Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Come Along and Sing a Song and Join the Jamboree {2013 Joint Birthday Party}

A few weeks ago we had the kids' joint birthday party. I'm telling you, these joint parties are the way to go. I've had some discussions with friends about it, but my plan is to keep it up until they request differently. Honestly, we really only invite "family" friends (we don't invite school friends or, at this point, even church friends). It's just been my way of keeping things from getting too big and out of control. And it's how we've always done it. Again, Annie hasn't objected and she always enjoys her parties. And Graves is still in the stage (you'll see!) where he's mostly consumed with the cupcakes.

As far as the theme, I had thought about a Mickey/Minnie party for awhile, espesially since my beloved parents are "Mickey" and "Minnie" to our children. And then, sometime last year, my friend Haley called and said she had all this Mickey stuff left over from a party for her oldest and did I want her to hang on to it (I think I'd mentioned doing a Mickey theme before). I said absolutely yes. Annie did originally mention something about princesses and I decided to attempt to divert her. I suggested that she and Bud have a Mickey and Minnie party together and (to my surprise because she's awfully hard headed lately) she loved the idea.

I will say (at the risk of sounding snooty) there's a way I like character parties and a way I don't. I don't like it when it's ton of actual character faces and big goofy plastic things. I do like it when it's based largely on color schemes and whimsical crafts that are reminiscent of the characters. Everyone has their own preferences, though (for example- and this is shocking- not everyone thinks four year old girls look adorable in bubbles...but I digress).

I mentioned it in another post, but we decided at the last minute to move the party outside. I had decorated (and cleaned!) the inside of the house, but the weather was so nice and Peyton really wanted to move it. Annie requested that we go that route, and at that point it was a done deal. I'm glad we did, it was perfect!

The invitations were so me- cheeseball and kitschy. Ha! I make them myself every year, though and I think it's a fun challenge.

The decorations were pretty simple and what I didn't borrow from Haley I crafted. I really, really worked hard to stay within a budget this year. I always do, but this year specifically, I was particularly diligent. I have to say that Peyton was so sweet and really bragged on me because I made more and bought less decoration wise than ever before. I also embroidered Graves shirt myself. It wasn't perfect by any stretch, but I was so impressed I could come up with something that I was actually comfortable with him wearing in public.

I did love how it turned out!

This stuff was positioned perfectly in the living room and I just abrubtly kind of threw it on the baker's rack. I think it turned out sort of charming, though. 

I made these two little banners with some of the kids monthly pictures.
I'm not sure anyone even noticed, but I loved how they looked on the fence.

That was really it for the decorations, except the food.

I stole the Styrofoam ball idea from my friend Ashley!

I got some little board books at Target, bagged them, and called them party favors!

Blurry but this is his shirt. Oh and we are pretty limited on shorts around here; that's a jonjon under there! Annie's "top" was a dress when she was like Bud's age. I really thought the leggings were going to be a battle (she told me often this Winter that princesses only wear tights, NOT leggings). But when the day got here, I think she was just so excited she went with it :)

The actual party festivities were so fun and so simple. Annie is probably nearing the age where there needs to be some structured party actives, but this year she had so much fun playing in her gingerbread house and sandbox and on her swing set, surrounded by all her best friends. And because I was surrounded by (most of) mine, I basked in it.

It was the perfect day for a party!

We got the kids a big joint present this year (we gave them small individual ones on their actual birthdays). We actually ordered this pedal car a few years ago and it's been the attic patiently awaiting it's drivers!

It was such a great day for a party and we just had a wonderful time celebrating these little lives we're so blessed by. I'm so thankful for our friends and family who celebrate with us and encourage us as we parent them.
[Something I thought I'd never see- AP cheesing it up while Graves fails to acknowledge the cam.]

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Bech and Marley Evans said...

Everything looks super cute!

And if my massive boy child an still fit into a bubble at 4 years old, he'll be wearing one.