Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #211 (April 15-21)-- Precious Graves Turns Two

Well, last week wasn't too eventful. Minus the fact that my BAAAABY is TWO. I felt like I dealt with it well, overall. 

I got up on Monday and got ready and packed AP's lunch while Peyton got her ready for school. We left on time for once because there was a staff meeting at the CPC, so they needed volunteers there to answer the phones and stuff. I was pretty proud of myself, taking all those phone calls without (many) mistakes. I worked on inputting some client files before I left.

When I got home, I realized we had a major clogged sink. I ran back to the Kroger before Peyton had to go to work. He poured the Drain-o down the sink and then I read to Graves some. I unloaded and reloaded dishes and straightened and started laundry. We got ready and left to go pick up Annie. When we got home, I put the kids down and had lunch and got on Twitter. I needed to text a few people and call my mom so I did that, too. AP didn't have a great rest time and Graves took a short nap. Annie was in a terrible mood when I let them get up. She wasn't being very respectful and even threw a piece of her new (breakable) tea set from Granny. I really don't think she thought it could break on the carpet, but I told her I'd put it up if she couldn't be more careful and I made her do it the right way. I played with Graves some while she finished cleaning up and started putting together a chicken pot pie. I threw it in the oven and we all went outside. I read a good bit and then I ironed a TON while they played.

We came in, cleaned up and ate supper and then I bathed Graves and put him to bed.

I gave Annie a bath (I organized and hung up laundry while she was in the tub) and we did her night time routine. She went to sleep SO fast and I got on the computer until Peyton got home.

Peyton decided at like nearly one in the morning (yes, we were still up) that it would be fun to have a camp out. So he woke up both kids, pulled out sleeping bags, turned the sound machine to "nature" and had an indoor campout complete with chocolate milk and snacks. Luckily our kids are pretty flexible and went back to bed relatively easily, adjusted their schedules to wake up late, and seemed in pretty good moods the next day.

I slept a little later than them on Tuesday and then got up and got ready. We all went outside and I started laundry and dishes and packed Peyton's lunch.
 This cat is super weird. But gosh, is he a lot of fun! [We wore wearing "beach hats" all morning.]

Graves kept kissing this picture and saying "Aubrey". If he's going to fall in love with an older woman, I couldn't be more pleased with the recipient of his affection.

 He left and I read to the kids and we straightened and then I fixed them lunch and unloaded and loaded dishes.
They rested and I got on Twitter and blogged, read my Bible and then got ready because it was the "Spring Shop Around", where Junior League members who have businesses all set up booths and sell stuff. Peyton's parents got here to keep the kids and I left. I didn't buy anything(!), but the food was good :) When I got home, the kids had opened their birthday presents from Peyton's parents. They left and we cleaned up and then I put Graves to bed. I did some school stuff with Annie and read to her and then it was her bedtime. She took awhile to go to sleep, which surprised me. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and then I realized our sheets were in wash. Not only that, but Annie's uniform was in a pile of dirty clothes. I probably would have just let her rewear it, but it had been in the pile with all the other sweaty gross stuff. Anyway, I set a couple alarms and woke up twice during the night to put it in the washing machine and dryer. UGH.

On Wednesday, I got up and got everyone ready and we left for school (Peyton had two meetings on Wednesday, even though it was his day off). I dropped Annie off and Graves and I came home. I started laundry and dishes and updated my kitchen chalkboard. My mom came over to watch Graves a bit because she's been begging me to let her watch the kids so I could do stuff around the house (it's not falling apart or anything, but there's quite a few piles and it's gotten kinda messy in some areas). We had lunch and then she left and Graves and I left to pick up AP. We came home and I put them down. Graves never slept and AP was super needy. Like wanting to come sit in my lap all afternoon. I should have just scratched my to-do list, but I got irritated. I just wanted some "me time" and some time to get things done. Peyton got home and I still couldn't seem to get anything done. The kids were both whining and upset and we decided to leave for church early so they could play on the playground. We had a special going away party for our church's youth minister who is leaving, but I helped out with Annie's class because her teacher needed help. Peyton went to the party and the kids' class got done before it was over so I went for a bit. We came home and bathed everyone and put them to bed. I put the sheets on our bed and organized some VHS tapes and then for some reason, I got so emotional. I went to bed crying mainly because I missed my grandmother, "Bump", who has been gone almost five years.

I didn't get very good sleep and Peyton woke up really early in the morning on Thursday. We chatted and he started his day, but I went back to sleep. He had to work that morning and the kids slept late, but when I woke up I had an awful headache and was so dizzy. It was actually not as bad as it had been through the night, but I didn't feel like getting going. The kids wanted to play in their room, so I just laid in AP's bed until they were ready for breakfast. They ate and then I had a bowl of cereal and took a bath. I felt a little better. We did school and I started laundry and dishes and read to them some and then it was lunch. I was glad I made it! They ate and then had rest time.
She wanted to "hang" our clean clothes. She makes me laugh!
Finished product-- "I did some up here and some over here and some down here. And soooo...that's what I did!"

I just relaxed and got on the computer and ate my lunch.
 I craved turkey melts when I was pregnant with Graves, so I made myself one to celebrate him a day early :)

Peyton got home and we played with the kids and I worked on invitations for their birthday party. I cooked some black eyed pea cakes for supper and we ate and then got the kids ready for bed. I ran to Target for a few things and then I cleaned up the kitchen and made some cupcakes. I got on the computer and went to bed.

Friday was Graves's birthday. I got up and got going when the kids did.
Peyton's brother came over to pick up something and we all got ready and ate breakfast and then went to the park.

We had planned to go to a fast food restaurant with a "ball pit", but apparently nowhere has them anymore. The park was fun, though!
 This two year old(!!!) kept calling all the toddlers his age at the park "baby". I'm okay with it only because when he looks in the mirror he says the same thing.

Anyway, we came home and Graves opened some presents and then Peyton got ready for work. The kids played and I started laundry and dishes and organized the new toys. We straightened up and then I fixed the kids lunch and did school with AP. Graves took FOREVER to fall asleep, so Annie read books on our bed and I read blogs and got on Twitter and ate my lunch. I worked on invitations and then dusted every surface in our room and cleaned the vanity. Um, no wonder I feel like I'm going to die from my allergies more days than not. UGH. I folded a couple of loads of laundry after the kids got p and then we headed to my parents' for beans. We had a great visit and got home late. I put the kids right to bed and got on the computer for a bit before Peyton got home. I put up clothes while we talked and he ate and then we went to bed.

We had a relaxing morning on Saturday. I had planned to get up and get going, but I hadn't slept very well and Graves woke up earlier than I expected (for having only taken an one hour nap and gone to bed at ten the previous day). Anyway, we had a lazy morning since we could. Peyton was working and after we did get going, the kids colored and I worked on finishing up their birthday invitations.
Invites on a budget. oh, who am I kidding? I do this kind of kitschy cornball crap every year. It's basically my party M.O. I need to own it.

I took a bath while they watched Dora and then we played and I did dishes and laundry.
 We all three look terribly confused about what season it is. Glad it's warmer today. Poor Annie is as ready for Summer as her momma. She's been wearing sleeveless/angel sleeve bishops all week around the house with pj tops under them. Because who am I to deny her that? I am just Type A enough to encourage her to try (insist that she figure out) how to coordinate the dresses and the jams. (I dress Bud in whatever I want. Glad he doesn't have opinions yet.) (And then I put on gym shorts. Obviously.)

We straightened up and then I let them eat lunch outside. Actually we all ate lunch outside! It was so nice!
There was a time when I hated empty Saturdays when Peyton had to work. This was not that time.

They both did great during restime- Graves slept and AP played really well by herself. I read blogs and got on Twiter, read a chapter in Acts, had a snack, swept and mopped the kitchen/laundry room/sunroom and emailed Darlene. Wow! When they got up we cleaned up their room and I also got down some Summer shoes I had bought ahead and tried them on both kids. We headed to Target to make a return and so I could get some face wash and a spray bottle. When we got back, Peyton was home! We got ready and went on a short walk and then it was supper time for the kids followed by baths and bedtime. Peyton left to hang out with his brother and I got on the computer for a bit. I got my Sunday school lesson finalized and made a grocery list and worked on getting our finances up to date. Peyton got home and I had a snack and went to bed.

It was pouring on Sunday. Peyton went to the early service, but both kids were still asleep, so we went to Sunday school and the late service. My lesson went well, but it didn't seem as "together" as the last two I've taught. Mike, our youth minister is leaving, so he preached that morning. The power went over during the middle of the Apostle's Creed. We all just kept saying it and I know this is corny, but it was a neat feeling. The sermon was REALLY good and thankfully the rain cleared before church got out. The kids and I ran to the grocery store because we thought the Harkins might be coming over for supper. Ann Peyton was ugly to Graves and had to sit in time out when we got home. She was so upset over it :-/ I put up groceries, unloaded and reloaded dishes and started cooking this soup. For some reason, Graves wasn't happy with anything but leftover chicken pot pie for (which he quickly demolished) for lunch. I put him to bed and AP read in my room. 
 He looks pretty relaxed, yes?

I started laundry and ate my soup and then I got on Twitter and read some blogs. I took a short nap myself. When they got up, we cleaned up their room and got ready and about that time Peyton got home. 
 Annie gets an "A" in Critical Thinking. She and Graves love watching the shapes their "Twizzle" (Peyton named it) on the ceiling but of course it "doesn't work" during the day. So they're under his armoire watching it.

We left to go over the Harkins. We had a great supper and enjoyed the company. We got home late and put the kids right to bed. I stayed up late reading blogs since I had taken that nap.

This week is kind of busy. We're nearing the end of school and to be honest, I'm kind of ready for it. It's been a great year, but a long break will be nice!


Courtney said...

Wow, it just seems like you were celebrating Grave's first birthday. The invitations you made are really cute.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Evie threw a piece of her tea set today. So glad it did not break. Sometimes, I really struggle with meaningful consequences.