Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #210 (April 1-7)-- Sweet Annie Turns Four


What a fun week! It was Annie's birthday and we all recovered from our sickness. It was a pretty low-key week and I really enjoyed it. Also, I tried to really make Annie's birthday special. She and Bud are having a joint party, but I knew she's finally to the age where making the day a big deal would be well, a big deal. We're really being careful with our money this year, though (I know, broken record) so I wanted to try to choose free and/or super inexpensive things to do. Hence, we didn't have breakfast at Primos like we did last year :) But what we did have was a lot of fun. I don't think she could have been happier with her special day!

Peyton was feeling much better on Monday and I was still a little tired, so I called in to the CPC and told them I wouldn't be coming and slept super late. I got my bath and started laundry and then we all went outside. The kids played and Peyton and I just enjoyed the sunshine. Peyton grilled hamburgers (we were feeling MUCH better but he took off work since he thought he might still be contagious) and we ate while the children played. We took them inside and they had lunch and then I folded some laundry. We put Graves down and visited a little while AP finished her lunch and then we cleaned up and I read to her. She had rest time and I got on the computer and worked on my header for this month.

I played on Twitter and then went back outside since it was such a pretty day. We let Annie get up early from her nap and I read my devotional, did my Bible study and read some in Work. Peyton took a nap and when Graves woke up, we came inside. We all just hung out for a bit and then the kids ate dinner and I straightened up and cleaned the kitchen. We put Graves to bed and I did some school stuff with Annie and read to her. I ran to Target to get some supplies for an Ultreya thing that weekend and some leggings for Annie. I got home and brought a ton of stuff to the attic and organized it and then I worked on making a little crown since the next day was AP's birthday. I finished up my blog design and went to bed late.

Tuesday was Annie's birthday and was SO fun, but pretty busy. Graves slept until about 7:30 and Peyton had already left for the day. I got up with him and changed his diaper and snuggled with him in our bed for a few minutes (he's not into it for very long!). Then I fixed him breakfast and we had a relaxed morning. I read him books and worked on colors with him.

AP FINALLY woke up just before ten as I was getting in the tub. I took my bath and got the kids ready and then she and I had breakfast and Graves had a snack. We picked up toys and I cleaned up the kitchen and then we got ready for our fun day.

We actually did Annie's memory work in the car, per her request. We stopped at the library first and picked out some books- mostly birthday themed :) I have to brag on Graves. Right before we went in, he and and I had a little talk about library manners. Y'all- he did SO good. The librarian bragged on both kids and I told her that meant a lot to me because Annie had always been easy to bring but he was a busy boy and I was just now comfortable bringing him. She told me he was quieter than a lot of other children that came in. Of course, I think he's super loud compared to Annie so that helps me not be as self-conscious.

 Anyway, after than we headed to the park for a bit. The kids had so much fun and our third stop was the grocery store.

I fixed the kids' lunches and they ate while I started a batch (the last one for awhile) of tomato soup. I was surprised I got most of it done while they ate. I put Graves down and read to AP and finished the soup and then I took her birthday picture.
While they rested, I uploaded pictures and played on Twitter. I read a few blogs and ate my lunch and then read some in Work. When they got up, I realized I hadn't wrapped AP's presents from us. They played and I did that and then we cleaned up their room. We headed to my parents' house for supper. We had brisket and they had presents and a cake for AP.

 I bathed Bud and when we got home, I put him right to bed. Peyton was home, so we did Annie's presents and he gave her a bath.
 I was pretty proud of these- the books were mine growing up, someone just gave us the VHS tape, the puzzle was $1.99. Belle and Beast were the big splurge.

I fixed some cookies for her to take to school and got on the computer. It finally hit me at that point.
My tiny not even six pound baby I brought home yesterday has not an ounce of toddler left in her. That said, in my wildest dreams of motherhood, I could not have imagined a little girl as loving, insightful, or kind as she is. Ann Peyton, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. 

I was still a little sad on Wednesday morning, so we all got up and got ready and took AP to school. When we got home, we just had a relaxing morning. We spent the first half laying around playing with Graves and the second half I read the rest of Work since we were finishing our study that night. We decided to all go pick up Annie again. Well, she wanted to go to the bread store (it's her and Peyton's little tradition on Wednesdays and we agreed). However, Graves took a short cat nap that completed sabotaged any idea of a real one at home. We attempted anyway and he and AP just talked through the crib slats. I got on the computer for a bit and then we all got ready for church.

We had a great last meeting with our group and when we got home, I cleaned up the kids' room (by myself since it was so late) and we put Graves to bed. I cleaned up the kitchen and Peyton got AP settled for bed. I read some blogs and went to bed.

The kids slept late on Thursday (8:30 is super late for Graves these days) and Peyton got up with them. I got up pretty soon after and got my bath. I changed Annie's sheets and picked up around the house. Peyton and Graves both had a bath and then he left for work. I loaded and unloaded dishes and then did trash and recycling and folded a load of clothes. I vacuumed the kitchen and then I fixed the kids lunch and while they were eating I vacuumed in the den and bedrooms. I even moved the crib away from the wall and got back there!

While the kids rested, I wrote a post and got on Twitter and ate my lunch.
This is what AP spent naptime doing. I let her come out of her room and she decided to use every blanket she and Graves have to their names to make a "blanket trail" so her "feet wouldn't get cold". She asked me specifically to leave it out for Peyton when he got home late that night. I thought that was sweet enough that she wanted him to see her creation so badly, but come to find out, she told him the next morning it was so his feet wouldn't get cold. 

When they got up, we straightened their room and got ready because I had a Circle meeting that night. It was really neat- one of the ladies did a dramatic monologue as the wife of Pontius Pilate. We got home and it was past bedtime. I put Graves right to bed and did Annie's nighttime routine with her. I got on the computer and read a ton of blogs and when Peyton got home we visited and watched the news and went to bed.

Annie and I got ready on Friday morning because her gymnastics teacher and his wife are in a dance troupe and they were performing at a nearby church. The performance was really good! They do modern dance and it was a mix of really inspirational/spiritual, educational, and hysterical. We both really enjoyed it. We haven't seen the Howies outside of school in a couple of weeks and AP and Aubrey could not get enough of each other. So that was sweet, too!

When we got home, Peyton got ready for work and I tidied up the house and started laundry and dishes. I fixed the kids lunch and emptied the composting and folded some napkins. They rested and Graves took an AWESOME nap. I blogged, discussed something on Facebook with friends, caught up on Twitter, read my Bible and took my own nap. Wow! After they got up, I folded a huge load of laundry. I got it put up and we left for my parents' house. We had a nice time seeing them and filling our tummies with beans and headed home late. I read some blogs until Peyton got home.

Peyton had to work but the kids and I had a relaxing Saturday morning. We just hung out and watched cartoons until midmorning and then I took my bath. I started laundry and unloaded and loaded dishes and then we all had lunch (I had skipped breakfast so I didn't want to wait until naptime). I took the kids outside after lunch and they played while I read some in Acts. We came in for resttime and Graves took a great nap. I got on Twitter and read blogs and then I had a snack and read a good bit more in Acts. When the kids woke up, I folded another big laundry load and put it up plus I hung up a bunch of their stuff that had just been sitting in the laundry room. I fixed the kids' supper and they ate and then I let them go outside and have some leftover birthday cake. I stayed in the laundry room where I could see them and did more folding. I bathed Graves and put him to bed and then gave AP her bath. We did some school stuff since we had skipped it on Friday and then her nighttime routine and I put her to bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home (he was late because of something he went to at Camp Wesley Pines) and then we visited. I finished up working on my Sunday School lesson and went to bed.

Peyton had children's church on Sunday so we got up and got ready pretty quickly. He ended up not having it because we had communion (kids stay in the service for it). Anyway, church was great and then I taught Sunday School. I thought it went really well. We came home and fixed the kids lunch and then put Graves down.

He looks like a little rat here, but I think it's hilarious. 

It's a shame these two aren't good eaters :)

He never would fall asleep (probably because he adores Peyton so much and knew he was home). We finally just let the kids play together. I pretty much just read blogs and talked to Peyton during naptime. When they got up we helped them clean their room and then we got ready and went over to Peyton's parents' house. We ended up taking a walk with his dad and letting the kids play at a nearby playground. When we got home, they ate supper and Annie played outside a bit. We bathed both of them and got them to bed. I cleaned up the kitchen and got on the computer and went to bed.

This week should be pretty low-key. I have some stuff I want to get done around the house, but we dont' have too much going on. 

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