Saturday, July 6, 2013

Letter to (Four Year and Three Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

We've had a wonderful relaxing month and it was a joy to share it with you. You are such a delight these days and I love soaking up all the silly, sweet things that you say and do.

One new thing you did this month was taking a ride in Papa's kayak. I think you were a little tentative at first, but y'all didn't go far and you were all grins after the first minute or so. Papa has also been working on teaching you to swim. I have to say, you're a bit timid, but I think it's part of your charm. Just like sliding down the slide too fast or swinging too high in the swing, you're cautious and want to keep yourself safe. I can't fault you for that, and honestly, it makes my job a bit easier (though, I want to make sure never to be too're one of the most precious things in the world to me and though it's less than when you were tiny, there is a weight on me every day that is the responsibility of making sure you are safe and far from danger).

You say the most adorable things (I say this every month). Of course, you're still infuated with your Little People and you told me a few weeks ago that Cinderella said "it's a lovely day". You also have assigned a variety of ages to the Little People. You told me today that Cinderella had said "Yes Sir" to Superman. I asked you how old they were and you told me that Cinderella was three and Superman was "a grown up".

This week you also told me that Dress Up Dolly "won't ever go to church again this Summer" because she lost her church shoe. Of course, I took the opportunity to tell you that it matters more that we're in the Lord's house and worshiping him than that we have on the right thing when when we do it.

You've gotten very meticulous about things lately. When you clean up your room, it has to be "just so". You have a way you want it and it takes you a good long while to get it that way. And sometimes you really need my help to get it all accomplished. I'm glad you're neat, but I hope too much of this isn't my own doing and that you won't be a slave to compulsivities like I sometimes am. You also like to set things up- legos, Little People, blocks, stuffed animals. You just love arranging things in an orderly fashion, sometimes even a geometric shape.

You're so paticular are certain things. For example,  in the middle of rest time and without fail, you have been asking for a cup of milk, just ONE banana, and a small cup of shredded Parm. I oblige you, because honestly, for a kid who NEVER naps, you do a pretty good job of playing independently for two hours. The other day the clear cups I usually put the Parmesan in were in a dirty dishwasher and knowing it would stress you immeasurably, I gently explained they were not clean. "Oh, ok...(seeing the yellow one) THAT'S A GREAT CHEESE CUP!" I was very relieved but VERY shocked. 

You've gotten even more obsessed with your brother. In the past week, you two have been apart twice (once at church and once when I wanted to take you to the library and Papa took Bud hiking) and both times you cried, once really hard. It's so sweet to see you experience a bit of seperation anxiety from your brother/most adored companion, but it breaks my heart, too.

Now that he's talking a little more, y'all have the funniest conversations. I love hearing you "prompt" him. Now that he is talking it's fun to test his knowledge of things. Y'all  leftover red beans the other day and I asked him "who cooks your beans?" He said "Mickey" and you immediately followed with "And who plays with us while Mickey cooks our beans...can you say Minnie?"

A few weeks ago you came in wearing my dress and shoes and Bud started giggling. You go "I think he's trying to say 'who's that woman?' I'm not a woman, Bud, I'm just Annie."

Later that day, you looked out your window (it had been raining) and said: "Hey little flowers, I hope you grow today." Sometimes, you're just almost too much for my heart. Like I said, such a mix of silly and sweet with you. 

Then that same night I was rocking and singing to Graves before bedtime and you were in the room with us (you always are) and you said "Momma, can you sing that one about the little white flower?". I had sang Edelweiss to him a few nights before and I guess you thought it was beautiful just like I do. 

This was another hysterical conversation you and I had:  "When we were at the splash pad the Deckards (her three little friends) thought I'd drop my little mermaid in a hole. But I didn't because I held her tight in my armpit". SD: "Who told you about armpits?" AP: "Papa did...when I was three".

We've started a new little home schooling curriculum and so far, you and I both love it. We read the same book every day for five days in a row, but each day we focus on a different discipline (art, science, mathematics) that ties into the story. We've done taste tests (science), learned about figures of speech (literature), counted things (math), observation different illustrator's techniques (art), played the harmonic (music), made lists (language arts), discussed question marks (English), watched clips from The Music Man (theatre), and learned about Asian culture, slavery, and an impoverished child in Appalachia. You seem to be soaking it up like a sponge. In addition, we've been getting lots and lots of library books, which you love. You are my little reader, or to be more accurate, lover of words. Of course, that thrills my heart. 

A few weeks ago these little boys at CFA were chasing you and pretending you were a "bad guy". For awhile, all your stories include "bad" things happening to Cinderella. And you told me Snow White had to go to PRISON?!? Papa did compliment me because I made you tell the boys"I don't like you calling me a bad guy and you are scaring me". I think it's so important you learn to do that. Because...I won't always be there. 

I just can't believe how big you are getting and what a wonderful little person you are. You are such an amazing sister to Graves and Papa and I couldn't have wished for a more special daughter. We love you so, so very much, sweet girl. 

Momma and Papa

P.S. Your outfit is a 4T (which is really sort of a big deal, you're still mostly in 3T things). 

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