Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #222 (June 24-30)-- Soaking Up the Sunshine

This is one of my favorites lately, because Annie reached over and grabbed my neck after Peyton did. I also love the way Bud is looking at her. 

Last week was another great, low key week!

I volunteered at the CPC on Monday, as usual. I got up, got ready, kissed the kids and Peyton bye and left. It was a good morning there and it went by fast. It was also my first time to talk on the phone to an abortion minded woman. I think I did okay :) I got home and shockingly the house didn't look like a disaster and Peyton and I had a few minutes to talk. He had done AP's memory work and I fed the kids lunch when he left. I straightened a few things and hung up some clothes in their room and then unloaded and loaded dishes and got Graves down. Annie and I read The Rag Coat (her Five in a Row book for the week) and I got her settled. I had lunch and got on the computer. I read my Bible and then took a nap. The kids got up and we played with Graves's little word cards and I did some Slow and Steady Prep and folded laundry. I fed them and bathed them and got them to bed and then I got on the computer until Peyton got home. We visited and went to bed.

Peyton had a meeting on Tuesday, but we had a slow morning until he left. I got up and got my bath and then had breakfast and started dishes and laundry. I read a book to the kids and we watched a couple of YouTube videoes and then did AP's memory work. I folded laundry.
Doesn't everyone with a four and two year old hear applause erupt and the four year old excitedly scream "He said 'BAD DREAM', Momma". She gets so excited over new words/phrases and she knows I do, too. [This is Moody Bear. Annie ALWAYS puts his scared face on when she puts on his jammies. Because...BAD DREAM.]

We picked up and the kids ate lunch and I hung up laundry. I read to Annie and got her ready for rest time and then I ate lunch, got on the computer and talked to Ellis. I read my Bible and No More Perfect Moms and then the kids got up. El was actually in town and came over for a few hours.
What are godfathers for if not for holding your princess dress while you jump on the bed?

After he left, I started supper and the kids colored and did a Slow and Steady activity and then I let them eat supper outside.
They made pictures in this flour/water mixture. The best part was the stories that accompanied Annie's (and the best story was about a "mushroom top"). 

I ironed a bunch of clothes and then I got them ready for bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed.
Annie put "Wormie" to bed in the book box. Her four millionth question of the night was "Why doesn't Wormie need a nighttime routine?" Ummmm, because we serve a gracious God and I'm not sure I could keep my sanity and add another fairly consistently solo routine to the line-up??

Graves and I had haircuts on Wednesday so we all got up and got ready. I left and got mine and Peyton met me after with the kids.

He left for work and I brought the kids home and I did my usual routine of dishes and laundry and memory work with AP.
I hate how blurry it is and how my eyes look like black holes, but: our new do's. 

I took some pictures of the kids and then it was lunchtime for them and I put Graves down and read to Annie. They rested and I got on Twitter, talked to a friend and uploaded pictures. The kids got up and we all got ready and I packed them supper and we headed to church. We had a great discussion and when we got home it was bedtime. Whew. That day flew! I got them to bed and read blogs and put pictures on Flikr until Peyton got home.

We all slept super late on Thursday which was nice. I got a bath and packed Peyton's lunch and we visited some and then he left for work. I unloaded dishes and started laundry and did some homeschool planning. The kids and I picked up toys and did memory work and I fixed them lunch. I ate my lunch and played on the computer and then worked on our finances. The kids got up (and Graves climbed out of his crib) and we played and folded laundry. I took them outside for a good while and took some more pictures and then they had supper.
He didn't put a single one in his cup. At one point, he was pulling them off WITH HIS TEETH. 

Mississippi Summer means you could sweat to death just sitting in your backyard at eight PM.

So hot. I felt so yucky, but it was worth it to enjoy the outside!

We came in and I did baths and nighttime routines and put them down. Graves took FOREVER to get to sleep. I got on the computer and read blogs until Peyton got home. We visited and put up some groceries he had gotten and then I took a shower and wrote a post and went to bed late.

The kids were up late on Friday. Peyton and I chatted before they got up and then I ran to Kroger for some cokes after I got a bath. Peyton and I visited and then he left for work. Annie did her memory work while she and Graves colored and I started dishes and laundry. I cleaned the counters in the kitchen and organized some in the kids room (there was a box of medicine in AP's closet that the kids are big enough to get to, so I put all that in our room and put her extra sheets in her closet, put the box under her bed with baby lotion and diaper cream in it, took the basket the lotions were in and put some books in the den in it and threw away the old book basket which was in AWFUL shape). I tried to make a copy, but our printer was out of black ink and then the kids helped me pick up and they ate lunch. Instead of reading, AP and I emailed our little World Vision child after Graves went to sleep. I got her settled and then I wrote a post and ate my lunch. I watched The West Wing and we they got up, we picked up toys and then headed to Mickey and Minnie's.
I got a Zulily shipment and it was all so adorable (and such good deals!) but I think Tiny Man may be getting his high school diploma in the 3T I bought him for next Summer. It looked ginormous!

Here's the buy ahead 4T. I put it next to one of my dresses this time for scale. He can go to campus orientation, or pledge his fraternity, or introduce himself at the Wesley Foundation or whatever in this one.

There was a bad storm that night, but we had fun anyway, of course. It was really rough on the way home, though and was the worst when I was driving over the spillway (y'all know my water fears).
So creepy, but sort of beautiful. 

Anyway, we made it home and I dropped the kids in bed but they stayed up super late talking. Peyton got home at eleven and they both told him goodnight!!

Of course, they slept nice and late on Saturday and we got a slow start. I picked up a bit around the house and we all got ready and headed to the pool. We swam until lunch and then came home for naps.
Mickey and Minnie showed up at the pool to join us. 

Peyton and I discussed NYC a lot and I got on the computer for a bit and then took a shower. When they got up, we all cleaned up and got ready and went to Grant's Kitchen, a good "home cooking" type restaurant for dinner.
Best sister ever. She complained the sun was in her eyes. Peyton handed her sunglasses. Graves wanted them. Peyton and I both start telling Graves we're almost to the restaurant. AP: "I can just do the book like this". (Hands Graves the glasses.)

We came home and did baths and bedtime routines and put the kids down. I uploaded pictures and worked on my What I'm Into post for a good long while and then went to bed.
Have I mentioned that Mick and Bud are slightly smitten with each other?

My alarm didn't go off and we had to really hustle to get to Sunday school on time on Sunday. Peyton had to make copies for Children's Church and Annie cried when she had to go to her class without her "prince" (Graves). Sunday school went well and church was fantastic with our new pastors. We came home and fed the kids lunch and got Graves settled. Peyton was going to take Annie hiking but she got so upset because she couldn't see her toenail polish that they both ended up staying home. Peyton looked up apartments in NYC and I got on the computer and read some blogs and worked on finances. The kids got up and we played and then got ready for a family fellowship event at church. We were having a fish fry! The fish was great and it was fun to get to visit with people a little more than we get to at church.
So surreal. Sweet Josie and Rachel spent so much of their night helping me with/playing with the kiddos. Surreal because when I was in high school I helped with two year old Sunday school and these two girls were in the class. Seems like yesterday they were the age of my tiny guy. Time, you blow my mind and burst my heart.

We came home and put the kids to bed. Peyton went to a movie alone and I tried to figure out a last minute Google Reader replacement, looked at sleeper sofas, read blogs and checked Twitter.

This week has been pretty amazing so far. It's Peyton "short" week which comes around every three weeks, so he's had a good many days off. We've all just been enjoying that and soaking up the sun (and the time with each other).


amanda said...

I love when time comes full circle like that. I used to nanny for my husband (then boyfriend's) little cousin. Now she babysits for my boys and I just love it.

I love your little man's hair cut! so sweet. How long do you think you'll do Jon Jons? I love my little guys in them, but I've gotten so I only put them on my 3 year old when we're at church or it's just us because I know his little friend's moms think he's too old. I just think they're so cool and comfy for our NC summers. I guess we may not do longalls this winter though :( We've figured out a way to make a quick potty run in the Jon Jon, but the longall is a little more tricky ;)

Ceil said...

Hi Sarah! What a fun and busy family you have! Loved the pictures too, so generous of you to share them.

I also loved the haircut picture, and the 'bad dream' bear :). What a great idea!

Peace in Christ,

Ceil said...

Hi Sarah! What a fun and busy family you have! Loved the pictures too, so generous of you to share them.

I also loved the haircut picture, and the 'bad dream' bear :). What a great idea!

Peace in Christ,