Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Happenings

 I made a header for this month, hated it, and then started all over. Ugh. But I really like this one. And I love the background. I'm pretty fond the of the quote and I think the pictures turned out really good (my favorite, of course, is the goofy one of Gravey man).

 May isn't terribly busy, but we've got a few things going on.

- Mine and Peyton's birthdays are both this month. We're actually going out to celebrate his tommorow.

- Peyton's schedule is changing up. It'll be pretty much the same hours and same times, but the days he's off will switch. I think it's going to be a positive thing.

- Peyton's got to be in Oxford for something one weekend this month and I think the kids and I (and Minnie!) are going to go along for the ride.

- A good friend of mine who is pretty much my mentor and I are starting a small group for moms. I'm going to blog more about it, but I'm pretty nervous/very excited. 

Here are last month's goals:
1. Get everything ready for the kids' party. Done. I think it was a hit and I'm planning to do a post next week.
 2. Committo get caught up and stay caught up on online budgeting. Well, I did work on this and made some good headway, but I'm not "caught up", per se.
3. Try to be intentional about praying for that gladness from now until Pentecost. I did this and it's been really neat. Post on that coming, too!
And here are my new ones for this month:
1. Potty train Graves and night train Annie- Well, the night training is pretty much done, but I just want to get a few more weeks in to make sure it sticks. I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it was since AP was pretty attached to her right-before-bedtime cup of milk and she's alot like her momma and handles change....poorly. One night she complained about the diaper (she was still in cloth at night) and I told her she could wear panties if she followed some guidelines. She has her big "cuppa" about an hour before bed and then I allow her to fill up a little medicine cup exactly one time with water from her bathroom sink. She thinks it's fun and hilarious and she's basically getting a tablespoon of tap water before bed. I also put her on the potty (in her sleep) right before I go to bed and that gets her through the night. Graves is a bit of a different story. I have absolutely no intention of hardcore pushing this thing. That's not my style and it likely never will be. Pretty much I just don't want my laziness/lack of motivation to keep me from letting him try if he's interested. And he's SO interested. We haven't been doing rewards of any kind and with no external motivation (excepting super cool Super Hero and Thomas the Train under-roos) he's doing great. I think, in this case, the sibling influence is a huge motivating factor.

2. Continue with Summer Salad Challenge and make at least one salad weekly. I think this will be fun goal and good motivation in the kitchen.

3. Completely change over the children's closets for Summer. I've done all of AP's and a bit of Graves's. I should probably make it a goal for this week to finish.

4. Adjust and evaluate our homeschool strategies and materials. This is sort of like number one. I don't have any desire at all to do a bunch of structured, rigorous stuff with my pre-schooler. In fact, that's partly why we're homeschooling at this point- I want her in a developmentally appropriate environment. That said, I haven't been as intentional in the last month as I'd like to be and since she won't have those hours at school this Summer, I'm looking at adding a couple of new components. Again, it'll be very relaxed, but Annie is (mostly) happy and compliant about doing school stuff, espesially once we get started. Just like with potty training, I don't want to miss opportunities because of my own laziness or failure to plan.

Here's to May. A year closer to thirty for me. A year closer to...old...for Peyton. May it be a month in which we grow in wisdom and love and grace and patience. 

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