Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekly Happenings #215 (May 6-12)-- A Tiny Trip and Mother's Day

Last week was such a good week, overall. First of all, my sinus stuff finally seemed to clear up. We didn't have a lot planned and I got a good bit of stuff done around the house. We took a short trip to Oxford over the weekend because Peyton was speaking at a meeting for pharmacy students on behalf of MPhA and also wanted to go to graduation. Sunday was Mother's Day and it was laid back but really enjoyable. 

I got up and got ready for the CPC on Monday and actually left on time. I got a lot done there- we had our devotion/prayer time and then I started working on pulling files and putting up vitamins. I input some data and filed some things and talked a little bit about answering the phone and responding to abortion minded clients. I ran by Target to get a bulletin board and Peyton left for work when I got home. I started laundry, did the composting, straightened the house, and started dishes. I fixed the kids' lunch and had to bathe Graves afterward.

While they rested, I ate my lunch and got on the computer. I read my Bible and took a short nap and when the kids got up, we just played. I folded laundry and then they ate supper. We took about a million trips to the potty and I cleaned out the screen in front of the air filter.
The similarities will never cease. [My most favorite thing when I was little was squeezing into little nooks.]
 Spider monkey in her "highchair"

Annie worked on tracing and Bud colored and we played some finger play games and I looked at the Slow and Steady activities for the week. I folded some more laundry and put it up and then we cleaned up the kids' room and I got Graves to bed. Annie and I did her nighttime routine and then I gave her a bath and put her in bed. I got on the computer and when Peyton got home, we visited. I finished a post and uploaded pictures to Flikr and the hard drive and went to sleep.

I spent the whole day at home on Tuesday and it was really productive. Peyton hadn't gotten much sleep on Sunday and so I let him sleep late on Tuesday. He's so generous to let me sleep in a bunch, so it was nice to "repay" him a teensy bit. Anyway, I got up with the kids, but we just had a laid back start. Peyton got up a while later and cooked some eggs and then I took my bath. We mowed the yard and I started doing "morning things". I made a few phone calls and got laundry dishes going. I also did the trash and recycling and started thawing some meat. I ended up scrubbing down a few atrocious areas in the laundry room (it's our inside-outside kitties' home). I put up some toiletries from the grocery and organized a bit under the bathroom sink and kissed Peyton goodbye and worked on memory work with AP. The kids ate lunch and I unloaded and loaded dishes.

After the kids went down for rest time, I ate my lunch and wrote some letters for to send to people in the moms' group we're starting at church and then got on the computer. I got pictures started uploading to Flikr and the blog and checked Twitter and then I read my Bible and folded and watched The West Wing. The kids got up and we played a bit and then I vacuumed the kitchen, hardwoods, and bedrooms. I also mopped in the kitchen and vacuumed often overlooked nooks in the den and under the couch cushions. I think it was a record- all that in forty five minutes! After I finished, I took the kids outside for a bit. I played with them and read a few pages in Fresh Power. We came in and I started a play dough activity with Graves and got AP working on some tracing. I cooked spaghetti and they ate while I cleaned up the kitchen and boiled eggs. I got Graves to bed and then did AP's nighttime routine with her. I really hadn't payed her as much attention as I normally do, so we read for longer than is typical. After I got her to bed, I ate my supper, did the last of the kitchen clean up and made some more egg salad. I got on the computer and wrote a blog post and organized the pictures on Flikr and the hard drive until Peyton got home.

Wednesday was another day almost entirely at home. It had a slower feel to it, though, for some reason. I slept in a bit, but then I got up and got a bath because Peyton was leaving to work in Natchez. I started laundry and dishes, wrote a few more letters and folded some laundry. We straightened up and then I took the kids outside for a picnic lunch. Annie and I went over her memory work out there and we played some and got sweaty.

We came in and I got the kids settled for rest time and then got on the computer to do a few things. I checked Twitter and wrote a post and then I read my Bible and folded and watched The West Wing. The kids got up and we got ready and headed to my parents' for supper.
 One of my favorite pictures ever of my girl!

 It was a really nice visit and we had a great time, as always. I put the kids right to bed when we got home. I read blogs and put pictures on Flikr until Peyton got home. I boiled some potatoes and fried some bacon for a dish I was making for lunch the next day.

We got up on Thursday and Peyton and I chatted and then got ready for the day. The kids both had early check ups that morning, so we headed to the pediatrician's office. They both got great reports- Annie was in the TWENTY SECOND percentile and Graves was in the sixth. Dr. Denney also said that we'd monitor his language development (he is slightly behind- but not alarmingly so) and see where he is at 2.5 before we leave for New York.
 ...despite wearing a (comfortably fitting) 24 mo. bubble the day before ;)

After that we stopped by Lowe's and Hobby Lobby for a couple of things and came home. We got to work on lunch- Peyton grilled steak kabobs and I made some roasted potatoes. We also had to clean out the fridge because something spilled. I started my potatoes and took out the compost and recycling and did some dishes. I also changed AP's sheets. We ate lunch and Peyton left. I cleaned up the rest of the dishes and emptied all the trashcans in the house and took the trash out. I wrote letters and straightened and started some laundry and then I read a long book (a picture book, but one with a good many words on each page) to both kids. It was a first for me to try to that with Graves and he didn't do great, but it's something I want to start attempting more. I got them settled and got on the computer. I wrote a post and started several others and got on Twitter. I relaxed some and read my devotion until the kids got up. When they woke up, we just hung out and played. I was going to take them outside, but the afternoon got away from me. I did let AP help me pack her bag for the trip- another first. I fed the kids supper and bathed them both and put them to bed. I just read blogs until Peyton got home. I addressed my notes and packed myself and finished packing the kids and went to bed.

We got up pretty early on Friday morning and I got ready and finished getting things together for the trip. I even got the dishes in the dishwasher and made the beds. We got on the road before eight and picked up Minnie and then headed to Oxford. We made pretty good time- I think we stopped once. Anyway, when we got there, we dropped Peyton off to go give his speech and we got a little snack at Bottle Tree. After that, we went in an antique shop (a big sort of newer, shabby chic feeling one) and Tuesday Morning to kill time. I'll say this- the kids weren't bad, but I think the time left in the double stroller is short. They just didn't want to be in it for long. I parked it and let them both out and to my surprise, Graves actually did well walking and holding a hand. We picked up Peyton and headed to New Albany. We at lunch at one of my favorite places (one of like three "real" restaurants in town) and then my mom's friend, Judy, who happened to also be in town, picked her up. They drove out to my uncles and Peyton and I and the kids were going to just meet them. We ended up driving my Bump's (my grandmother who passed away right before Peyton and I got married) house and the lady in the window smiled and waved real big when we slowed down. I was SO glad she was sweet. And the house looked well cared for. We also drove by the "city park". Cookie and I used to play there, but it had gotten very run down. Anyway, someone painted the playground equipment and there was a big mural. It was really nice.

We stopped by Walgreens to get stamps so I could mail my last few letters and then headed to Allen's. We had such a nice visit with him and Gracie and the kids enjoyed seeing his cows and the garden he was growing. We left and drove around a bit and looked at houses and then headed to the hotel (that is, motel). We got settled and by that time it was after six. Graves hadn't had a real nap and everyone was tired, so Peyton went to pick up food after I fretted because I couldn't figure out what I wanted. We ate and all went to bed pretty early.
 about an hour and a half past his bedtime

My mom snores horribly and I don't think it bothered anybody else in the least (Herrington Hard Sleepers, here) but I had a rough night. Finally, in the early hours of the morning, I got an extra pillow and put it over my head and put the kids' sound machine like inches from my face and got a couple of hours of good rest. Oh, AP also had a tee tee accident and I got a headache so bad it woke me up.

We got up on Saturday and had a low-key morning. We got a light breakfast at the motel and got ready and then headed back to Oxford after we had packed up. We ate at Newks and then dropped Peyton off for the graduation. We had seen a Fancy Nancy bus parked near the square and we drove back to find it. First of all, we parked on this steep hill and as I was pushing the stroller down it, I felt like I might loose control and go into the street running perpendicular. My shoes were slippery and I felt like I might fall an minute. I ended up purposefully running into a curb to slow down. It was really scary. RIGHT after all that, when we got to the bottom, the truck pulled off and left. We walked around and found out that the illustrator of the books had done a signing at Square Books but she'd be coming to Lemuria this week. After that, we just walked around the square. I took Annie in Old Venice to use the potty and there was a line. I thought she was about to tee tee in the floor, but a lady let us in front of her. We just walked and window shopped and we took AP in Neilson's for just a minute. She saw these Madame Alexander dolls- they were beautiful- and was so memorized. They were in a case and I don't think she really knew you could buy them. She just kept asking me if she could look some more. I hope she still loves dolls when she's older and I can get her one. There's nothing sweeter!

After that, we stopped at a church with a playground. I was hesitant, but another family walked up right then. The kids played and I was happy they could get out some energy before the trip home. Graves had a bad diaper that ended up going through his whole outfit, so we headed back to the car. This precious little boy and his family walked up to the park as we were leaving and I told Minnie "Wow, that looks like a jon jon yet to be pooped in". Poor Gravey. On the way back to the car, we ran into Peyton's friend Katie, who lives in Chicago. They had talked about trying to meet up but there just wasn't time. It was good to see her though. [Oh and while we were there I saw my friend Bailey from high school, another friend's mom, and my friend Brooke from elementary school. Whoa.]

We got back to the car and changed Graves into a sweet bubble and were sitting on the sidewalk when a car speed into the parking place right in front of us. We grabbed the kids (I mean they were right by us), but my nerves were SHOT. The kids both wanted to walk/stroll some more (Graves wanted to walk, Annie wanted to stroll- uh, no) but it was getting close to time to go get Peyton. We put them in the car and before we had left the parking lot Graves was asleep. AP fell asleep not long after. We waited for Peyton for about fifteen minutes and go ton the road. We stopped for ice cream and one on the side of the road for Graves to tee tee, but we made good time. We dropped off Minnie and came home. We fed the kids leftovers and I bathed Graves and Peyton got him to bed while I unpacked. I got everything unpacked from the trip. I know it was a two day trip, so that's not super impressive, but it was a first for me. I read to AP and did her routine and Peyton bathed her and we put her to bed. I got on the computer for a bit and went to bed.

Sunday was Mother's Day. We didn't do anything to exciting, but it was a great day. I probably did more housework than I'd have liked to, but I also took a nap and we all went on a walk so I can't complain, plus it felt nice to have the house in order for the new week. Anyway, I had children's church on Sunday, but we went to Sunday school first. I talked to Darlene before Sunday school and made an announcement about the mom's group in another class. Sunday school went well and then we went to church. Children's church went relatively smoothly and we came home and Peyton helped me with the kids' lunches. While they ate, I cleaned up the kitchen and then Peyton and AP picked up toys. Peyton got Graves down and left to go pick up take-out sushi. He took AP with him and I got on the computer for a bit. When they got home, he got Annie settled and we ate together and visited. I took a nap after that and he did some work stuff. When the kids got up, I helped them clean their room while he finished up. We got ready and headed to the park. I forgot to change Graves out of underwear and I took him to the potty once. Like five minutes later, he pottied. Um, we didn't even have a diaper bag. I dealt with that and then we headed home. Peyton ran to the grocery store while I fed the kids supper, changed over laundry and bathed Graves.  When he got home, we took Graves's monthly picture and our family picture and Peyton got him to bed.

I did AP's nighttime routine with her and then he took her outside and told her a story. She went to bed and I unloaded and loaded dishes and started more wash. I ate supper and got on the computer and went to bed "early" for me.

I think this week should be pretty laid back, too. Tomorrow is my birthday, but we don't have anything very big planned. And Peyton is working a lot this week, but since there's not a lot else going on, I know it'll be manageable.

When she started crying yesterday morning because she wanted a flower at church, I told her, with big tears in my own eyes, that she was the baby that made me a momma and of course I'd share mine with her. When he went commando under his bubble at the park because Busy Bud doesn't slow down for nothing- even the potty- I knew in that moment that as undignified as mothering him often is, it will be one if my greatest contributions to the world. There is nothing I am prouder of, and nothing that has brought me more joy, than being their momma.

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