Friday, June 14, 2013

Letter to (Twenty Six Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves, 

You're going through a phase where there's a lot of fun stuff, but a good bit of hard stuff, too. I'll get the hard out of the way first. You're just into everything. This week alone you've managed to get yourself over the baby gate and you capitulated yourself off the dining room table that you're not allowed to get on. Today alone, you took off your diaper and did some "painting" in your crib and you started trying to climb the bookshelves. I realize it's all very normal, but it's tiring all the same and it's so different from Annie and from what I know. 

There's just a LOT of good, though. You say so many new words. You're learning how to tell us what you need/want a little better. For example, Annie and I will be doing her school stuff in another room and you'll say "lap" meaning "I want to come sit in your lap and watch". And you say things like "thirsty" that I know you never would've said even a month ago. You're even singing little songs..."Row Row Row...BOAT!" and "Twinkle Twinkle Star". You also love to do a little hopping dance where you say "hoppy hoppy froggy froggy". I love it. 

You're starting to look so much more grown up. I put you in shorts and a t-shirt (instead of a shortall) and you looked like a teenager, practically. I mean maybe not really, but for a split second it felt like it. 

Yours and Annie's relationship continues to grow. She is so sweet to you. She builds you towers just so you can knock them down and she tells you to come sit in her lap and she'll read you a story. She picks out books with babies on them and suggests we read them when you wake up from your nap because "You know Bud loves babies, Momma". She praises your every little accomplishment and works hard at teaching you new things. And you know. You can feel all that. And you adore her. 

I've got to tell you about your special relationship with Mickey. Now, he's always been a bit infatuated with you- he's the one who started calling you "Bud" because you're the little boy he never had. But recently the love has become obviously requited. He sort of gets the shaft for Min from you Annie a lot, so it's really neat to see you start to form a neat little relationship with him. You asked about him every time someone knocks on the front door (because a few weeks back, he kept you by yourself at our house and y'all had a blast). The other night he also went "bean for bean" with you in an effort to get you to eat your dinner. This is especially meaningful if you know how reserved, almost dignified, Mickey is and how he never would have done this with me or Cookie. And if you know how uncomfortable he gets about sharing food (he's pretty possessive and would rather order you your own batch of French fries than let you have one of his). It's going to be so hard taking you away from him in January. 

Speaking of Mick and Minnie, we had a scary incident at their house this month. You fell in the lake. You, of course, were fine. Mickey and Minnie both jumped in to get you :) But it was terrifying and anxiety inducing for me. 

I think it scared you a little, too, because a few weeks later at your first pool visit you told us "Fall. Scared." You got over your fears quickly, though, and loved our little swim. 

You're still super attached to your "baa" (paci) and "bot" (robot lovey) as well as a few blankets and stuffed animals. You just loved soft things. And pacis. Honestly, the paci thing is pretty hysterical because you're over you MAM preference and now just love the novelty of finding new ones from yours and Annie's early days when we tried everything. You found one of those that snap shut before they hit the floor- it has a bear on it- and it's your current fave. I'm going to be really sad when I have to take that thing away from you- it's the last "baby" thing left since you decided you wanted to be potty trained. By the way, that's a work in progress, but you're making good progress. 

I still love getting you out of bed to snuggle you at night. A lot of nights lately you've been restless and flailed about, but last night I got you and held you on the couch for over an hour. I cherish those nights. 

You sleep late when Papa has meetings or has to work in the morning. Because he's the fun one. I know. I'm okay with it. 

You have learned to play "possum" and you love to pretend to go to sleep. It's honestly the cutest thing ever. You squeeze your little eyes shut so tight and smile so big at the same time. 

When I need a bath in the morning I've started putting the video monitor on you when you're in your highchair. I'm just scared you'll choke (I know, we're past that) or more likely escape. Or I set it up while you play in the den. You're just into so much these days and I need to have my eyes on you as much as I can. 

You want so badly to do everything your sister's doing. This includes wearing "tails" (pig tails) in your hair. It's so funny to watch you imitate her. 

I love Annie's imagination and we're finally starting to see some of yours. The other day at the Mexican restuarant, you scooted your bowl and plate over and said "puppy". We asked you if it was Layla (Mickey and Minnie's dog and you told us no and then we asked if it was Louie (Cookie's dog) and you said yes. You kept talking to it, and kissing it, and petting it. It was so cute- you having an imaginary friend. Shortly after, Annie invented an imaginary kitty. 

You also said "Work!" the other day after grabbing a hat (like one of your papa's) and your play keys. 

You are so silly and goofy and so full of life. There are plenty of moments where it exhausts me and a few where it even exasperates me, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. You are so wonderful and so perfect for our family. We adore you, sweet boy. 

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your jon jon is a 12 mo. (Minnie moved the buttons and it still fits great.)

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