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Weekly Happenings #218 (May 27-June 2)-- A Memorable Memorial Day

We look old and tired. Our kids just look old. 

Monday was Memorial Day and Peyton had to work. I got up with the kids around eight and got my bath by 8:30 and then we just had a relaxing morning. We ate breakfast and I folded some laundry and made a to-do list. We did Annie's school stuff (memory work and calendar time) and then picked up toys. I read to both of the kids and looked through some homeschool resources I had ordered. I fixed them lunch and washed dishes and took out the compost.

Graves took an EPIC nap and Annie ended up falling asleep, too. I ate my lunch, texted with some friends, and then got on Facebook. I finished reading through the homeschool stuff and started planning the first week. I read my Bible and did my devotion. I uploaded pictures to Flikr and the blog and talked to Ellis and watched some of The West Wing. Whoa.

When they got up, we got ready to go to Mickey and Minnie's for dinner- my dad had grilled out and we were meeting Peyton. Not long after we got there, Graves ended up falling in the lake. I was pretty much fine the rest of the time and we had an enjoyable evening.
sweet soaked boy

He gave Sister a scare, too. She was hysterical worried about her BFF.

When we got home, though, I kind of fell apart. I went to Target and then helped Peyton get the kids to bed and then I got on the computer, but I was just so freaked out. I went to bed late, but thankfully I was able to sleep okay.

Tuesday started out pretty rough. I had a really hard morning to be honest. We got a slow start and then I took a bath. I did AP's school stuff with her and then we went outside for a long time. That seemed to help. We even had lunch out there. I talked to a guy from church about teaching Sunday school and read some in No More Perfect Moms.
upper body strength like whoa. 

We came in and got cleaned up and I got Graves settled. AP and I worked through some of the new curriculum I got and I cleaned up the kitchen and changed over laundry. I started dishes and got her settled and then I got on the computer and worked on a post. I checked Twitter and did a few other things and Graves was up. I guess he wanted to even it out since he had such a long nap the day before! We just played for a bit and then Peyton got home. We visited and I ran to the grocery store and then cooked dinner (tuna croquettes, butter beans, and macs and cheese- yum!). Peyton helped me get Graves down and then I cleaned up the kitchen while he bathed Annie and got her ready for bed. I finished up her bedtime routine and talked to Peyton and then got on the computer.
Context is everything. If your parents don't teach you about Santa and you've spent 95% of your days in a jonjon, it may stifle your BrainQuest potential. [Seriously, they struggled with these.]

Peyton and I chatted for a good long while and went to bed way too late.

Wednesday was much better because I kept myself BUSY. Peyton was home and I slept late and then got up and got ready. We both had several errands so we decided to divide and conquer- he took Graves and went shopping for some hiking stuff and AP and I went to CSpire (I was having issues with my NEW phone), the post office, and Walmart for a few groceries and craft things. I picked up Subway and we got home right after the boys.

Peyton and I ate and then the kids had lunch. He left for work and AP and I did calendar time and memory work while Graves played. Both the kids played and I started cleaning the bathrooms (took out the trash, emptied the tub of everything, and swept/scrubbed the floors). I changed over laundry and cleaned up the lunch dishes and then read to Graves and put him down. I told Annie a story while I finished the bathrooms (sink, tub, and toilet scrubbing plus Windexing mirrors) and then we did some more in the new curriculum again. I got on the computer for a bit- checked Twitter and started a post. The kids woke up and I fixed them an early supper and then we headed to church. We had a light crowd but SO much good discussion and ended up loosing track of the time. We got home late and I put the kids down. I had a bad headache and just laid down for a bit and then finished my post. I boiled some eggs and cleaned up the kitchen and started the dishwasher and then folded some laundry and straightened the house and went to bed.

Carrie was coming over with her kids on Thursday and I had a few things to do before they got here. I woke up a little after the kids at 8:30 and got my bath and then unloaded and loaded dishes. I made egg salad  and scrubbed the counters and then started laundry and did some quick sweeping and dusting in the living room. Peyton did Annie's calendar time with her and then the Howies got here. It was SO good to catch up and the kids had a blast. After they left, Annie and Graves and I picked up toys and then I put Graves down for his nap. I finished some dishes and then AP and I read and did her new curriculum. I got on the computer for a bit and started a post and uploaded pictures. I realized Annie was probably asleep because it was so quite and I checked on her. She'd only been asleep for a few minutes and it was really too late for a nap so I woke her up and let her watch some cartoons. Graves woke up shortly after that and I started working on dinner and prepping a couple of little activities for them.

We made necklaces and Annie arranged cards that had my phone number on them to help her memorize it.
Slow and Steady for the exhausted-it's wet outside-just trying to make it to early bedtimes win. (Necklace making with yarn, pieces of cardstock, and pipe cleaners.) And yep, she's totally wearing my dress.

My quiche I was making finished cooking and we all ate and then I read to Graves and got him to bed. I did AP's night time routine and talked to Ellis and then put her down and did some dishes and picked up a bit. I got on the computer until Peyton got home.

Peyton had the day off on Friday. I slept in and then took my bath and got ready for the day. We just had a nice morning at home- I did dishes and laundry and then Peyton left to get a haircut and I cooked this quinoa with pinenuts to go with lunches.
Graves put on his hat, grabbed his keys and said "work". He's watching his papa closely and I couldn't be more thankful.

He got home and we all ate and then he and Annie did her calendar time. We all went outside for a bit and tried out his new hamock and when we came in he got Graves down for a nap and I did memory work with Ann Peyton.
wearin' our beach attire because it was that hot

 The many faces of Bud!


He took over and read with her and I ran to the gas station to get a coke to go with my lunch. We ate and then I got on the computer for a few minutes. Annie had a little stuffie picnic in the den.

Graves woke up pretty soon after that and we all picked up toys and then they headed to my parents' house for beans and I vacuumed my car!

Not allowed on the pier without it, BudBud!

After that I headed to the library because I needed to copy some things and get a few books. It was closed early because it was Friday, though. I ran to Target to get a birthday present and I picked up a few rompers for next year for AP. After that I went on to Mickey and Minnie's. The kids and Peyton were just eating, so I joined them.

Peyton relaxed in his hammock while Min and I bathed both the kids. They both fell asleep on the way home. Peyton and I talked for a good while and then he watched TV and I read blogs until bedtime.

Peyton and I both got up on Saturday and had a pretty relaxing morning. I got my bathing suit out the attic and he left to go hiking at ten. I had to make another attic trip for flip flops and I then I got my bath. The kids played while I organized some toys and book in their room and then I started some laundry. We picked up then they had an early lunch and I put Graves down. He surprised me by going to sleep really quickly even though it was early for him to go down. I really only had an hour for naptime and by the time Annie and I had wrapped the present and I had eaten lunch and checked my email it was time for me to finish getting ready.

We got ready and I put Graves in the car basically still asleep. By the time I dropped him off Annie was asleep, too. She had a nice nap, too, on the way to the party. We got there and Annie had the best time. I had fun visiting with some friends, too.
[She thinks she's so grown with her towel like this.]

After the party, we headed back to pick up Graves by way of our house (I wanted to get the kids some pjs because I thought we might drop by my parents and be home close to bedtime). Peyton was back from his hike when we got there, which surprised me. He took Graves home and Annie and DeeDee read one more book and then we headed home. We fed and bathed the kids and got them down. I got on the computer and worked on my Sunday school lesson.

On Sunday we all got up and got ready. I taught Sunday school and it was our associate pastor, Daniel's, last Sunday. He preached a great sermon and sang and played guitar. There was a video montage and a "service of farewell" where he symbolically gave items of worship back to us- the communion chalice, the baptismal pitcher, ect. That's what really got me because I thought about him baptizing Graves. It was just too much and I cried a little. Um, a lot.

We came home and ate lunch and I got the kids settled and Peyton went back to church for a recption honoring Daniel. I got on the computer and took a little nap. When Peyton got home and the kids got up, we headed over to my parents'. We had leftovers and enjoyed the company.
Annie riding in the kayak for the first time. 

And Graves channeling his inner dork. 

The kids fell asleep on the way home and I finished my blog design and got on Twitter. Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

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