Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tunes for the Month: July

Well, this is different. If you remember, there was no playlist last month because Peyton's computer crashed and that's where all our music is. I think we can get it back by replacing the hard drive, which is happening soon, but I'm slightly terrified.

Anyway, since I haven't found a way to create a playlist (yes, I know there's Spotify- Peyton peddles that like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread), I don't have a real playlist this month yet again.

I decided instead to share what I've largely been listening to. Pretty much I've just been enjoying all the past months' playlists and these are my favorites from each:

The Rising- Bruce Springsteen
This would be a hard choice because it was my first playlist and in some ways the very best. There are a lot of good songs on there. But, this is one of probably my top three favorite songs ever, so...

Some Nights- Fun.
I cannot get enough of this song. CANNOT. It's a favorite of a handful new songs in the past few years.

King's Highway- Tom Petty/The Galaway Girl- Steve Earl
This was just too hard to choose. King's Highway is one that I think will always flash me back to a few Fall mornings I had at home by myself with Graves while AP was at school and Peyton was elsewhere. It's a beautiful song and those were beautiful moments. And, I'm not gonna lie, I danced with him a little bit. Galaway Girl is more of just a feel good song. But damn if it doesn't make you feel good!

Go Tell It on the Mountain- James Taylor
I've been listening to the playlist pretty much all the way through, but I took exception with December. I just can't listen to Christmas music in July. Can't do it. But this one is the exception to the exception. It feels Christmasy at Christmas and throughout the rest of the year, it just sounds like a good hymn. The mark of a good one, yes?

Ho Hey- The Lumineers/Jesus Was an Only Son- Bruce Springsteen
I couldn't decide. I fell in love with Ho Hey at El's wedding and it will be the soundtrack to that memory for life. Aside from that, though, I just love it. Right up there with Some Nights as far as a newly acquired FAVORITE. Jesus Was an Only Son is special and honestly it has a place on this list no other song has because it was pivotal in changing my thinking about some things. For one thing, I just think the song is incredibly beautiful and poignant and truth speaking. But also, I listened to Bruce talk about it on a video and I loved his words.  In it, he says  "The choices we make are given meaning by the things that we give up. By the things we sacrifice for them. That's what gives them weight and meaning." I cried so hard when I heard him say that. The closer we get to New York, the more I feel the significance of this. And I know (I hope!) there will be many other sacrifices in my life to make choices that are right for my family and that are in line with what the Lord is asking of us. Realizing that the significance of my choices are in direct correlation with the sacrifices I make for them has been, in a word, transfomative for me. I will never forget the strong words that one of my heros spoke over me through a screen one night and I will always pray for a life of significance, made so by choices that require much giving up. 

Thunder Road- Bruce Springsteen/You Are the Best Thing- Ray LaMontagne
These are our loves songs and I couldn't decide between them. Thunder Road, if you don't know by now, is the song Peyton and I realized we were falling in love to. It's no small joy to me that a Springsteen song was playing in the background and it's no small joy that I fell in love with one of the few people I know who share, on some level, my incredible love for his music. Thunder Road is just storytelling at its best and I thank the Lord it's part of our story now. You Are the Best Thing is one that I'm plain obsessed with and Peyton humors me and puts it on when he wants to set a mood. And it works like few things do.

Be Thou My Vision- Van Morrison
My favorite hymn, alongside a couple of others. It was played at our wedding and the funeral of a best loved grandmother and it's a very real prayer put to music. It's lyrically the most worshipful song I've ever sung.

Forever Young- Rod Stewart (I love the Dylan version, too)
This is probably not my favorite song on my April list. But it's the most nostalgic. It was just a few months ago, but during this season of our lives with tiny children, things change fast. Anyway this song flashes me back to Ann Peyton and Graves's fourth and second birthdays, respectively. I love the words so much. It's one of those I find the sacred in the secular in because to me it actually feels quite a bit like a prayer, too- that my precious boy and girl will grow up to be righteous, always know the truth, and build stairways alongside princes and vagabonds.

On the Turning Away- Pink Floyd
Okay, third one of my top three recent faves (and I say recent- it's new to me, but it's an old song). It seemed to fit a lot of emotions and became a sort of mantra for me and Peyton. It's beautiful and inspiring and full of good and important words.

So it ended up being twelve songs. My top twelve songs over nine months. If you get a fraction of the enjoyment I do from this, it will be a lovely evening for you.

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