Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #212 (April 15-21)- M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E PARTY

So, this week was the kids' joint birthday party. It was a lovely party and I'll do a full post soon!
I got up EARLY Monday because once again I forgot to get AP's uniform washed and I had to get it in the dryer. I went back to sleep and woke up again about an hour later and got ready. I packed AP's lunch while Peyton helped her get dressed and then I dropped her off at school and headed to the CPC. I got to sit in on a session with a client for the first time which was really neat. When I got home, I talked to Peyton some and then he left for work. I read to Graves, started laundry, did dishes, and straightened up. We picked up AP and came home for naps.

While they rested, I talked to Morgan on the phone and then got on Twitter, sent some emails, and uploaded and organized pictures. When the kids got up I put up a TON of laundry plus all their stuff that I had ironed the week before. We got ready and went over to my parents' house to eat enchiladas. We got home really late and I put the kids right to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton and I chatted when he got home and then went to bed.

Peyton had the day off on Tuesday and he spent the morning at a work day at Camp Wesley Pines (the Methodist summer camp/retreat center in the state). I got up with the kids and got going more quickly than I have been lately. I took a bath and then started laundry and dishes. I played with the kids and they colored some and ate an early lunch. We played and read some more and then it was time to rest. I put them down and got on the computer for a bit. Peyton got home and we visited and then I made a dessert for Ultreya that night. I got ready and ran to Party City and Hobby Lobby and back to Party City to return something I found for cheaper at HL while Peyton fed the kids and got them ready. I got home and helped him finish getting everyone ready and we cleaned up their room and then headed to church. I knew our kids were going to be the only ones there and I'm in charge of getting a sitter, so I decided it was pointless. Peyton and I took shifts- I ate and visited and then I took over in the nursery and he went to the program. We ran by the grocery store on the way home and then Ellis called. By the time the kids ate and we got them bathed, it was late. We put them to bed and I cleaned up the kitchen and cleaned out the fridge a bit. I did a good bit of crafting for the party and went to bed late myself.

Whew, Wednesday was busy! I got up early to put AP's uniform jumper in the dryer. I know, I KNOW. Then I got up again around eight to pack her lunch and get her things together. We were all tired, so I got her dressed while Peyton took a quick bath and she just ate cereal in the car. Super suprisingly, Graves wasn't up yet, so I went back to sleep. SO nice and he slept until after nine. It was that wonderful morning sleep where you're not totally out but just enjoying your bed and thinking happy thoughts :) He got up around the time Peyton got home. We visited and had breakfast and then I took a bath and Peyton started working in the yard.
 We all miss Annie on school days, but having a few hours where we have with Graves what we had with her for twenty four months is priceless.

I picked up in both bedrooms and the office. I had been crafting in the office and our room was just a disaster. I vacuumed all three rooms and then read to Graves some. Peyton came in and I went up to the attic to get our infant car seat for a friend from high school who is flying into town to see her parents.  I also took a few loads up. It was HOT. Peyton left to get AP and I fixed Graves's lunch and unloaded and loaded dishes and started laundry.
Remember how I said I was so glad he didn't have opinions on clothes yet? Well, that was short lived. I took off his shortall after he got half his lunch on it and he started crying: "Duck! Duck?!? Duck 'ease?" What do you even say to that? Glad we've got multiple duck outfits (however, we do need to get Minnie to move the buttons).

I put him down and put the cover on the car seat and picked up toys. Peyton got home and Sarah Catherine's mom got her to pick up the seat. I got on Twittter and uploaded pictures to the hard drive and Flikr. The kids got up and I played with them and worked on sewing some areas of the rug in the living room that the kitties had popped their claws in. I vacuumed the rug and under the couch cushions and then folded some laundry. Peyton came in and I head out to do a few errands and go up to the church for a Sunday school curriculum meeting. I stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up something at Chick Fil A and then headed to the church. There was a wreck, but I got there right on time.
 It'd been ages since I've driven up here by myself. Made me kinda nostalgic for the old Outfield days (our youth group was "The Outfield").

After the meeting I ran by Target. Peyton and I visited when I got home and then I got on the computer and worked more on birthday crafting.

The kids slept late and then Peyton got up with them so I slept even later on Thursday. I got ready and dressed the kids and we straightened up and I did the dishes and then we headed over to Morgan's for lunch and a visit. She had invited Carrie over, too. The kids had a great time and it was fun to visit and catch up. When we got home the kids had rest time and I got on the computer. I got on Twitter, read some blogs, and wrote a post. Then I took a little nap. The kids got up and I organized some books in their room. I fixed their supper and did dishes. I organized some Summer clothes and then they played and I folded some laundry.
They love to play this little game where they spread out blankets and turn off the lights and pretend to sleep. Annie now insists on walking Graves through her entire nighttime routine when they do it. This is, of course, my favorite part.

We cleaned  up their room and I bathed Graves and got him to bed. Annie and I did her nighttime routine and some school stuff and then she had a bath. I made my April playlist (ridiculous) and folded more clothes and put her to bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home.

We had a field trip Friday morning to the zoo. Of course we slept later than I meant to, but we ended up leaving on time. We ran by Walgreens on the way. We had a good time, even though it was pretty cold! We left before lunch because Peyton had to get to work and I had wanted to just take one car. When we got home, I fixed the kids' lunches and then put them down for naps/rest time. Graves took awhile to fall asleep and Annie fell asleep playing in our room. I got on Twitter and finished a blog post. I called my mom to ask her something about the party. We talked a bit and then I realized she didn't even know that the party was this weekend...and she had to work. I was SO upset. [She ended up finding someone to work for her.] Anyway, that's when I found Annie. I put her in our bed and actually just laid down and snuggled with her some.
 The party was so much fun, but those kinds of moments are what make me know I'm alive.

Then I vacuumed and mopped the brick floors and cleaned both bathrooms. I relaxed a bit until the kids got up and then it was time to get ready because I had a meeting at Annie's school that night. I unloaded and loaded dishes and got dressed and we left. I dropped the kids off and went to my parents'. The meeting wasn't long and afterward, I ate supper with my parents. We got home and I put the kids to bed and decorated some for the party. I finished up crafting and got out my serveware and got on the computer for a bit until Peyton got home. I wrapped up the favors and went to bed.

Saturday was party day. We got up and got going. Well, Peyton and Graves took the recycling to the recycling drop off. When they got home, AP and I got up. I got my bath and started some dishes and then got to work on the food prep. I made chicken salad and pasta salad and cut out some circles out of bread. I made lemonade and updated my monthly playlist a bit.

Peyton was busy outside (the kids played SO well that morning) and he said it was so nice. I said I wished I had known how great the weather was and we could have done everything outside. Well, we discussed for a few minutes and decided to move the decorations out there under the carport. I got a little stressed, but it was so nice and AP said she really wanted to have it out there. How can you say no to the birthday girl? Anyway, I put fresh sheets in the crib (Graves's diaper had leaked) and cleaned the highchair and then it was lunchtime for the kids. Peyton bathed them and we put Graves down and Annie played for a bit  in our room. Peyton ran to the store and I picked up toys and balled some fruit. I made the sandwiches and iced the cupcakes and it was almost party time. I put some pictures on a flash drive for the digital frame and then got ready SUPER fast.

Everyone got here and we had a blast. It was so nice outside and both kids had a wonderful time. It was so much fun to catch up with lots of friends at once. After the party was over, we visited with my mom and started cleaning up. We played with the kids some and then cleaned up the nursery (it was a mess). Peyton fixed the kids supper and I bathed Bud and then we ran up to Walgreens for an errand. We went by DQ and Newks for treats/supper. Annie fell asleep in the car and we transferred her and put Graves to bed. Peyton and I talked for awhile and then he went to bed. I got on the computer, cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed.

Peyton got up super early to finish his Sunday school lesson. He was doing children's church that morning but the kids and I slept late. I got everyone ready and out the door on time and we went to Sunday school and then church (Peyton stayed for church since he had done children's church). We went out to lunch with some friends afterward.We came home and I got the kids settled for nap/rest time and then I got on the computer a bit. I uploaded pictures and read some blogs. I had a bad headache so I laid down in bed. Annie came in and wanted to lay down with me. OF COURSE, I let her :) When Graves got up, we all just played in their room for awhile. I didn't worry about laundry or anything, we just played.

We cleaned up and went to Target because I had seen a dress I REALLY wanted. Of course, it was gone and the kids were not on their best behavior. I haven't taken them very much lately and when I do I use the car with the little benches in front. I just didn't want to worry with it, but Graves was MAD about having to sit in the baby part with the strap buckling him in. Annie had to teetee and while we were in there Graves said he did, too! I put him on the filthy Target potty and he did it! Wow. Anyway, after that I switched the kids (of course Annie loves the "baby" part of the cart). Graves did much better and he actually didn't start trying to stand up until the very end. We had to go by Kroger, too, but they did really well there because I let them "drive" one of the little car buggies. I was sort of tired when we got home. Peyton had left right when we got home to go hiking with his brother and I didn't expect him until late. But right after the kids finished supper, he walked in. Graves went in the pottied in the frog potty and I got him ready for bed and put him down and then Peyton talked to Annie and we did her little routine and got her to bed. It was late and I still had to clean up the kitchen, unload and load dishes, and make chicken salad and berry tea for the teachers at AP's school the next day. I did all that and then got on the computer for a bit and went to bed.

Whew! I think this week will be more low key! It's Annie's last week of school and she has a little end of the year performance. And then this weekend will be sort of full- we have a church this on Friday, are going to Granny's on Saturday, and on Sundays there's an adoption conference in the area! 

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