Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #214 (April 29- May 5)-- Yucky Weather, Yucky Noses

Last week was sort of rough. It was rainy or at least dreary all week and my head sure felt it. Week two of this and I was so over it.  The kids had runny noses and then on Saturday I got this weird (thankfully short lived) stomach thing. Despite all that, I felt like it was a really good week. We spent time together (Peyton had a few days off), celebrated his birthday, and I was even pretty productive. 

I got up later than I should have on Monday (Annie had crawled in our bed super early and Peyton had put Graves in there when he woke up and it was just too sweet). Anyway, I got ready quickly and left for the CPC. I got there about the same time I do when I drop her at school first, ha! We had a long prayer/devotional/sharing time and then I got to work working on inputing some stuff for statistical analysis. I got home and visited with Peyton about a few things and then he left for work. I got busy starting laundry and changing Annie's bedding. I also worked on her closet a little- I got some of her dress up clothes that hang up organized and I also got a bunch of padded hangers together to get rid of (they're pretty but they annoy me at this point- I'd rather them all be the same plastic). Anyway, poor Graves was having such a hard morning and needed lots of attention. Everything seemed to take SO long. We finally picked up all the toys in the living room and I fixed the kids lunch. I put them down and had my lunch and got on the computer and checked emails/Twitter and started a post. Graves didn't nap very long, but he (and AP, ha!) played in his crib for a bit while I did my Bible study. When they got up, I worked on AP's closet. I had gotten her Winter stuff out, but I needed to work on getting Summer stuff in. I unpacked and organized bathing suits, bloomers and shorts and other odds and ends. I also did Graves's pajamas and I got down some 4T Summer stuff from a box to try on Annie (I think she'll still be mostly in a 3T). Anyway, they played while I worked on all that and it worked out well since it was too wet to go outside. I took breaks to play a little, too :) We did that until supper and then I fixed their supper and cleaned up the kitchen. I gave them both baths and put Graves to bed and then did Annie's nighttime routine and got her settled. I got on the computer and finished my post and put pictures on Facebook. When Peyton got home, we visited and watched the news and went to bed.

Tuesday was the most productive day I've had in awhile. We all got up and got ready because we were dropping off the kids at Peyton's parents' house and going to meet with our financial adviser (who is also a sweet friend). We had a GREAT meeting, but that kind of stuff is sort of boring to me and it was long. Anyway, we picked up the kids and swung by Walgreens to pick up something for Peyton. We got home and I decided we needed to got get Bud some big boy underwear(!!!) at Target. I didn't even unload the kids, we just dropped Peyton off at home since he had to be at work. We ran in and out of Target pretty quickly (well, as quickly as you can with two tired, hungry kids) and came home for lunch and naps.
Blows my mind!

I fixed their lunch and started laundry and dishes and then put them down for rest time. I got on the computer and uploaded pictures and started a post and checked Twitter. Then I did my Bible study. Graves woke up, but he was playing well (with Annie on the outside this time!), so I folded some laundry and watched a bit of The West Wing. The kids got up and I got back to work in their room. I got all AP's Summer clothes out of the built in closet and put them in her armoire, neatly organized like I like them. This took awhile, espesially since Graves was in his new under-roos and wanted to potty like every fifteen minutes and/or anytime Ann Peyton went. I was proud of him, though, because NO accidents all afternoon. Anyway, it was another wet day so it worked out well and we took breaks and did puzzles and play dough, too! We cleaned up their room I fixed them supper and unloaded dishes and got Graves to bed. Weird story: he heard a siren and got really upset and kept saying "burn" and. I thought he was talking about his bottom because he had a bit of a rash. Well, I finally asked him if he meant the firetruck and he said yes and said "scared". Annie asked him "Do you think another house is burning, Bud??" He nodded and she told him "I need you to say "Uh huh" (hahaha!) and he did say "Uh huh". A few minutes later she was peaking out the blinds an saying "I don't see any houses burning, Bud". Poor guy. Anyway, we got home down and I did Annie's night time routine and some school stuff with her and put her to bed, too.

I finished reloading dishes and cleaning up the kitchen and did a little tidying around the house and then I worked on boxing up some clothes to go to the attic. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and then we talked and went bed. Well, we went to bed. I stayed up WAY to late watching The West Wing.

Peyton had the day off on Wednesday. I slept late and then we got up and all got ready and ran a few errands. Actually, Ellis called at 7:30 and I totally freaked, thinking he'd been shot like Bartlet. Ha! Anyway, I went back to sleep. Peyton needed to go get some more hiking underwear (LOL) and then we had to buy groceries. We were returning a mini croc pot and forgot the receipt so I left him and the kids to shop and ran home and got it. We had lunch when we got home and put the kids down. I cleaned up the kitchen and started some BBQ chicken in the crock pot for that night. I got on Twitter and worked on my header for the month and then Peyton's mom dropped by with a gift card and cupcakes for Peyton's birthday. She left and I started some squash cooking for the boys and AP and I got ready because there was a ladies' event at church. She just wanted to go to the nursery, so I took her. The event was neat- dinner, a speaker, and music plus really pretty tablescapes and door prizes. When we got home, I got AP ready for bed. I finished up my blog stuff and then Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

I woke up feeling AWFUL on Thursday and it was Peyton's birthday. I got up, but I was moving slowly. I talked to Ellis on the phone and got ready. We were all going to go walking, but it was drizzly and gloomy and I felt so bad. So I just stayed home with the kids.
We were looking through this album and every few pages AP stopped and asked me if the outfit she's pictured in is in the attic. "Yes Darling, they ALL are (excepting a few in Baby Michel and Baby Alaina's closets)". It's a funny thing to reassure your four year old that a fleece leopard romper from two years ago is safe.

I got a bath and when Peyton got home, I started some laundry. I ended up taking a nap before lunch. Gah. When I got up, I unloaded and reloaded dishes and made egg salad and Waldorf salad.

I helped AP clean up toys while Peyton put Graves down and then I told her a story. I got on the computer for a bit and Peyton took a nap. His parents were keeping the kids that night so we could go out for his birthday and his mom got here early. She took the kids on a walk and we both straightened up the house and took some stuff to the attic and then got ready. We left and ran by the library to drop of some books and make some copies and then headed to dinner at Shapley's. It was SO good- we split some fried crawfish tails and I got shrimp with asparagus and Peyton got a steak and scalloped potatoes. We got home and both kids were in bed. We were shocked AP had fallen asleep (we usually let her wait up when we have a babysitter). Anyway, we talked and I got on the computer and then we went to bed.

I got up with the kids on Friday and then Peyton got up and we traded off. I slept a little more and then took my bath and bathed both kids. I started laundry and dishes and then Peyton left for work. We cleaned up the kids' room and I sorted some of AP's magazines and trashed some. I fed the kids lunch and Graves had to have another bath. Ugh. I got them settled and it was a really good naptime :) I got on Twitter, started a post, read my Bible and then took a nap myself.

When they got up, we cleaned up their room and I folded and put up some laundry. We went to my parents' house for beans and when we got home, I put both kids right to bed. I "unpacked" our stuff from their house and folded some more laundry and finished an episode of The West Wing. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed.

I woke up feeling really, really bad again on Saturday. To be frank, it was a *very* rough day. I don't know if it was food poisoning or a very short lived stomach bug, but I was SICK. Not to be too graphic, but Graves or I were pretty much in the bathroom all morning. And yes, I couldn't throw in the towel on potty training for the day. It was ALOT harder, but that's just how I am...really stubborn. Anyway, I managed to finally get a bath and folded a little laundry. I also made a rough plan for homeschooling this Summer. Not sure how. I fed the kids lunch and put them down and I finally made myself eat something. I spent more of their naptime asleep and that made me feel better. When they got up, we worked on changing over Graves's closet. I really wasn't sick anymore- just super tired. But that and the homeschool plan were my two big goals for the day. I fixed supper for the kids and when Peyton got home, I clocked out. I got in the bed and watched The West Wing for the rest of the night. Ellis called and we talked and I ate something, but that was it. I went to bed earlier than usual.

I really wasn't planning on going to church on Sunday because of my day on Saturday and the kids had stuffy noses. We all woke up better and I was so well-rested, so we decided to go. We went to Sunday school and then the late service. Some friend were having people over after church, so we went by their house. We had sandwiches and stuff and the kids had so much fun playing. We came home and I put them right down.

Turned halfway round playing with his truck on the back of the commode- one of my favorite boymom moments to date. (This has been the best way to get Little Peyton to sit still for more than fifteen seconds (I'm pretty sure this was Big Peyton's toy truck from the 80s.))

Graves slept late and I did some stuff on the computer and then snuggled with AP and took a nap myself. We all got up and I started cooking some cabbage and tuna croquets.  Peyton got home and we had dinner and he and AP ran the grocery store while I got Graves to sleep. I uploaded some pictures and when they got home, I cleaned up the kitchen and mad a strawberry dessert. Peyton and I talked and went to bed.

Love these goofy guys!

Peyton's working extra this week, but it should be pretty low key otherwise.

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