Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Season of Rest: Lovely Lazy Summer Days

I've said so much lately about how I'm loving the general pace of this Summer and I wanted to document it a little more. My Weekly Happenings Posts are pretty (absurdly) detailed, but I wanted something I could look back on and observe the general feeling of our days. It's been such a special time for me, for some reason, and I want to remember it always. Truthfully, this Summer has contained some of the best days of my life. I just need to try to put it in writing. [Plus I had these pictures I wanted to post and it was too much for a WH post, but I'm largely just kind of over "picture posts" and I'd rather share them as parts of the story they represent.]

[Sidenote: I think it goes without saying, but I'm excited for a different sort of season that lies ahead. I've said before that I love it when we have months of calm and then months that are more, well, exciting. November of last year was one of the most hectic, physically and emotionally taxing months of my life. But so many moments were filled with indescribable joy. I hope I did a good job of writing that well, too.]

Also, I'd be remiss not to mention that when I say our days are "lazy", I only use it because I couldn't find a better word. They've been far from purposeful-less and in many ways, I've been more intentional about mothering, educating, and caring for our home than I ever have been. But there's also a relaxing state of being that's taking place. I'd like to think of this Summer as an extended Sabbath. I've come to view the term not only as pointing to Sunday mornings, but as general periods the Lord graciously gives us (commands us!) for respite and reflection....

We've been taking a lot more time for school stuff and that's been to everyone's betterment and delight.

Annie spends a lot of her days playing pretend and discussing things with various dolls and animals (in this case, "Rose").

And she spends a great deal of her days this way, her smile a little upside down rainbow after the tears. I try hard to remember, than it her context, the only world she knows, being four isn't always very easy.

Not very easy at all....

Her brother spends of a lot of his days climbing Mount Everest, uh, scaling the couch. 

And then they sort of meet in the middle- him atop his mountain and her still in the midst of some imaginary day that's altogether different from the real one we're having. He stops climbing for a tiny bit and joins in, playing a part in her story, upon gracious invitation. Some days we are at the beach, or the zoo, and many times New York City.

Alot of mornings, we visit the pool my parents belong to. Annie is timid and tentative, mostly. She's just a very cautious child. It's a relief in so many ways that one of them is, but sometimes it tugs my heart a little. Graves is the exact opposite and sometimes it feels like he stops my heart a little. He discovered the joy of going under (not like blowing bubbles or batting his eyelashes in the water- like immersing his entire head and coming up gasping and giggling). It's hysterical and mind blowing, since we spend a good deal of "lesson time" coaxing Annie to blow bubbles and bat eyelashes. 

In the afternoons, after naps, we go outside and enjoy the "watching the day go" as Annie would say. They've picked this blueberry bush clean and it was most assuredly one of the highlights of Summer thus far. Graves is such a lush and would lay on the ground plucking the blueberries with his teeth. His papa cleverly refereed to him as the "Dionysus of blueberries". 

If there's a second place in his heart for an outdoor activity other than blueberry plucking/eating, it would have to be BANGING THINGS WITH A STICK. 

His sweet, coy sister is always smile-ier than she's been all day and I know the fresh (hot) air is so good for us all. 

They slide so differently. Him, full speed ahead and if I don't catch him he bonks his head and keeps sliding across the hard dirt. Her, much more tentative bracing herself all the way down and still telling me at the end "Momma, I was a little bit frightened". Finally, they come up with the novel idea that she slide and he come directly behind her. It takes her mind off her fears and he still doesn't weigh enough to throttle her and himself full speed and it frees me of the duty of having to catch either of them as I've been doing most of the Summer. I do explain that we don't do this at the park and we certainly don't do it with other children.

The heat is a weary one-maker, but it is so, so worth it. 

One of the, if not the, best thing about this season (about any season!) is watching their devotion to and appreciation for each other grow. It's a beautiful thing to watch your children love and be loved and it's almost enough to explode your heart when it's a love for one another.

Seeing them smile...

...and laugh

...and sit pensively with one another

...and play

...and goof

....and love

...and hold each other

...and claim a victory in the day

....is almost too much for me.

These days the beauty is found so easily. I won't say there aren't plenty of times I take it for granted. And I won't say there aren't plenty of hard moments. But I'm so thankful for the gift that this Summer has been. As I said, I'm confident it's a Sabbath, a season where we aren't planting or harvesting, but just watching things grow and being sure to thank the Lord as they do. Just like the eventful Monday after a perfect Sunday, things will hit us again one day and they'll press and pull and stretch us. But we will be ready. Because of this rest we've so graciously been given.


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