is the Best Medicine, You Know

Last week was a mix. I had a sinus headache most days and was stupid congested all of them. I'm so ready for the seasons to just turn and stay turned! I guess I shouldn't complain much- at least I'm not nursing and can actually take things for this stuff and it was all SO much worse both times I was pregnant. So this should feel like a relief. Aside from that, though, I've found myself getting frustrated/disappointed over *the* dumbest things-- not being able to find a dress I really wanted that I had seen at Target, Facebook changing stuff up again, and tiny ridiculous things like that. It's no secret that before kids I was a huge control freak and super high maintenance and weeks like this reveal that I still have that junk inside me. Bottom line, I wonder if it's an entitlement thing. Like who cares?? The world doesn't owe a cute dress or a simple user-friendly Facebook to me. While I never would say out loud that I think I deserve these things, when I fret and pout about it, it seems like that's kind of what my actions say. I seriously hate the phrase "first world problem", but you know, some many of my problems are.

Compounded with that silliness and the fact that my head felt like it was full of bricks, I was also sort of emotional over crazy stuff. I had not at all expected to be sad over Annie's last day of school, but we've been so blessed by that little place and knowing it will be awhile before any of our children spend a full year there again stung a little bit.

It was also a really good week in a way, though. I got to spend time/have great conversations with new friends and old friends and people I care about and it was really life giving. Truly.

I got up on Monday and got ready. I packed AP's lunch, got her bags together and put the chicken salad and tea for the teachers in the car. We left, surprisingly, on time. I dropped her off and she was a little overwhelmed because all kinds of stuff was set up to practice for their end of the year performance. I ran by the other Target to look for that dress I wanted really badly and then to a little consignment sale going on. I ran by our Target to look one more time and then came home. Peyton and I visited and I took out the trash and recycling and took all the clothes off the hangers they came on. He left for work and I straightened and made beds and started laundry. I sent a few emails and then Graves and I got ready to pick Annie up. We picked her up and it took awhile because I had to get all my dishes from taking food and sweet friends Aubrey and Annie had to get one last hug in AFTER THEY WERE ALREADY BUCKLED IN THEIR CARSEATS. We got home and I put Graves down and talked to Morgan on the phone and fixed Annie a snack. I unloaded things and visited with Annie and then it was rest time for her.I got on the computer and ate lunch. When the kids got up, they played and I worked on switching AP's closet over to Summer clothes. I fixed them supper and straightened and then they played outside while I folded laundry and grated soap for detergent. I bathed Graves and put him to bed and then bathed Annie and did her nighttime routine (and signed up for my Mistletoe shift for next Fall) and put her to bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home.

Annie was up SO early on Tuesday because Peyton had to go to work and he woke her up to use the potty before he left. He figured she go back to sleep, but she didn't. It was before seven :-/ She hung out in bed with me for a bit and then said she was hungry. She ate and Graves woke up. I had a terrible sinus headache, so we had a very chill morning. I finally got my bath and ate breakfast and that made me feel better. I folded laundry and did school stuff with Annie and then we cleaned up and had lunch. I unloaded and loaded dishes and finished making my laundry detergent and got the kids settled for rest time. Annie ended up falling asleep, but Graves took a shorter nap than usual. I read some blogs, ate lunch, and rested some myself. When they got up, I folded more laundry and read to them a good bit. Peyton got home and I put up more laundry and then we all went outside. We came in and fed the kids supper and put them to bed. We made a grocery list and I read blogs while Peyton watched TV.

I got up and got Annie ready for her last day of school on Wednesday. I got myself ready to because I was going to the CPC since I didn't go on Monday. I packed her lunch and we left in the rain.
 They got to wear their school t-shirt the last day. I had put up the ruffle pants so we had to bust out the ruffle shorts!

 I dropped her off and then went to volunteer. It was a good morning and I learned some new things. When I got home, I played with Graves some and put up some laundry. Peyton cooked hamburgers and we all ate. I started more laundry and unloaded and loaded dishes. I put Graves down and finished a post and got on Twitter. Peyton picked up AP and they went grocery shopping. When they got home, we put up groceries and then it was time to get ready for Annie's end of the year performance. We all got ready and headed back to the school. The program was pretty long, but it was really good! My mom and Peyton's dad both came. I was actually surprised by how long Graves made it. And sweet Annie. Sweet, sweet Annie. She was pretty much oblivious to everything...during the ballet and tap numbers she just smiled and played with her hair and did things about twenty seconds behind everyone else. I couldn't have been more proud of her :) We got home and fed the kids and put them down. They both took forever to fall asleep- I think they were just overally tired. I cooked some soup and uploaded some pictures to Flikr and went to bed "early" (before midnight).

Thursday was busy, but so much fun. I got up a little after the kids and Peyton and got ready and gave AP a bath (Peyton did Graves) and then ran to Target for a few things. I got home and we hustled and got ready to go to Carrie's since we were getting together with her and Morgan. We left and picked up a pizza on the way. We had such a good time, but AP had a total meltdown before we left (about me not letting her eat one of Carrie's artificial lemons, of all things!). Anyway, we came home for rest time. Graves took a good nap and I straightened up the house some and got on the computer. I got ready and then got the kids up because my friend Sarah Catherine was in town and a group of my high school friends were getting together. I dropped them off with my mom at Batte and met my friends at Keifers. YUM! We didn't stay long and I ran by the other Target to try one more time for the dress (I thought maybe someone could have returned one) and picked up the kiddos. I Graves to bed and read to AP and got her to bed. I uploaded pictures and then went to sleep.

Peyton worked Friday morning since we had something that night. I got up with Graves around 8:30 (who hoo!), but AP slept until almost ten. I fixed Graves breakfast and we snuggled and read and then I took my bath. I made the beds and straightened and started laundry and dishes. I had breakfast and then I vacuumed the den. I ended up vacuuming the kitchen, too, and since the chairs were moved, I mopped it as well. I played with the kids some and then we went outside. I did school with AP and read some in Fresh Power. I fixed the kids lunch and made White Rotel because we were going over to have dinner with some friends from church. We're doing this thing called "Suppers of Eight" which is basically four couples taking turns hosting dinner at their houses. It's so we can kind of branch out and get to know people better. Anyway, I put the kids down and ate my lunch and cleaned up the kitchen. I got on the computer and started a post and then the kids got up. I folded some laundry and got ready and Peyton got home. His parents got here to keep the kids and we left. We had SO much fun with our group and ended up staying pretty late. When we got home, Graves had been in bed for hours and AP had fallen asleep on the floor waiting for us. I held her for a bit and then put her down. I got on computer for a few minutes and went to bed.

We took a day trip to Granny's on Saturday. I got up and got ready and got the kids ready and we got on the road mid morning. We got there just in time for lunch! We had a great time visiting, but the rain was coming through and my ears started to hurt. UGH.

 We got home a little before five. I started cooking some Summer spaghetti and Peyton bathed both the kids. I put Graves to bed and then cleaned up the kitchen. Peyton made me a milkshake and then he took Annie to go shop for hiking underwear with him. Ha! I had gotten a little overwhelmed thinking about NYC and it was nice to have a break.

I got on Twitter and uploaded some pictures to Facebook. When they got home, I did Annie's night time routine and put her to bed. I read a few blogs and Peyton and I talked and we went to bed.

Peyton taught Sunday school and then we went to the late service on Sunday.
 Isn't she pretty?

And Y'ALL....this littler carton character looking boy is MINE. He's such a mess and I just can't even stand it sometimes.

Peyton ended up helping with children's church, but I so enjoyed the sermon. We came home and Peyton fed the kids lunch while I talked to El. It was good to share with him about my NYC fears and apprehensions and it was a really encouraging conversation. I got on the computer for a bit and then AP and I got ready to go to Claire's (our favorite non family member babysitter) senior piano recital. I knew AP would love it since she's such a fan of "classical" music. She did enjoy it and I think Claire appreciated us coming, too. On the way home, we dropped some cans off with our friends who use them for a local ministry. We sort of regrouped at home and got things together and then went to my parents' for a visit/supper. We got home and put the kids right to bed. I cleaned up the kitchen and got on the computer and then Peyton and I chatted and went on to bed.

This week is pretty full and some of it's not the most fun- appointments and such. We do have a few fun activities scattered in with the boring stuff, though, and I'm thankful for each new day.

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a) I love those last two pictures of Graves!
b) I also love that outfit that Graves is wearing in those outfits...he looks too cute (as always!).