Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #217 (May 20-26)-- Easing into Summer

Today is Memorial Day. Meaning (amongst other more important things) this past weekend was Memorial Day weekend. Meaning, Summer is here. I'm thrilled to pieces. I know the weather will get near unbearable, but Summer is so, so good here. We're ready for it!

Monday was a weird day. Peyton was working, so I couldn't go to the CPC. The kids slept late- until almost nine- which was SO nice. As I result, I actually got up and got going when they woke up. I kept getting distracted by things, though, so the morning didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped. I changed AP's sheets and we  all ate breakfast and then I got my bath and made up our bed. I started laundry and then started getting distracted. Graves had two potty accidents and I decided to start searching for bedding for the kids in NYC. It's something that's been on my list, but still. Five minutes turns into thirty and between that and the accidents an hour had passed. I did go through the kids dress up clothes basket and organize. I took out some too small things and hung up a few things in the kids' big closet, so now it's more hats and shoes rather than actual big costumes. Anyway, I showed Annie the bulletin board I made and we did calendar time. I attempted it in the same room as Busy Bud and that was a mistake. Poor guy, I don't blame him for wanting to be involved. But no. Never again. I realized their were still a couple of adjustments to make to the board so I did that while I was thinking about it. Anyway, we did her memory work and then they ate lunch. I got them down for naps, but it was late.
In lieu of reading together like we normally do for the first part of Graves's nap, I taught AP how to sew!

I got on the computer and did a few things. When I put Graves down I had been messing around and tapped his head and said "knock knock". He looked around and said "Mickey?? Here?!?". Sweet boy, I guess he had so much fun with his buddy last week when Mickey kept him solo for the first time. Needless to say, I called Mick and told him. He happened to be close to our house, so when he finished up what he was doing, he dropped by. I had to wake Graves up, but I think he was about to wake up anyway. Daddy stayed for like an hour and a half!

 Right after he left, Peyton got home. We picked up, had supper, did baths and put the kids to bed. We visited some and then I finished a post and he watched TV and we went to bed. I had a hard time sleeping for some reason.

Peyton was off and I slept a bit late on Tuesday and then we got a slow start. I did school stuff with AP after I got my bath and then we picked up toys and got ready and ran a couple of errands- the cell phone place and Kroger. We got home and put up groceries and fed the kids. We got them down for naps and ate our lunch and then I got on Twitter and read a few blogs. Peyton ran some more errands- we were hosting Ultreya that night and needed to set up (basically just get out some decorations and put out the silverware and napkins and such), so he did that and bought some tea for the meeting. He got home and I finished up and got myself and AP ready and then we woke up Graves.

I successfully convinced AP that Cinderella and Belle wore bubbles when they were four. 

After our discussion, she told me that Belle actually wore bubbles when she was five and six and that the dwarfs did, too...when they were two. 

 We headed to church. It went well and we cleaned up afterwards.
He was tired and clingy so I let him bring his Baa (paci) and Bot (robot) with him. 

The kids were hungry when we got home, so we fixed them supper and put them to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton and I talked and went to bed.

I got a real treat on Wednesday! Peyton had a meeting, but the kids slept late. Actually AP got up at 8:30 to go potty, but then she watched cartoons in our bed until Graves got up at, wait for it....almost ten. When I went in there he was just reading his books in his crib. I think he knows when his early riser BFF isn't here. Ha!

Anyway, by the time we all had breakfast and I had a bath it was like eleven.
I never leave him eating while I take my bath and dry my hair- I get scared he'll choke or find a way to unbuckle or something. Look, it's a weird anxiety quirk and I'm a freak. Anyway, two years in with Bud and I finally had the sense to do this.

Oh and you better believe I let him take his blanket and three lovies to his highchair. Because, dry cereal. Baby Bus has learned how to possum and he knows it's the cutest thing ever.

 I talked to my mom on the phone and folded laundry and the kids played. I did school stuff with AP and read to them both and then I started vacuuming and hands-and-knees scrubbing the kitchen and laundry room. I did the sunroom and Peyton got home. It was after two, but he had gone to Walker's for lunch with some other pharmacists and stopped by our friend Patrick's store to visit. I fed the kids lunch and vacuumed the rest of the house and then got them settled. Peyton and I talked and I ate lunch and then got on the computer. Peyton left after a bit to run errands and I got the kids up and ready and we all went to church for my moms' group. We had some more great discussion and I really think I'm going to enjoy the book we're doing. We got home and Peyton had cooked steaks for us. We ate and got the kids ready for bed. The toilet flooded right after we put Graves down and somehow Peyton dripped water from the plunger on AP. She fah-reaked out and told me she needed a bath and then refused a bath. It was after ten at this point and Peyton and I were both tired and frustrated. We ended up washing her hair in the sink and sending her to bed. We talked and I got on the computer and Peyton watched The West Wing.

Annie got up in the middle of the night SOAKING wet and sobbing about her stomach hurting. She was in so much pain, but I think it was just gas/being constipated. It was terrible, though. I sat her on the potty, snuggled her, gave her juice, gave her a supository. Ugh. Peyton had to work in Meridan the next day, so I wanted him to sleep. Graves woke up, but he put himself back to sleep quickly. We finally got back to sleep and thankfully the kids weren't up until a little before nine.

I was kind of experiencing some overwhelm Thursday morning, though. The plunger and stuff was still out in the kids' bathroom, AP's sheets needed changing and the kitchen was a disaster zone. I got moving and got a bath after Annie got up (Graves and I had been snuggling and having breakfast) and then I started laundry and dishes and picked up everywhere. I did the recycling and trash and cooked a ham for dinner that night and by about one o'clock we were ready to have lunch/clean up/do school for the morning. Ha! We did all that and I put them down. I ate my lunch and got on Twitter and started a blog post. I ended up taking a nice nap after that. When we got up, I started supper. We had a veggie dinner- green beans, butter beans, and we tried a new delicious recipe for brussel sprouts. Peyton got home and we all ate together and then bathed the kids and put them to bed. I read over some homeschool curriculum I had ordered  we chatted and then I got on the computer and wrote a post. I went to bed pretty late.

I got up and got ready to go to the CPC on Friday since I had missed it on Monday. It was super busy because one of the full time workers was out. I worked on inputting data and just helped with getting clients checked in. When I got home, I put fresh sheets on AP's bed, did dishes, and adjusted the straps in Graves's carseat. I fixed the kids lunch and we picked up and then we ran to two different CSpire locations. Peyton had dropped my phone off at one and I needed to pick up his new phone at another one. Unfortunately, his wasn't in, but we got mine and headed home. I put Graves down and Annie and I worked on memory work and calendar time. I got her settled and had much lunch and got on the computer. I read blogs, checked Twitter, uploaded pictures and finished a post. I sent a friend a Facebook message and ordered a phone cover. I read my Bible and then took a super short nap since Graves took an AMAZING one. When the kids got up, we got ready and headed over to my parents' house. We had a nice visit and got home pretty late. I put the kids to bed and got on the computer. Peyton and I visited when he got home.

The kids were up around their normal time on Saturday (sad since we were at Beans late, but what can you do?). Anyway, Peyton had to work and I lazed around while they played and then got going. I took a bath, went to the attic, got dressed and cleaned a toilet (I have to clean the kids' more often now that Graves is using it ;) and then I got them dressed. We went back to the cellphone place to get Peyton's new phone and get his contacts transferred  It took about forty five minutes and Graves was slightly wild.
"BudBud, if you have a pony tail holder and you can get a lot of hair, it will make a ponytail." Eventful Saturday for sure.

Her actually only ran behind the counter at the cell phone place twice while we had to wait for forty five minutes on Saturday. I know it's nothing to be super proud of, but seeing as how he broke two things at my house that morning, I'm gonna have to call it a success of sorts. 

"Okay, Bud, it's ready for you to knock it down". Y'all she is GOOD to him.

Anyway, we got home and I cooked some bacon and did dishes and then the kids ate lunch. I put them down and got on the computer and then took a short nap myself. When I woke up, I had a headache. Ugh. I folded some laundry while the kiddos played and then started getting ready. We were going out to eat with our Suppers of Eight group from church. Anyway, Peyton got home and then Claire got here to keep the kids. We left and met our friends at Georgia Blue. The foot was pretty good, but there was a long wait and the service wasn't great (although the manager ended up feeling bad for us and sending someone to Kroger to get beer for one of our friends). We got home and visited with Claire (her parents were in our group so that was neat). We put Annie to bed and I got on the computer and then worked on organizing some of the kids' stuff to go to the attic. I was up like every thirty minutes. I know it was because I took a Sudafed too late in the day. I told Peyton that it was sort of fun waking up so much because I'd just look at the clock and think "Wow! I've still got a lot longer to sleep" and snuggle up under the covers. I can go right back to sleep, so that's good. But every time I was up like half an hour later. And I was pretty on edge the next day.

Peyton had to work, but the kids and I went to Sunday school and church on Sunday. The pastor from Camp Wesley Pines came to speak about the camp and that was really interesting. After we got home, I attempted (for like forty five minutes) to take ONE good picture of the kids. It didn't happen.

I ended up getting irrationally frustrated. I know in twenty years, these will be some of my favorites, but I just wanted ONE good one. I didn't treat them with the kindness and gentleness I want to characterize my mothering and I ended up apologizing and snuggling them both. Thankfully, his mercies are new...after every nap. 

I fixed them lunch and then got them settled and ate my lunch.
Guess the monitor wasn't overkill afterall. 

I read blogs and got on Twitter and then I took another nap. When the kids got up, I folded laundry and then I started working on taking some of their stuff to the attic and cleaning up the study. Peyton got home and fed the kids dinner while I finished that. We ate some crab cakes he had bought at the grocery store and got Graves to bed . We did AP's nighttime stuff and put her down. I got on the computer and he watched TV.

Peyton's got some extra stuff going on but otherwise this week should be pretty slow, too!

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