Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Letter to (Twenty Five Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

You seem like you've grown up so much since your turned two last month. The two biggest areas are your speech and your potty habits.

You are still a little behind in the language department, but you're picking up words so much faster now. You don't always say them correctly, but you're trying. And I think it's so neat how, most of the time, I can understand you, even when most people can't. You repeat words a lot and you like to talk about animals- cow, dog, cat and the sounds they make. You say please ("ee") and you ask to be excused from the table ("'scuse?"). You've also picked up on thank you ("aa ew") and you say "stand" (meaning "I understand") and "Ma'am" (meaning Yes, Ma'am).You have such good manners! You also LOVE to sing, we've realized. Sometimes it's just made up songs, which is pretty cute, but the other day you said "Row, Row, Row...Boat!" and I thought I was going to die. You call Babar "bar" and when I asked you the other day what sound a piggie makes you told me "wee wee" (as in: all the way home). I thought you couldn't get any more precious, but hearing you talk makes my heart nearly burst.

The other thing is the potty. We were nowhere close to starting this with you, but one day a couple of weeks ago, you decided to try the potty. And you actually did pretty good. And so I bought you some underwear (which, gosh little boy underwear is about the cutest thing ever- I mean I don't know if I've ever seen you in anything more adorable than super hero under-roo's). Anyway, you still have some accidents, but you're doing great. I'm not one to want to jinx things, though, and it'll be months before I call it.

Another big thing lately is your love for "Bapa". He mentioned it in the letter he wrote you last month, but my sweet momma's boy is now eaten up with his daddy. Sometimes it stings a little, but I'm so happy to see such a strong connection finally solidifying between you two, it mostly just makes me smile.

You've actually started to have opinions on clothes. The other day you had on a jonjon with ducks on it and I took it off because you had gotten a good bit of your lunch on it. You started crying and saying "Duck, ee?" (Duck, please?). It was so sweet and fortunately, you have a duck bubble, too. By the way, you're wearing a good many things from last Summer- Minnie just moved the buttons. But you were in the sixth percentile for weight when we went to see Dr. Denney.

By the way, your appointment was great. You seem to be meeting all the milestones, except the verbal ones, but I don't think anyone is terribly concerned. You are a very smart boy and we know it!

But more importantly, you are a sweet boy. The sweetest, really. You're so full of affection and just love to smile and laugh. You keep me and your sister especially from taking life too seriously. I love you so much Graves, more with every single day.

Momma and Papa

P.S. Your robot jams are 18-24 mo.

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Jennifer said...

Love these posts because they give me a heads up on my Little Buddy who also has an opinion on clothes. Never saw that coming with a little boy! Way to go, Graves on the potty.