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Weekly Happenings #220 (June 10-16)-- Holding Down the Fort

We forgot to take our weekly picture and I was beside myself when I remembed right after Peyton left. Here's the best we could do.

[FaceTime with Papa if you can't tell.]

Woah. The end of last week and the beginning of this week were days I've been dreading. Peyton had a pharmacy convention at the beach and we had decided not to go. It was best for a lot of reasons. Honestly, the beach is just hard with little ones to me. Last year, even with THREE helpers (my parents and Cookie) it was hard. Hard, but worth it. This year I was going to have no help and then we got to thinking about how much time Peyton would need to spend doing pharmacy stuff and it just made no sense for us to go. Plus, Peyton committed to using most of his free time to study for his law test so he can be certified in NYC. That worked out well because it's nice he won't have to study as much here.

Anyway, I cried so hard on Saturday and told Peyton maybe I should just pack us all and we should go. Like at the last minute. I'm really glad we didn't. I have definitely missed Peyton a lot.  But honestly, the days went by pretty fast and I got some things I needed to get done finished.

But onto the week's happenings....

Peyton was working Monday morning, so I didn't really have time to go to the CPC. He wasn't working until ten and it was at the Walgreens near our house, not his regular store (which is thirty minutes away), so he did have time to make a grocery store trip. I had made a list and when the kids got up, he got ready and left. I was shocked they were up at 7:30 since they both got to bed so late and Graves was unusually snuggly. I kind of baited him- I told him he could only have his paci if he was resting, and of course being tired and wanting his "baa", he was happy to lay down on the sofa with me. If almost an hour (on and off) of that, I took my bath. Peyton got home and got ready for work and when I was finished getting ready, I put up groceries and fixed the kids' breakfast. Peyton left and I started laundry and unloaded dishes.
No Graves, this is not a "chair". This is a tiny plastic box atop my dining room table (one of the very few pieces of furniture  I- for your safety- restrict your climbing on). After this, I guess he decided it was a launch pad, because he catapulted himself off it. 

AP brought me a magazine and asked me to cut out this picture probably so she can carry it around, sentimentally attach to it, bond with the ballerina, and create elaborate stories about her. They are SO different and I'm SO thankful for the privilege to be a momma to both of them.

 I started cooking some chicken and did AP's calendar time and memory work. Poor Graves was NOT happy to play in the other room and I told him he could only come in the kitchen with us if he sat very quietly on my lap. He didn't do great, but better than he would most days probably. We went back and forth between this and me putting him back in the den when he'd try to get up and be loud. UGH. Annie finally did her catechism to my satisfaction and then I shredded the chicken and rinsed and tore up lettuce for a salad that we were bringing to the Roberts' that night (they just moved). I needed a few things that I had forgotten to get Peyton to get, so we loaded up and headed to the Kroger. Of course, at this point the kids were REALLY tired *and* hungry. Perfect timing. The trip was really fast, though, and they did well, considering. I fixed them lunch when we got home and got to work on a dessert.
Creepy looking "apple doll" in the back of the Buick (based on a book we read). People who saw this probably thought I was sick. 

The dessert calls for pudding and I didn't have instant, so I boiled the milk and all that. I read to both kids and Graves nearly drove me up the wall. I sort of felt bad when I was rocking him, because I know I lost my patience with him a few times that morning. I put him down and cut up strawberries and put together the dessert and then read AP Madeline (our Five in a Row book this week) and got her settled. I got on the computer and had my lunch and read my devotional and Fresh Power. I put together the salad and cooked corn and beans to add to it. Peyton got home and the kids got up and I cooked some refried beans and rice and we got ready and headed to Haydn and Morgan's.
While I was cooking, I found them doing this. Graves had just had a hard day and they'd been at each other. I heard her say "You did so good, Bud. You found TWO ghosts!". 

Annie and I were twinks in our rompers. So dorky, but I loved it. 

We had such a fun time visiting and I was able to help Morgan unpack some. It was so nice to catch up! We dropped the recycling off on the way home and transferred both kids to bed. I got on the computer a bit and went to bed.

I woke up on Tuesday with a bad headache. I was going to the CPC that day and I finally dragged myself out of bed. It got a little better while I was there. I mostly input new files. I ran by Kroger on the way home and I just had a meltdown when I got there. Peyton had taken the kids to meet some friends at the splash park (I was so glad for him to) but the house was an epic disaster and none of AP's school stuff had been done. I realized I've probably gotten to compulsive about it and some other things built up and I had a good cry. Peyton left and I bathed both kids and started laundry. Annie had her second lunch and I loaded dishes. We did her memory work and Graves climbed over the gate. Ugh. I got him down for his nap, we read Madeline and discussed and then I ate my lunch and got on the computer. I ended up getting in bed and taking a nap and that made me feel better. When the kids got up, I worked on AP's memory work binder. I was trying to make some sheets with letters written on them the "proper" way and I got frustrated. I folded some laundry and Carrie dropped by to get Jude's shoes that had gotten left here. I fed the kids, unloaded and loaded dishes and then got Graves to bed. Annie and I did her nighttime routine and I put her down.
Outfit of the Night: Hotty Toddy t-shirt, my ballet skirt from when I was in Kindergarten, and a bag pancake mix cam in with a Casper the Friendly Ghost Beanie Baby that belonged to Cookie ages ago. 

 I laminated a bunch of stuff for her memory work binder and got on the computer. I prayed for Will and planned out the rest of the week, school wise. I also called my mom and got in a fight with her about our wedding pictures that I couldn't find. I talked to Peyton and my mom called back and we made up.

Peyton had a meeting on Wednesday morning and I got up with Graves and snuggled and played with him and fixed him breakfast. I called our wedding photographer, Bill Jackson about our misplaced disk of wedding pictures. Annie woke up really late. Once she woke up, we all got ready quickly and hustled to do her memory work and then we headed to Minnie's. My parents were going out of town for the weekend, so we needed to get a visit in :) We ate snacks/lunch and visited and then came home for naps. Peyton was there and he helped me get Graves down. AP kind of skipped her rest time and watched Peyton mow and picked blueberries in the yard after her read Madeline with her. I wrote a post and got on Twitter and then read No More Perfect Moms. Peyton left to kayak and we had snacks and got ready for my mom's group. The group was great and lasted a long time again. We got home and Peyton had cooked fish. Dinner was good, but kind of a nightmare. Graves was exhausted and I was messing with my phone and it was just chaotic.

We got Graves to bed and then Peyton did Annie's nighttime routine with her while I cleaned up the kitchen. She took forever to get to sleep and we were both kind of at our wit's end.
The ladies in the nursery had a PARTY- they took the kids outside, made lemonade and painted the little girls' toenails. Guess who they couldn't say no to? [I put on his old man jams to even it out.]

She finally went to sleep and Peyton watched TV and I got on the computer. Peyton and I got in a fight and I snuggled with a sleeping Graves on the couch for an hour. Peyton and I made up and went to bed late.

Thankfully, both kids slept late because Peyton was working in Ellisville on Thursday. When I got up, I realized Graves had smeared the contents of his diaper all over his crib, AP had teeteed in the bed, and the toilet was clogged. Within an hour, I had bathed Graves, plunged the toilet, changed both their bed and started laundry. Bill Jackson called about our wedding pictures and when I told him I might not make it to pick them up he offered to drop them by our house that afternoon. I told him that was too kind and we agreed to meet at a gas station between his and our house. My mom called and as soon as I heard her voice I teared up. She told me they were actually coming back from Nashville on Monday, not Sunday. That didn't help.

I took the kids outside and made us toast and things got better...for a bit. The kids played and I folded some towels and cleaned the kitty door. It was DISGUSTING and I had to scrape of the sticky gunk with a knife and I had a hard time getting it off with of my hands afterward. I think it was just dirt and cat hair. Ugh. I read a bit in Fresh Power and when we came in I immediately bathed both kids (round two for Graves).
Taking a "nap" in their "castle". 

Graves started getting things OUT of the silver chest that I had put up because he kept grabbing them off the top of it. I took my bath and when I came back in the room he was trying to climb up the bookshelves to turn off the TV. They're not secured, so it worried me a bit and I called Peyton about it. He kept saying "Yipper OFF" ("Kipper off") because he hates when AP gets immersed in a program. Anyway, I started playing with him with a little wooden bear that you dress up and Annie immediately said she wanted to play with "Moody Bear" (he has different faces that show different emotions). As soon as I turned off the TV, Bud started saying "Yipper ON". Goodness.

I took Annie in the kitchen to do her memory work and Graves freaked out and kept saying "lap" because he wanted to come do it with us. I set him up with a new toy from my mom and AP got upset because she, of course, wanted to play with the new toy. I told her that if she finished quickly she could play before lunch. She didn't, I wouldn't let her, and there was a huge meltdown. The kids ate lunch and then Annie said her catechism perfectly. I got Graves settled and read Madeline with Annie. I put her down and ate my lunch and got on the computer. I wrote a post, checked Twitter, and talked to my mom again.
For the past several weeks, in the middle of rest time and without fail, AP has been asking for a cup of milk, just ONE banana, and a small cup of shredded Parm. I oblige her, because honestly, for a kid who NEVER naps, she does a pretty good job of playing independently for two hours. That day the clear cups I usually put the Parmesan in were in a dirty dishwasher and knowing it would stress her immeasurably, I gently explained they were not clean. "Oh, ok...(seeing the yellow one) THAT'S A GREAT CHEESE CUP!".

I got ready and got the kids ready to go meet Bill at the gas station to get the pictures. Annie was upset about something else and I managed to lock my car keys, house keys, phone, and GRAVES in the car. I knocked on our neighbor's door in tears. He's this tough guy that has the worst sailor's mouth, but I ADORE him. He's just really nice and so helpful and he told us shortly after Annie was born that people in our neighborhood really "look out for each other". He sure does. Anyway, we tried to get AP to go in the kitty door and unlock the front door but she couldn't. We did get her to open a window with Prentiss's help, but then I couldn't even find my spare car key. I was freaking, but he was already working on the car with a coat hanger. Graves was in there about ten minutes, but it was so scary. I brought the kids in, called Bill, and then called my mom and Peyton. I had a bit of a breakdown. The kids played and I cooked butter beans and poppyseed chicken. I took Graves's picture with Pigga, we read a book, and then cleaned up and ate supper, which I nearly burned.

I was working on making more pudding and the milk boiled over while I was talking to Peyton on the phone and unloading dishes. The kids finished and I did their nightime routines. They both got to bed pretty late. I got on the computer and Peyton got home.

We all got up on Friday and headed over to Morgan's to help her unpack some more. Peyton had planned to stay home with Graves since he had been up so late and I was going to take AP to play with the girls. But Graves woke up and wanted to go, so we all hustled and got ready. Peyton watched the kids and I helped Morgan put up her crystal and china while we visited. We left around eleven to drop Peyton off at home so he could get to work and then the kids and I met Morgan and the girls at CFA for lunch. We had a fun time but a few little boys started chasing AP and calling her a "bad guy". She got upset and I helped her tell the boys she didn't like to be called a bad guy and that they were scaring her. It's really important to me that she tell them, because I know I won't always be there. After that, we ran by Target for a few things and then came home for naps. I put Graves down and read Madeline to AP. After I got her settled, I got on the computer and finished Graves's letter and then took a short nap myself. Ellis called and then some Morman missionaries rang the doorbell. The kids got up and I folded some laundry and then we picked up and I fixed them dinner.
I got my days mixed up and Peyton and I both thought our anniversary was two earlier. We do this in some form every year. Last year we were on the beach and I didn't remember until my MIL texted me. The second year we were married (I think) we only remembered because Peyton's (at the time) seventy something year old Granny sent us a card. I was SO proud of both of us this year. Peyton: "I'm just thankful we're equally bad at this". In the interest of full disclosure: I totally told someone I was twenty nine this week. I'm twenty eight. Maybe I need to spend more time on "calendar time".

They ate outside while I folded laundry in the laundry room. We came in and I did both their nightime routines and got them to bed. I got on the computer and ate supper and talked to my mom until Peyton got home.
[Annie explaining why she's not going to beans: "Minnie's at Nashville...seeing her little girl named Cookie."]

We visited and I made a strawberry dessert and loaded dishes. I folded some of Peyton's shirts and boxers and then we got down boxes of my Summer clothes from the attic and he plunged a toilet. This was all around midnight. We watched TV and he made me a little drink for fun. I fell asleep and woke up a bit later with my head "swimming". We chatted and I felt like I was going to be sick. I was also supper emotional about Peyton leaving and a little "toasty". I fell asleep fast.

Luckily, the kids weren't up until eight thirty and I felt much better, just tired on Saturday. They ate breakfast and played and I laid on the couch and let Peyton sleep. When he got up, I had breakfast and got my bath. We talked and he got ready to leave and I started laundry. Peyton left and I fed the kids lunch and started dishes. I put them down and Annie and I played a Madeline board game she had gotten for her birthday. She likes to set up the pieces a good bit, but I've never actually showed her how to play and since we'd been reading the book all week, I thought it would be fun. I got her settled and ate my lunch and got on the computer and then  I folded some clothes and took a short nap. The kids got up and we Facetimed with Minnie and Cookie and then I put up the clothes. We picked up toys and then went to Target to make a return and get "church underwear" (white underwear) for Graves.
Apparently, if Baby Graves has his baa and a big plush giraffe from his sister's newborn days, he does much better at Target. And his momma ain't too proud to let him take it all.

These things are like the size of my underwear. Actually, they're "taller". But they only had a 3T at Target and Graves clearly couldn't wear his Batman ones under his white bubble. He'll probably be wearing this same "church underwear" (as AP says) until he's five.

We went by the grocery store and then came home for supper and baths. I put the kids to bed and the both went to sleep pretty quickly.
Well, that's one way to clean up your room. Reminds me of Minnie's Christmas Village, except instead of Norman Rockwell-esque houses and fake snow, it's Little Peopke and their vehicles.

 I ate and got on the computer and then put fresh sheets on our bed and started working on my closet changeover (I got all my Summer dresses hung up).  I turned on the TV and went to sleep.

Sunday was a good day. I set an alarm and actually got up before the kids. Well, Bud was stirring, but I got in and out of the bath by the time he was ready to get out of bed. I set him up with breakfast and finished getting ready for church. I got the kids ready by myself and we headed out (after I fixed the baby gate which somehow nearly fell apart).
Sweet girl

I love the juxtaposition of the starchy white bubble and the knee scrape. 

I dropped AP off and then Graves and went to Sunday school and then the late service. Church was SO good- our old pastor, who now pastors The Pointe, our church's church plant, preached. Jim is also the pastor who married us and he's just a really special guy. It was a wonderful sermon called "Burn the Plow" about how Elisha burned up his plow which was not something inherently evil (e.g. a coke habit, according to Jim), but something that was good in favor of God's BEST. It was just a beautiful and compelling sermon. After church we came home and I got the kids fed and settled and AP and I Facetimed with Peyton so she could show him the card she made him.
Annie came in wearing my dress and shoes and Bud started giggling. She said "I think he's trying to say 'who's that woman?' I'm not a woman, Bud, I'm just Annie."

 I got on the computer, ate my lunch and took a little nap.
sweaty, sleepy wittle farmer boy

 Then Annie and I worked on my closet (hanging up Summer shirts and boxing sweaters). Graves got up and the kids spent the rest of the afternoon playing so sweetly in their room.

He crawled in and said "bath tub".

Then it was a "bed". 

I sat in there and folded laundry and played, too. We had supper and I got them to bed after we cleaned everything up. I got on the computer and talked to my mom and Peyton and went to bed.

Whew! Like I said, it wasn't near as bad as I was dreading. But it's nice for Peyton to be home. We have a busy rest of the week this week, but it's full of fun stuff so that's good!

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