Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekly Happenings #219 (June 3-9)-- Family Time

We had so much just relaxed low key family time this past weekend. It was perfect. The week was great. But the weekend was WONDERFUL.

I didn't go to the CPC on Monday because Peyton was working the morning shift. I had been up late and the kids slept until NINE FORTY FIVE. Actually, Annie got in our bed and woke up around nine, but just rested until 9:30 and then looked at books until Graves got up fifteen minutes later. They played in their room a bit and I started toasting some bread and emptied the top shelf of the dishwasher. I put Graves in underwear and we did AP's calendar time and then headed outside. We did her memory work out there and while it took her a little longer to get focused, it worked well because we could practice more since I didn't have to leave Bud to play by himself in another room (it's just too hard to do it in the room with him, she wants to play, but he's like a ticking time bomb because he hates not be around his people). Anyway, when we finished I read her little Five In a Row book for the week to myself and grated some soap for detergent.

We came in (after almost two hours!!!) and I pretty much gave them sponge baths. I got them water and folded some sheets and towels and then I took a shower (not a bath- stop the world!) and got ready. This is so not my typical routine- but it worked that day. I fixed them lunch and finished dishes and then put Graves down. Annie and I read Lentil and talked about where Ohio is. I had a map puzzle I bought ages ago at the dollar store and I gave it to her and we worked it together. It was hard, but she did really well! I ate my lunch and checked Twitter and read blogs and then read my Bible. I looked for a calendar time thing because I realized after seeing one on a friends' blog that taking our big cork board to NYC would be so silly. I started a post and the kids got up.

They played and I folded a huge load of laundry (actually, multiple loads) and then Peyton got home. I started supper and we ate taco salads with chicken instead of beef. Peyton helped me bath the kids and get them to bed and I picked up toys and cleaned up the kitchen.

Peyton and I talked and then he left for a movie and I read blogs and finished my post. I realized I had misspelled a word in my header so I fixed that. I did some planning for homeschooling for the week and went to bed shortly after Peyton got home.

I slept about thirty minutes later than the kids and Peyton on Tuesday. I got up, took my bath, and talked to Darlene about a wedding shower we're giving together.

Annie was playing quietly in her room after she woke up. I just found what she was doing- she put pj tops on all her bears and tucked them in under the crib duvet.

Then I got ready and ran to the library. I knew I wanted to go alone and it was good that I did because between making a bunch of copies, getting a little too excited over kid books, and a long check out, it took about an hour. When I got home, Peyton got ready to leave and I started laundry and folded towels, sheets, and diapers.
He wears his shortalls shorter than most. I just cannot STAND when his clothes look like they're wearing him. Years of disappointments when nothing in the Women's section looks right on you will do that to a person ;) Also: Peyton said for the very first time the other day "I wonder how he'll feel about his stature". Praying it won't ever be a hard thing. Best loved point guard, perhaps?

 I talked to Ellis and we picked up toys and I fixed the kids lunch. Someone called from the CPC to ask if I could come in Wednesday instead of Thursday and then Annie and I worked on her calendar time and memory work.
Her rationales behind the mood-o-meter are one of the best parts of MY day- "Today Bud was trying to take the (plastic) doggie from me". [She was Mr. Strong.]

I didn't anticipate character development being this rough, but that's exactly how I felt when I disappointed Mickey and Minnie. Gah, she feels things deeply. Peyton jokes at least once a week about taking teenage Bud on the Appalachian Trail and leaving teenage Annie and me to ourselves with our emotions. Not on your life, Dude.

I got Graves down and we read and discussed Lentil and then I got on the computer for a bit. It was a rough naptime- Graves did fine but AP seemed really needy. I finally told her to not call me again PERIOD and she GOT HER HEAD STUCK under her armoire. OMG.

Right after she got settled, Graves woke up. Ordinarily since he had napped for two hours, I'd just get him up, but I was frazzled. Thankfully, he played in his crib for about half an hour happily and I just laid down to decompress. When they got up, I talked to my mom and then we worked the big, elaborate states puzzle. It was an extra challenge doing it with Bud :) We also played a fun little game of "name the body part" and then I read to them both. I unloaded dishes and then we had supper outside.

We came in and I put fresh sheets on AP's bed and did Grave's story and such. I did her nighttime routine and put her down and did a little more laundry and dishes. I got on the computer and wrote a post and put pictures on Facebook and visited with Peyton when he got home.

I got up and got ready because I was going to volunteer on Wednesday since I wasn't able to go on Monday. I left everyone still asleep :) When I got home, I talked to Peyton and packed his lunch and put up the groceries he and the kids had bought. He started calendar time with AP and then left for work. I did laundry and dishes and the compost and recycling and then we picked up toys and I put Graves down. Annie and I read and discussed the book and did a puzzle. She wanted a snack and I figured it was going to be another rough rest time. She settled, though, and I uploaded pictures and then read my Bible and devotion and a little bit in No More Perfect Moms. I had such a bad weather headache, though.

This woman makes me laugh so (Minnie trying to appeal to my desire for athletic children (wait what?) in order to convince me I NEED a wicker basket she found at a thrift store.

I ate a snack and then got the kids up and got them dressed. They ate a snack and I took AP's picture with Pigga. We left for church.

Our group went way over and was just so good.

I put Graves right to bed and did a few things with Annie and got her to bed, too. I got on the computer and when Peyton got home we talked and ate supper. I organized the homeschool drawer in the kitchen (random right?) and went to bed late.

We had a good day at home on Thursday. It was a nice relaxing morning I got up with the kids and got my bath and then Peyton and I chatted while the kids watched Busytown and played. We listened to a Planet Money podcast (not my fave, but not awful either) and I just laid on the couch in the sunroom for a bit because it felt so nice. I talked to Morgan on the phone and texted a couple of other friends about different things and talked to Peyton. I fixed lunch for AP and for Peyton to take to work and he and Graves took a bath. Annie and I did calendar time and memory work and Graves ate and then I read Pete the Cat to them and bathed AP (and cleaned our vanity and made our bed) while Graves played. I French braided her hair (it's been awhile since I've practiced!) after I put Graves down and we read Lentil and did our activities which included making a list, watching a YouTube video, and playing harmonica :)
I throw away nearly all the scribbles and probably 90% of the cute crafts, but I will keep this list forever.

I messaged a friend on Facebook and read a few blogs. I read my Bible again and a few pages in Fresh Power and my devotion. I emailed our Sunday school class and got on Twitter and then the kids got up. They played and I worked on prepping a Slow and Steady activity. Annie worked on it and Graves colored and then she traced some. I cleaned up some piles of papers and things and then folded two big loads of laundry. I read a library book to the kids and we cleaned up and then it was supper time. I put them both to bed early after their nighttime routines. I got on the computer and literally spent hours trying to make these dumb collages for AP's letter. It was frustrating in itself but then I was just so annoyed at all the time I wasted. Peyton got home and I put up laundry and went to bed.

We got up around eight on Friday and just played with the kids. I took my bath at nine and then got busy doing dishes and vacuuming. I vacuumed the kitchen and sunroom and mopped in there and then I vacuumed the den, bedrooms and study. I ran to the grocery store to get something for an activity and Peyton left for work. I set up the activity and the kids played. They had lunch and I talked to Peyton's sister on the phone and did dishes. I put Graves down and Annie and I read Lentil and did the activity.

When you're four you get to call this "science". 

Kids are weird. 

I got Annie settled and got on Twitter and uploaded pictures. I ate my lunch, read my Bible, and just rested. They got up and we headed to my parents after we picked up toys.
A REAL romper (not a bubble). Baby steps. 

He needs a brother. And a haircut. 

 We had a great time with M&M.
Mick went bean for bean tonight with Graves in an effort to get him to eat his supper. This is especially meaningful if you know how reserved, almost dignified, Mickey is and how he never would have done this with me or Cookie. And if you know how uncomfortable he gets about sharing food (he's pretty possessive and would rather order you your own batch of French fries than let you have one of his). It's going to be REALLY hard for me to take "his" Bud away from him in six months. 

We got home and I put them right to bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home. 

We had SUCH a great relaxing weekend. We had talked about picking blackberries with Peyton's sister and her family on Saturday morning, but the kids slept in and we all got moving pretty late. I had gotten up with the kids and when Peyton woke up I snoozed for thirty more minutes. We ended up deciding to go swimming and after we had breakfast and got ready we left for the pool. We didn't stay a super long time- we swam and the kids really enjoyed it and then we had lunch and came home.

Peyton put Graves down and then he and Annie started working on an "apple doll" we were making. I had peeled the apple and I headed to Kroger to get lemon juice to soak it in. We got her settled and I got on the computer and just relaxed. When the kids got up, I took a bath and got ready and then helped the kids pick up. We were taking them to my parents and going on a date for our five year anniversary(!!!).

We dropped the children off and headed to Walker's.

I do not go to Walker's without getting a Wedge. My favorite salad ever and the one that initiated my love affair with blue cheese. 

 It was delicious and we had a fun time. We got Peyton a dip cone from Dairy Queen on the way home :) We bathed both kids at my parents' so we wouldn't have to the next morning and then came home.
I forgot the kids' jams so AP was breaking it down Tri Delta style. 

 I straightened the house, started dishes and laundry and "unpacked" the stuff from my parents' house. I got on the computer for a bit and went to bed.

I hit my alarm and we got up late on Sunday. We were going to church with the Howies that day (simply because we've had so many conversations about theology/church/ect. and Peyton loves visiting different churches and seeing how our friends in different traditions worship and we thought it would be neat). We got there super early, actually. We went in and got Graves settled and found a spot and then the Howies joined us. The sermon was really good and worship was slightly more formal than at our church, but really not very different at all (we both say creeds, recite the Lord's prayer each week, have a certain order to worship, ect....it's a pretty liturgical style, which I like and Peyton LOVES). Anyway, after than we headed to Sunday school with them and heard a presentation from some folks who had been on a mission trip recently. We stayed around a visited a bit with Carrie and David and Carrie's parents and then we came home by way of Fernando's- my favorite Mexican place. We had talked about going to serve with Why Not Now? (the homeless ministry our Sunday school class has gotten involved with), but we didn't have extra clothes and were kind of late and hadn't packed snacks for the kids or anything. Anyway, we got home and settled the kids and just relaxed. I got on the computer and Peyton and I talked and I texted with Carrie a bit. After the kids woke up, it started pouring and they hung out in the sunroom and watched the rain. Peyton and I cleaned up- I went through piles, unloaded and loaded dishes, organized, and did the composting/recycling/trash. We got the kids settled and I worked on more piles in the study and then got on the compute and read blogs and uploaded pictures off the camera. I glanced at the curriculum for homeschooling the next week and went to bed.

This week is going to be slightly busier, but I think fun.

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