Saturday, May 4, 2013

Letter to (Four Year and One Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

So much has happened in the last month! I think I'm just going to share some tidbits of our life lately with you.

You had your end of the year program at school and you told me that in between performances you "sat in some of the big girls' laps". Then you  told me that "the big girls" love you . One of the things I love about your little school is how consistently kind the older children are to you, my tiny girl. The school year ending, especially knowing it will be our last full year for awhile, was bittersweet to say the least.

Granny gave you a real (i.e. breakable) tea set for your birthday. You call it your "breakable tea set" and you just adore it. You're (mostly) very careful with it and you're so proud. It's honestly probably the prettiest one I've ever seen and truth be told, I adore it too.

I've started a new thing with you and Graves and on pretty days, I let y'all play in the backyards while I fold or iron in the laundry room. You two think you're very grown up playing by yourselves. Other evenings, of course, I join y'all.

Papa decided one night after work a few weeks back that he wanted a family camp out. So, at one in the morning, he pulled out sleeping bags, woke you and your brother up, set the sound machine to "nature" and had an indoor campout complete with chocolate milk and snacks. Such a crazy thing to do with a four year old and an almost two year old but we all had fun. Luckily, y'all are very flexible, apparently. You both went back to bed relatively easily, adjusted your schedules to wake up later, and were in average to good moods. I couldn't complain much.

You have your own ideas of fun and I love to see the little "projects" you create. The other day you took all my laundry out of a basket and "hung" it on the big baby gate. It took you awhile, but you were so proud of your creation. And it so reminded me of something I'd do when I was little- always organizing and "fixing" things (usually that weren't broken).  

You and Graves like to pretend the table behind our couch is a car and ya'll take great pains to ensure Peyton's old teddy bear is properly situated in his "car seat", ect. You told me the other day that when you  turns on the music she turns on classical, but when Graves turns it on he puts on Bruce Springsteen :)  Another day after reading Alice in Wonderland you decided to be Alice, Graves was the white rabbit, and the "car" (table) became a hole. Then you randomly decided to pantomime painting each other's toenails.

Another thing y'all like to do is play this little game where you spread out blankets and turn off the lights and pretend to sleep. You now insists on walking Graves through your whole nighttime routine and my favorite part, obviously, is when you lead him in his prayers. 

I took you your favorite babysitter's piano recital this month and that was really special. You, of course, loved the classical music. The other day you asked Papa if a song had words. He told you no and you said "Oh, well please add it to my playlist" (your playlist is almost entirely classical music). 

Another hilarious thing that you told me recently was about Cinderella and Bat Girl having a fight that resulted in Cinderella having a "throw up accident". That sounded intense.  

We recently had a conversation about how "boys are doctors and girls are nurses". Had to nip that in the bud and I told you that you could be either and a lot of other things. We brainstormed, but you ultimately settled on being a princess when you grow up. 

I'm loving watching your little mind work, as always. You and Graves have a little projector/noise maker thing and of course you really can't see the shapes it projects during the day when it's light in your room. So you crawled under Bud's armoire where it's dark and turned it on. What a smart girl you are! 

 One night after a bath you told me "Momma, tonight...this evening..when we were at the window, I told Bud 'This would be a good time to watch the day go'". For some reason, I thought it was the sweetest most special thing and I just froze the moment mentally. I know every parent thinks this, but in moments like that, I'm just amazed God saw fit to let me be your momma.

You are so, so kind and such a special member of our family. About a month ago we all got sick. You started to say "I want..." and I didn't know know if sick momma could handle another request to play in the rain but then you finished it with...."you and Papa to keep resting." And then: "I'll just play quietly. I want y'all to feel good-good." Bless your heart.

You've been helping me cook some. You used to love helping me chop onions in the Vidalia Wizard, but all of a sudden you noticed they burn her eyes. "I'll just sit under the table and wait for the next thing. I don't want to cry." Oh, sweet girl, I detest this part if the process, too.

You, my tiny not even six pound baby I brought home from the hospital yesterday (so it seems) has not an ounce of toddler left in you. That said, in my wildest dreams of motherhood, I could not have imagined a little girl as loving, insightful, or kind as you are. Ann Peyton, you are the best thing that ever happened to me (I mean, along with those other two dorks we live with, of course). 

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. I don't even know that your princess dress has a size. You've definitely got room to grow in it, though :)


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