Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday: In Between

{He didn't put a single blueberry in his cup and at one point he was pulling them of the bush with his teeth.}

Graves climbed out of his crib this afternoon. I had really hoped we'd make it to October when I was planning to get his big boy bed on a trip that put is within a one hour radius of an Ikea. And maybe we still will. I hope so. I hope so partly because I'm not sure what we'll do otherwise. But I hope so mainly because want to keep him in his baby bed a bit longer. I'm just not ready.

 He's lost all but one of his favorite pacis and I'm all but sure I'll be purchasing some Nuks at Target in the next couple of weeks. We're holding onto those for a bit, too.

It's just almost all the baby things are gone and when he decided without any prompting, save the encouragement of his sister, to be done with diapers, it really clicked that there's less baby and more little boy these days. He decided to start using the potty and start really talking probably within a week (he was, from what I understand, a decidedly early pottier and a decidedly late talker). That week grew him up so fast.

So I'm savoring it every time I change his crib sheets, every time I hoist him over the railing, and every time I pop that paci in his little bird mouth before I tuck him in. 

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven...
- a time to babble and a time to say words like "garbage truck"
- a time to wear diapers and a time to use the frog potty
- a time to put away pacis and a time to pop them in sweet two year old bird mouths 
- a time to insist on washing blueberries and a time to enjoy them in nature
- a time to remove the boundaries of slated walls and let him enjoy a big boy boy bed
- a time to exchange Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle Duck for coordinating brother-sister alphabet quilts
- a time to wipe away tears and a time to let them fall 

I know from that sweet sister girl, one day we'll wake up and and he won't be in between a baby and a little boy. He'll just be a little boy. I know I'll love Little Boy Graves just as much as I loved Baby Graves. But right now, wild and rowdy and unpredictable and silly as he is, I love In Between Graves. 

Five Minute Friday


Kodi said...

Beautiful words. I've been getting some external pressure to PT Deacon. I told Nathan just a few days ago that I'm glad he's maintaining some of his baby-ness much longer than Manning did because another baby isn't in our plans right now and this longer transition has been good for my heart. XO

Heidi Stone - Pebblechaser said...

What a sweet post. My boys are 13 and 15... They are between child and man.

Bless you! Popped over from Lisa Jo's @ Five Minute Friday. ~Heidi

Ceil said...

Hi Sarah! I'm here from FMF.

I loved the visuals you wrote, especially swinging your son over the railing of the crib. What Mom can't relate to that?

It is hard to love change sometimes, but you make it sounds easy :)

Peace in Christ,

Richelle @ Our Wright-ing Pad said...

i find these kids i've been gifted are always in a "between" place - 'cause they never stop growing and changing.

perhaps in between is just another way for becoming...

Mallory Pickering said...

Favorite ever.

Anonymous said...

I love the in-between too...I have a 20 month old who has just decided to potty train himself this week. Sigh. Your words caught so many of my feelings that I've been carrying around, unaware. I'm grateful that I got to stop by and hear from you. Visiting from FMF.