Monday, June 3, 2013

June Happenings

I like the funkiness of the header and the funkiness of the background I picked. It seemed sort of "patchwork", but very geometrical. Anyway, it's kinda bold, but perfect for Summer. Pictures (which have already appearing in a Happenings post): 1. Annie built the tower and then told Graves "it's ready for you to knock it down". She is the sweetest. 2. Graves channeling Peyton with the hate; he told me he was going to "work". 3. Annie instructing Graves on how to make a ponytail. 4. She is GROWN. That is all. 5. He is, too. Since when does my baaaaaaby chase basketballs with the big boys? Quote: I picked it because of our anniversary this month. I think it's so true and that's so much of what marriage is about- letting someone fully see you and vice versa and the near miraculous thing that occurs when there is love in spite of it (or sometimes because of it) all. Another way I see the Spirit at work in our days.

Wow. The beginning of Summer has been so relaxed. I'm loving it. I've said it before, but I like a good "variety". I do get tense when our week is CRAMMED and I do get bored when we're at home for days and days. But in between those, I like it when things are varied. Some weeks we have a good bit on the calendar and (although I might be a little stressed but) it ends up being really fun. Some weeks we don't have very much at all and (although I think it might get boring) we really enjoy a relaxing week.

But this seems like it's about the least busy we've been since having two kids. I don't know that we've ever stayed home this much since Graves was born (I did it a good bit with AP....I think). Truthfully, I don't think I would have wanted to be at home with them this so much until now. I just needed adult interaction and I needed things to break up our days.

I think part of it is that during the school year, we've always had something. For the first few years we had Mother's Day Out and then last year Annie was in school and drop off and pick up effected our days. But I don't know about the Summers in between. Even they seemed more full. I think (at least for me) it's partly that even if we only had three or four extra things going on that feels like so much more with two little kids in tow.

We have been seeing my parents a good bit more. This is also a thing that goes in cycles and of course we're partly seeing them more because we have more free time. But if I'm honest with myself (which in this case I really don't want to be), I know it also has to do with the fact that we know the time for these impromptu visits will be drawing to a close soon. I think the reality that New York is actually going to happen has finally really set in with both of them and they're struggling pretty bad. Which is, of course, not easy for me to watch.

We don't have much, but there a few things on the calendar this month:

- Peyton is going to a pharmacy convention at the beach. We're still going back and forth, but I just don't think the kids and I would have fun with him gone so much (I am clearly not taking them on the beach by myself at this point).

- We're hosting our Suppers of Eight group from church. It should be fun and laid back. I think we'll cook a brisket.

- I've gotten a lot more consistent with AP's school stuff (it helps that we're at home more!), but one thing Peyton wanted to add is teaching her to swim this year. I'm sure some mornings they'll go to the pool by themselves, but I think Graves and I will enjoy the fun a good bit, too!

- This month we'll celebrate our FIVE year anniversary. We thought about taking a short trip or even staying overnight at the Fairview, the lovely inn where we spent our first married night. But we're getting our parents to help a good bit with the kids for several trips in the later Summer/early Fall and I just felt bad planning another (even small) one. I'll be more than content to dine at Walker's :)

Here were my goals last month:

1. Potty train Graves and night train Annie- Night training Annie is done and Graves is doing really well. I'm pretty hesitant to call it, though. I know these things can come and go like the tide. 

2. Continue with Summer Salad Challenge and make at least one salad weekly. Um, I think I've done weekly? A lot have been old favorites, but that's okay. We're actually having a big Mexican dinner salad tonight. I'm having fun with it! 

3. Completely change over the children's closets for Summer. Done. Thankfully. 

4. Adjust and evaluate our homeschool strategies and materials. Like I said, I feel like I've gotten in a groove and what we're doing is working. I found some new materials that I love and I feel like we're pretty much doing now what we'll be doing in NYC in the Spring, which was my goal. I'll probably ease off when she starts back going to school two days a week in the Fall, but this is working great for now. 

And here are this month's goals:

1. Change over MY closet. I don't really wear "clothes" every day (meaning I wear gym shorts and a t-shirt if we're home all day), so I've been making quick trips to the attic for things. But whatever I'm looking for is always hard to find and it's so HOT up there. I need to get on this because, you know, JUNE.

2. Spend time (daily?) reading actual books. This is hard for me. I've had to come to terms with the fact that it's not that I'm a non reader, but so much of my reading is done on this screen. If you read my Weekly Smorgasbord posts, you know. But while I've accepted it, I feel like there needs to be a place for paper literature in my days and I know I'll thank myself for it. My Amazon wishlist is OUT OF CONTROL and I have a shelf of books I want to read before I even think about ordering anything.

3. Catch up on budgeting. Wasn't this like two months ago? Seems like it rolls around every few. Needs to be done.

4. Start planning for the move. I don't even know what this looks like. I need to talk to Peyton. But I know there are things we should be doing. Making lists of things we want to take. Looking for a sleeper sofa that won't break the bank. Narrowing down our neighborhood search. Making a budget for that year. That kind of thing. I at least need to start.

That seems like an ambitious, but doable, list.

Here's to June- the month I celebrate the day Peyton and I pledged to be one another's forever, the day the Lord knitted our lives together once and for all. May it be a month where I continually thank God for such a blessing and may my days be full of finding ways to bless darling Peyton, who truly is the best companion for the ride

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Mallory Pickering said...

Love Elizabeth Gilbert and DEFINITELY relate to #2 on your goals list. I'm so excited to read all about your NYC adventures!