Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SD Answers

I was a little worried at first that no one was going to respond and ask anything. That would be kind of mortifying. Ha! I feel a little vain I guess, but last time I did this I seriously composed a twenty minute vlog of answers and the time(s) before that, I did multiple posts because I had so many answers. Maybe I'm just such an open book that I've shared everything about myself already :)

Anyway, I ended up getting several questions over the past week and I also included a few that friends have just been asking me at the end.

NYC Questions:

1. How long are you planning on staying? 
Peyton and I always agreed on a year, but my heart has sort of changed and I've become open to staying longer. A year is the minimum and I'd be really shocked if we ended up staying longer than two or three years, but anything can happen!

2. Will you be traveling back home at any point during your time up there? 
The kids and I will make a trip back to Mississippi at least once. Right now we don't really know if Peyton will. Initially we thought we'd NEVER bring a car up there, but financially if the four of us plan to travel home more than once in a year it makes sense to drive because the plane tickets are pretty pricey. So that will be a factor for sure. 

3. What if your apartment doesn't have a bath? Is that a deal breaker?! Totally kidding! :) 
No, but I will bring in inflatable kiddie pool and soak in it on Peyton's days off. Okay, I'm TOTALLY kidding. Showers will be an adjustment, haha! [I actually have taken a few recently late at night because it's SO hot and two baths a day seems slightly absurd.]

4. Do y'all ever see yourself staying there permanently? 

I really can't. At this point, I don't even think Peyton can. We have talked about the possibility of living indefinitely in a Southern city within easy driving distance from our families (New Orleans, for example). But that's a ways off. We really want to be back here before we start to grow our family again, which leads to...

Other Questions:

5. Nosy question so feel free to decline, but any babies in nyc? After? I know y'all have wanted to adopt. 
Unless there's a big surprise (which, of course, it wouldn't be the first time!), no babies in the Big Apple. But, Peyton and I neither one feel finished. Our plan now is to come back to Mississippi, get settled back in (we're keeping our house and renting it or "lending" it to Peyton's brother), and then pursue an adoption. [Just as an aside, we really have no concrete idea what that will look like as far as domestic/international, the age of the child, ect. But we've discussed it since we started dating and that where we feel our hearts being pulled at this point.]

6. How does Peyton feel about smocked clothes? Does he ever give you a time limit or a clothes limit? (Like no smocked past a certain age?) Does he tolerate smocked or does he love it? Well, well. I honestly think he loves them. Okay, maybe love is a strong word. But, I think he prefers my style to the alternative. I will say that he often says that he prefers our babies to look like babies, our toddlers to look like toddlers, and our little girl to look like a little girl. He's never really given me a time limit, but I did ask him if he thought something looked to babyish for Graves recently and he said yes (it was really more the color/motif than the actual outfit- pastels and a babyish looking turtle). I know he has an opinion about when Graves will be too old for jonjons, but he's not one of those dads that draws a line in the sand and says things like "No son of mine...". I think he's like me, mostly, though, and will always prefer soft shorts and appliqued shirts and overalls and such until he's pretty big (school aged, I guess). 

7. You've talked the group you are homeschooling with. Will you continue the same curriculum in NYC? Does it involve a Latin element? If so, what one? Do you like it?

We won't be doing a program where we send her anywhere a few days a week, but I will keep doing most of the things we've learned from this group and using mostly curriculum/resources we've learned about there (as well as a few other things I've added myself). The program does have a (pretty strong from what I understand) Latin element, but that doesn't start until after preschool. To be honest, I don't know anything about the actual curriculum as I've really just focused on the three and four year old resources so far. 

8. How much of the kids clothes will you bring to NYC? Have you pre shopped for most of it? 

I haven't given it too much thought because I don't have a great idea of how much space we'll have. I do know it will be minimal. Frankly, I think it will be good for me in a way. When we did our 7 experiment, I put the kids on a limited (very limited, for me) wardrobe and it was actually kind of nice. I have very little for this Fall/Winter, but I'm planning on going to a few sales in the next couple of months. I never buy as much stuff for the Winter simply because I just don't find as much I love. I have some stuff bought ahead for next Summer and I think Annie will wear a few 4T things from this year. 

Extra NYC questions from 'real life':

9. Are we any closer on figuring out where to live? 
Not really. I mean, sort of. We've eliminated a few areas since I wrote this post. But really, to get a clear idea, I think it's going to take being in the city. We're going up there in a few weeks to explore, just me and Peyton, and I'm praying for clarity because we really *need* to have some decisions made by the end of that week.

10. How small will the apartment actually be? 
Hmm. Hard to say. We've looked at a lot online that are 600-ish square feet, so that's what I'm mostly anticipating.

11. What will our apartment be like?
Awesome. Ha, just kidding. Our plan now is for me and Peyton to sleep on a sleeper sofa, a la Mary Tyler Moore and the kids to share a room. I'd love a two bedroom where we can fit a twin bed, set up the computer and sewing machine and possible have some extra storage. It's also a bonus if we have a guest (my mom for example). We won't sleep in there because I don't think it's practical to find one that will accommodate a double/queen bed. I'm also trying to figure out how to prioritize amenities and what is and isn't non-negotiable (for example, having a washing machine and dryer in the building).

12. What will the kids and I do while Peyton is at work?
Who the heck knows? Explore?!? Just kidding. One thing we're really trying to do is find an area where there are things to do within walking range- parks, a library and/or museum. If we live in Brooklyn (as opposed to Manhattan) I want to be completely happy with staying in our neighborhood when Peyton isn't home. I hope (and think) I'll get to a point where I can cart both kids onto a train (subway) and hike across the city. But that won't be immediate and I want to make sure we have things close by while we transition.

13. Am I worried about living in the city safety wise?
Actually, not really. Well, I guess it depends on what you mean. Am I scared of violent crime, am I scared of getting pick-pocketed, or am I scared of getting lost/loosing one of the children? That last thing is sort of terrifying. The middle one makes me a little nervous. The first is really not something I've given much thought at all to. NYC is really safe as far as big cities are concerned. I think people don't always realize that. But it does have sketchy pockets. Peyton and I have really wanted to try to live in a diverse neighborhood. And some of the (economically, culturally, racially) diverse areas have safety issues. OF COURSE that's not always the case, but it can be. Ultimately, we'll end up somewhere we all feel safe. I think I'd be more inclined to push the line on this if we didn't have really small children and if Peyton didn't have kind of wonky working hours. So no, it's not much of a concern.

I think that finishes everything up. Let me know if I missed something or you have any other questions!

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