Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Happenings

I really love this month's header. I took pictures of the kids a couple of days last week specifically for the purpose and I think they turned out pretty good. It's obviously a pretty simple design and I like the new background. I was looking for a bit more of a "patriotic" quote, but in looking through presidential ones, I found this one I really liked. The thrill of creative effort? Yes.

July is not too full and I'm very thankful because as I've mentioned previously, I'm pretty confident the next few months after it will be. I see things picking up in August and just consistently getting busier and busier until Christmas, really not slowing down until the move at the first of the year.

A few things already on the calendar:

- VBS. Our church is doing Vacation Bible School in the middle of the month. It's sort of been shortened this year (I think in an effort to get more children and more teachers) with fewer days but longer hours. I'm helping teach a class and Annie will be going and of course Graves will be in the nursery.

- A few other church things: I'm teaching children's church, our Sunday school class is having a party, and there's a curriculum meeting coming up.

- Our mom's group isn't meeting this week because of the holiday on Thursday, but we'll be doing that the rest of the month.

- Speaking of the Fourth, my guess is that we'll spend it cooking out with my parents.

- Now that we have our new pastors, Sunday night activities have resumed and we'll be trying to make it back to worship on Sunday nights more frequently. Sunday nights are something I cherish and I know the break was needed during the time of transition, but it will be nice to start up again.

I think that's really it. Such a nice pace, this is!

Here were last month's goals:

1. Change over MY closet. I did it and I did it FAST. Well, faster than I ever have. Peyton went out of town to a pharmacy conference for several days and I knocked the whole thing out. [And remembered again that I have way too much stuff.]

2. Spend time (daily?) reading actual books. I did better with this, but I'm really not satisfied. I'm going to be repeating it because it's something I really want to improve. I think one thing I need to work on is committing to absolutly not pick up a book unless I'm truly interested in it. That means, just because someone is teaching from a book in Sunday school, I can be like most of the class and just listen and not pressure myself to get the book. Back in the Winter, I read several books I loved and I was very diligent.  I know, duh, right? But the hard part isn't saying "yes" to the good books, it's saying "no" the meh ones. Such is life, yes?

3. Catch up on budgeting. Well, I've almost done this. Last week I just about knocked it out, too, but I have a bit more to go. 

4. Start planning for the moveObviously  this is going to be a continual process. But we've definetly started. In fact, we've spent most of the nights this past week discussing some move-related thing (making a budget for next year, looking at apartments on the Internet, pricing sleeper sofas, ect.). It feels good to make a bit of progress, but I've also had a couple of days where the logistics completely overwhelmed me. I think I've been really good about preparing myself for the emotional part of this, but I may have been a bit naive about the reality of the total overwhelm I'm going to experience just from practical aspects of the situation. I'm a bit of a control freak (in some areas) and I know now this isn't going to be easy. 

Goals for this month:

1. Spend time reading actual books. Yes. Keep pursuing this. I'm thinking I may make a more specific reading goal next month if I continue to improve. 

2. Continue the Summer Salad Challenge. So far, we've mostly made salads I've made before. This week we're trying a new one and I'd like to keep that up and try at least one new one a week. 

3. Make swimming a priority. Peyton decided he wanted to (at least start) teaching AP to swim this Summer. He always wanted to teach kids at the pool where we worked, but he felt like a guy doing it would be weird. Anyway, now he's got the chance! We were pretty lazy the first part of the Summer, but we've done better about going to the pool as well as actually making sure he and Annie get some serious time in, in addition to goofing around, of course. 

4. Plan our NYC trip for August. Peyton and I are going up to look at apartments in August. We're hoping to get in the practical things (mainly, finding the specific area we want to live in), but I'm hoping we can enjoy a few of the things we'll be limited in doing when we're living up there with the kids (seeing a show and enjoying a couple of great restaurants is all I really care about). It's going to be a physically exhausting trip (Peyton already prepared me for the walking), but I also just realized how much mental/emotional energy it'll likely require. I mean I've never been in a New York apartment in my life. Peyton has multiple times and his main descriptor is SMALL. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited, but I think it'll be a lot to process and one of the many times it will really "hit me". 

Here's to July. May it be a month that we spend thankful for the rich blessings of our beautiful country, but also a month that we, as our dear new associate pastor implored us, spend in reflection of the primary importance of being part of a citizenry of an incomparably beautiful Kingdom. 

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