Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekly Happenings #216 (May 13-19)-- SD Turns Twenty Eight, Pentecost, and Fancy Nancy (CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON!!)

Annie melting down and Graves trying to eat his button. Because what else?

I was just in sort of a funk on Monday. I didn't want to go volunteer at all. I just wanted to be with the kids and Peyton. Anyway, I got myself going (Peyton got up with Graves right before seven and I didn't get up until after 7:30) and got ready and left. It was a good productive day- I sat in on a meeting with a client and read some advocacy literature and filed and did some inputting. I ended up being late getting home and didn't even realize it. Peyton was frustrated with me and I was frustrated with him because our side door was unlocked (I have major anxiety about a child getting out and being in the driveway, especially when one of us isn't home and would be driving up). Anyway, he was also dealing with Graves who had thrown a bunch of food off his tray and I was overwhelmed by the mess(es) and he had to just run out the door.

I took some deep breathes but the kids were at each other in the worst way. I put Graves in time out and he kept getting up. He ended up sitting there for like ten minutes total. He acted much better after that, though :) I started dishes and laundry and we picked up toys and then it was rest time. I ate my lunch and got on Twitter and answered an email from a friend about cloth diapers. I started uploading pictures to Flikr and the blog and then just laid on the couch and rested a few minutes myself. The kids got up and we were all in much better spirits. I folded a bunch of laundry in their room while they played and got things hung up and put up and then I fixed their supper and they ate. We went outside for a bit and worked on memory work, had another potty incident in the britches, came inside to deal with that, went back out for a little longer and then came back in for baths. I put Graves to bed and let AP have a snack and then I painted her fingernails and toenails and we did her nighttime routine and I put her to bed.

"Let's read the Papa book". Nothing like a Little Golden Book, originally published circa 1950. 

 I got on the computer and read blogs and then ate some supper myself. I uploaded pictures and finished my post and then Peyton got home and we talked while I put up laundry in our room and went to bed.

Tuesday was my birthday. It was good, mostly :) Peyton let me sleep late and after I got ready I ran to the grocery store for something. I got home and unloaded and loaded dishes, took out the recycling and the trash and cleaned the microwave. Peyton left for work and I played with the kids some and then we picked up and had lunch.
 Mick loves Emoji's and I love Mick.

I ran through AP's memory work with her and put them down early for rest time. I got on the computer and spent too much time figuring out making collages for Graves's monthly letter. I got on Facebook and Twitter and then Annie and I got ready for the Fancy Nancy book reading/signing we were going to. Mickey came over to keep Graves and we left. We had a good time, but it was sort of long. I never thought I'd spent my twenty eighth birthday at a Fancy Nancy book signing, but clearly Annie was on top of the world and I love that this is my life.
 The illustrator read and signed and they practiced balancing bananas on their heads and toured her "bus".

Anyway, when we got home, we visited with Mick some and I fixed the kids supper. Mickey told me that Graves had diapered all his stuffed animals and then took them in under blankets (because he only wears diapers for naps/bedtime now) and told Mickey "SHHH!". So cute.

 They played a bit and then it was time to clean up and get Graves ready for bed. I worked on getting some homeschool stuff prepared while Annie did a puzzle and worked on tracing after he went to bed. I put her to bed and got on the computer. Peyton was late getting home and my browser totally screwed up and I was just irritated and hungry. I cooked some fish and we ate and talked and then I finally got the computer working and wrote Graves's letter and went to bed.
This is actually from last week. I love how she has two cats in her bed.

Wednesday was actually a much better day. I slept a little late- like twenty minutes past the kids and Peyton who had gotten up later than usual and then I got my bath. While I was drying my hair David, a friend of a friend who lives in NYC, called to talk to us a bit about the city. I was so excited he called while Peyton was home. We put him on speaker and took turns dealing with the kiddos. It was a really good conversation and so encouraging. After that, I finished drying my hair and we loaded up and ran a quick errand. We got home and I started cooking a "veggie lunch". Since Peyton was working every night that week, I wanted to eat lunch together as a family at least once. I unloaded dishes and worked on AP's memory work with her and then we all ate lunch. Peyton left and I cleaned up the kitchen and read to the kids. I put Graves down and AP and I read a story and picked up toys and then I cleaned bathrooms while she visited with me. We read one more story and I got her settled.
 She found this book and asked me if we could read it to Graves when he woke up. I asked her why and she said "Well, you know how he LOVES babies, momma". I love how she's always thinking of him. 

  I got on the computer and read a few blogs and checked Twitter and Facebook and then I worked on my Weekly Smorgasbord post. I read my Bible and watched The West Wing and hung up laundry. When the kids got up, I folded some more and we picked up their toys. I fed them supper and picked up around the house and collected some library books and then we headed to church for our first moms' group. It went great and I'm so excited about it. We dropped the books off on the way home and I put the kids right to bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home.We chatted and went to bed. And then had a long night. I don't know. Annie had an accident and then joined us, the cat drove me nuts, it was just a long night.

I woke up on Thursday and got ready and then got the kids ready because there was a used uniform sale at Annie's school. We were going to just use Aubrey's next year, but I needed to sell AP's. We saw a bunch of friends at the sale, but Graves was bit of a handful. I ended up carrying him out wailing. We got to the car and I told AP we might visit Minnie at Batte. Um, no. We did drive by and she came out and talked to the kids a bit. We came home and I started laundry and dishes and made beds. I reversed our usual order (sort of hard for me, not gonna lie) and we had lunch and then did memory work and cleaned up. I put Graves down and read to AP and then got her settled in another room. Well, Graves never did go to sleep. He'd get quiet for a bit and I'd be sure he was asleep and then he'd just scream like someone was ripping his toenails off. I'd go in there and rock him and he'd be fine for a bit and then the same thing. He was so off. Anyway, I ate lunch and got on the computer. I finally got a blog post hammered out and I popped in on Facebook and Twitter. When I decided Graves really wasn't going to sleep, I let AP go in their room. They probably played for close to an hour. When they got up, I folded some laundry and then we picked up toys. I cooked some with spaghetti noodles and did a little activity with Annie with them and then browned meat and boiled eggs. The kids ate tacos and I unloaded and reloaded dishes. I bathed them both and put Graves to bed. I did AP's nighttime routine with her and put her to bed while it was still light outside. I ate my supper and got on Facebook and read blogs for a bit. Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed.

I slept kind of late on Friday. After I had my bath, I started laundry and worked on memory work with Annie. Peyton and I talked some and the kids played and he left for work. I made beds and washed dishes and then we picked up toys and the kids ate lunch. I made some egg salad and got them settled. I ate a sandwich and got on the computer- read some blogs, played on Facebook, all that. I read my Bible and watched a bit of The West Wing and then got the kids up. I folded more laundry while they played and then I cut out some tracing pages I had laminated ages ago. We picked up toys and headed to my parents' for beans. We got there late and left late and they went straight to bed when we got home. I got on the computer and texted with Ashley and Carrie and then Peyton got home. We talked and then I read blogs some more and he watched The West Wing.

Saturday was a really good productive day at home. Graves slept later than usual, but not as late as I had hoped after being at my parents' so late. Anyway, I got up and played with him until AP got up and then we all had breakfast and I took a bath while they watched The Cat in the Hat. I started laundry and laminated and cut out more tracing sheets and then the kids had an early lunch.

I put him in shorts (instead of a shortall) and I actually loved it. 

 He did look ready for college, though. One of my friends commented that he had the "frat swoop" going on.

We picked up toys and went outside but there were a few wasps in the yard so we came right in. They played some more and I worked on stuff for Annie's bulletin board I'm making to do "calendar time" type stuff with her. I put Graves down and laminated and cut out everything while AP colored. I ate lunch and then got on the computer for a few minutes. After I got her settled, I watched The West Wing and mostly finished the board. Graves woke up, but they talked a bit and I got on Twitter and did a few things on the computer. I cleaned up my crafting stuff and started washing our sheets. After they got up, I folded and put up laundry. I fixed the kids supper and then Peyton got home and we talked and then loaded everyone up and went to Target.
 Wrestling match before Target. Obviously.

We had fun and when we got home, we got everyone in bed. I straightened up and then got on the computer and went to bed myself.

Sunday was Pentecost Sunday and it was great! I'm so proud to be part of a tradition that takes seriously all three of the trifecta of Christian holidays. We got up, but we decided to go to the late service, so we had a relaxing morning with cartoons and such. The Angel Choir was practicing in the sanctuary during Sunday school and parents were invited, so we went and watched Annie sing.

We had a guest preacher who used to be the pastor at our church ages ago, so that was neat! After church we came home and fixed the kids lunch and then it was rest time for them. I did dishes and straightened and made beds and then Peyton and I ate. I got on the computer and read blogs and checked Twitter and then we just relaxed until the kids got up. Peyton cleaned out his closet and I helped AP clean up her room and we got ready and headed to his parents' for a visit.
 basketball with the big boys!

We had a fun time and then we went over to Mickey and Minnie's.
 My mom found this thank you note that Peyton wrote my grandmother ages ago. She had kept it all these years. Um, *he* is the kindest person I know.

We got home late and put the kids right to bed. I put up stuff and then I ended up going through our whole "homeschool station" and reorganizing things. I uploaded pictures and got Facebook while Peyton watched The West Wing.

Peyton has a few days off this week and that's so nice. We also have some stuff on the calendar- more than we have lately- but it's all pretty fun. Nothing big, but I'm excited about it!

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