Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Minute Friday Prompt: Rhythm

I have this thing I do. I really think it's a gift the Lord has given me. Anyway, this thing...

I see something in my mind. A very detailed picture of some future memory. I'm calling it a memory even though it's in the future, because it's rarely anything big or exciting, anything that would qualify as an "event". I guess it's an experience. So, I see an experience.

And then a year or two later, the thing happens. I don't think I'm physic, obviously. Maybe subconsciously (and I admit sometimes a tiny bit consciously) I create the experience. Or maybe it's just something that's so likely to happen it makes sense that I daydream it and then it comes to fruition.

Whatever it is, it's a gift. Because it usually has an effect of calming me or helping me see the good.

It happened today.


I had written a post alluding to how scared I was over on the NYC blog and then today as we were driving home from Target I had a little daydream. In it, we were all in our tiny little apartment in Manhattan [we choose Manhattan! (in the dream)]. I was cooking soup on the stove and the children were playing. It was Fall, September actually and The Rising was playing.

Can't see nothin' in front of me
Can't see nothin' coming up behind
I make my way through this darkness
I can't feel nothing but this chain that binds me
Lost track of how far I've gone
How far I've gone, how high I've climbed
On my back's a sixty pound stone
On my shoulder a half mile line...
Left the house this morning
Bells ringing filled the air
Wearin' the cross of my calling
On wheels of fire I come rollin' down here
Come on up for the rising
Come on up, lay your hands in mine
Come on up for the rising
Come on up for the rising tonight

The song Bruce wrote for the city. OUR city in a few short months. A city whose hard history is not mine to claim. But whose lovely future just might be.

But more than that it's a song that, after I heard him tell about it, I realized he wrote for humanity. Not just for New York City first responders. But for tired, weary souls everywhere. A song telling them they were equipped to do the hard things. When I heard him talk about the song, I finally felt less absurd doing what I had been for years and claiming the lyrics as speaking to my own life. He said that the sixty pound stone is "your job...that which you must do" and that the half mile of line is "the tools you have to do it". When he described it that way, I felt a little less disingenuous interpreting the cross of my calling as the long and lovely days with little ones.


That beautiful image with the rhythm playing and the soup cooking in the teeny apartment will be a reality before I know it.

I'm thankful on days when I'm just making my way through the darkness and feel like chains of fear are forever binding me, God is gracious enough to give me sweet visions like the one I had today. Makes it a lot easier to make my way through the darkness.

Five Minute Friday


Jamie said...

What an amazing gift! A see-er of visions, a dreamer of dreams.

Blessings on your move that's coming up!

Stopping by from FMF.

Anna Rendell said...

So, so cool how music can speak to us!! Honestly, I think sometimes it's God's most direct vessel. At least it is for me =) Thanks for sharing a peek into your future memory - it sounds so cozy and lovely =)