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Weekly Happenings Post #209 (March 25-31)-- Seeing Some of My Favorites

[Poor Peyton was feeling pretty yuck when we took this.]

Last week was Easter week. It was sort of strange, to be honest. Peyton had taken off a lot of days because he had planned on doing Kairos this past weekend, but there was a lot of hail damage at the prison recently so it got postponed. I was disappointing for him, but it was SO much fun having him home for a few days. Cookie was in town for several days, too and we got to see Ellis and Minda a bit. It was SO good to see some of my favorite people.

The weird part of the week is that we all got sick. Graves was sick towards the beginning of the week (there was a bug going around the church nursery) and then AP got it over the weekend and then we got it.

I slept later than I should have on Monday and had to hustle to get ready to go to the CPC. Annie didn't have school last week because the older kids were doing some testing, so I left both kids with Peyton. I worked on inputting more files. When I got home, I started laundry and folded some towels and sheets. Peyton had cleaned up the kitchen for me and that was so nice. The kids and I straightened and I put them down for naps. I ate my lunch, got on the computer and took a little nap myself.

When we got up, I read to the kids and we cleaned up their room. They played and I folded more laundry. I got their supper ready and then they played with Play Dough while I unloaded dishes and did more laundry. I bathed Graves and put him to bed and then I let AP watch a little video and then did school stuff with her and read to her and put her to bed.

I got on the computer until Peyton got home and we talked for awhile. We were getting to bed way too late and then Graves started throwing up. He threw up several times but was in such a good mood. It was weird. Anyway, we didn't get a lot of great sleep and he was up around seven on Tuesday. I took him and snuggled with him on the sofa and he went back to sleep.

Once Peyton and AP got up, I went back in to bed in our room for another hour.
Yeah, just go ahead and let them share the germs. No big deal. Honestly, I don't blame him. Wouldn't want to try to keep these two apart.

 After that we all got ready to run an errand- Peyton needed to go by the Board of Pharmacy and we needed to get out of the house. Graves was doing much better but he was really tired. We put him down for his nap when we got home after I changed his sheets. I got on the computer and Peyton and AP went to McAlisters for a little treat since we had an old giftcard. I read some in our book for Wednesday night and then I started working on a sewing project. Peyton left for a meeting and when the kids got up, we just played and folded more laundry. Peyton got home and I ran to Hobby Lobby. He took care of dinner and baths and most of bedtime while I worked on my project. Surprisingly, I finished it- I really wasn't expecting to.  We both hung up a bunch of clothes that had been accumulating in our room and then put Annie to bed. I straightened up the house, cleaned the kitchen and then made some soup. I read some blogs and went to bed.

Wednesday was a busy day. I got up early so I could fill out an online questionnaire for Walgreens so we could get extra money on our healthcare plan we get through them.  I hopped in the tub and got ready and headed to AP's school to help bubble in stuff on the tests that the older kids were taking. I had a good time and got to visit with several parents I didn't really know and also with the head of the school and a few other teachers.

 Despite not having her hair combed, it looks like she had a good day with her papa!

 I was planning on meeting Darlene for lunch, but I had a really bad headache so I came home and took some medicine. I met Darlene at Newks and we stayed for THREE hours talking. I got home and Peyton was reading. Graves was waking up so he took him outside to play while I finished reading the chapter for that night. I got on the computer for a few minutes and then I got the kids ready for church and packed them snacks while Peyton relaxed outside some more. We went to church and afterwards went over to my parents' house because Cookie was home. We got home late and both kids fell asleep in the car.

Thursday was another great day. I got up late, ate breakfast and had a bath. I straightened up the kids' room, started laundry and sent a couple of emails. I got a little frustrated because Graves was still having some bad diapers and one of the kitties had really messed up a chair in the living room. I talked to my mom and felt better.
 I love her big grin here.

 She makes a good teacher. And he's all of a sudden very interested in sitting in that basket.

 Peyton studied some and I took the kids outside. While they played I got some sudsy water and scrubbed down the slide on their playset (it was just dirty and nasty from the Winter). I did Annie's school stuff with her and then fed the kids lunch and unloaded and reloaded dishes. While the kids rested, I got on Twitter and started a blog post. AP seemed to need a lot of stuff and Graves woke up early, but Peyton played with them a bit while I worked on my post some more. We got ready and headed over to my parents' again. Cookie made her amazing chicken pot pie and we had a great visit. We got home late a gain and put the children right to bed. I finished my post and went to bed earlier than usual.

I slept a little late on Friday, but not that much later that Peyton and the kids. I had breakfast and took my bath and then worked on the house. I folded laundry and did dishes and then I scrubbed the wall by Graves highchair which seems to get pretty gross. I also cleaned out the toaster oven and wiped down our silverware tray in one of the kitchen drawers. I ran to the grocery store for a few things while Peyton fed the kids lunch and then I did school with AP. They rested and I wrote a post and messed around on Facebook. I took a little nap and when the kids got up, Peyton took them outside. I straightened a little and we went over to Mickey and Minnie's. We had a good visit and Ellis and Minda came over for beans, too, since they were in town! I wish it had been longer, but it ended up being really good that we saw them that night because Annie threw up early the next morning.

Saturday started with the vomit. Lovely. Peyton had to go to a training thing at the prison and I just laid on the couch and rested while the kids played because I wasn't feeling great myself. Annie never threw up more than that one time and both kids played really well. We just watched cartoons until I finally got enough energy to take a bath. I spent most of the morning only getting up to fix Graves's breakfast, change some horrible diapers, and switch out dvds. Ha!

After my bath, I finally had MY breakfast and started laundry and then Peyton got home. Annie fell asleep on the floor and I put Graves down and actually was able to do a good bit during naptime. I uploaded pictures and wrote a blog post so much faster than I usually can since I didn't have any interruptions. I got on Twitter a bit and then started some chicken in the crock pot. I organized some in the study and read some in my Acts Bible study. I had assumed we wouldn't go back to my parents', but Cookie begged us to. Annie seemed to be feeling better after her nap so we headed over there. They ordered sushi and I had some and it was great! We had such a relaxing visit and afterwards we ran by the grocery store. Annie was really sleepy and not like herself and we put everyone right to bed. I got on the computer for a bit and pinned a bunch of stuff for our New York apartment. Peyton and I chatted and I visited with a friend on Facebook some and then went to bed.
I had gotten to see two of the people I love most in the world that weekend and I was a bit broken-hearted to see it end. For a minute, I just wanted to be back in high school. Until I remembered I'd be without these two.These are the best days of my life.

Sunday was Easter. I stayed home with the sick babies and Peyton went to church and taught Sunday school. He actually went to the sunrise service, so he got home pretty early. Graves was up at 8:30 and I read to him and played with him. I was more um, alert than on Saturday but I felt kind of yucky. We just took it easy and AP slept most of the morning. She's just like me and would sleep until ten every morning if we let her. Anyway, at one point Graves kept asking me something and I could not figure out what he was saying. This little voice came from the bedroom: "I think he wants water, Momma". I asked him and he nodded. She didn't get out of bed until about twenty minutes later. Ha!

Peyton got home just as we were starting Galloway. I had taken my bath and started some laundry but Peyton and I were both feeling TERRIBLE. We neither one threw up all day but we all had some...issues. Anyway, I put the kids down after their lunch and got on the computer and ate my lunch and then took a nap. Peyton fell asleep pretty soon after he got home and when the kids woke up, he took care of them for awhile and then I got up and took over and he ran to Kroger for Gatorade and crackers and soup.
 Annie: "I want..." (I thought about how I don't know if sick momma can handle another request to play in the rain)...."you and Papa to keep resting." And then: "I'll just play quietly. I want y'all to feel good-good." Bless her heart.

He got home and ate and pretty much went to bed. I think he was a lot sicker than I was because I was feeling better at that point. I fixed the kids' supper and straightened and cleaned up the kitchen and then got them to bed. I got on Facebook for a bit and then went to bed.

Whew. Well, we're halfway through this week and it's been a good one. We're all recovered and are enjoying a relatively low-key week.

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