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Weekly Happenings Post #223 (July 1-7)-- Fun Family Time

Last week was grand. Peyton is on a new, kind of wonky schedule in which he has a couple of sort of wearisome weeks in which he works a lot and then one "short" week where he has a bunch of days off. The other weeks are kind of long, but it sure is nice when we get to the short one! I've kind of learned to just adjust to his schedule when it changes and typically I end up liking whatever he's doing more than the previous one. He works longer days than he used to, more evenings, and more days close together. But longer days mean less days, evenings at work mean mornings here with us, and the working days being close together mean his days off are squished together too, which usually works to our benefit. Anyway...we had a great Fourth of July week/weekend!

I had a big (fun!) day on Monday. I got up early and got ready before anyone else because I was going to a kids clothing sale. After that I volunteered as usual at the CPC and then I met some of my college friends for lunch. My friend Sue and two of my other friends are having a baby and moving into a new house. SO exciting. It was wonderful to catch up. When I got home, Peyton and I talked and then he let for a meting with our new associate pastor. I got on the computer for a bit and then laid down because I had a headache. The kids didn't take very good naps and when Peyton got home, he wanted to go for a hike. I was going to take AP to the library, so  we ended up splitting up. She cried and cried about being away from her "prince". She finally cheered up when Minnie called and she got to talk to her. I made a list of library books and started cooking a ham and picked up laundry and got it going. I cleaned up around the house and then we left to go get a disc of wedding pictures I've been trying to get for weeks. We went to the library after that and when we got home Peyton already had Graves fed and in bed.
beautiful little blur at the libray

and the little hiker

This cup got left in the yard for like a week. Peyton found it and gave it a good washing and put it through the dishwasher. It still stunk. Initially he suggested we bleach the inside, but then he decided it would be fine to recycle. This is a REALLY BIG DEAL. 

 I fixed AP some supper and then Peyton did her bedtime routine and I started making a quiche with the ham. I realized I needed cheese and went to get it. Peyton got Annie to bed and then he left to go for a walk (after his hike, what?) and I ate and worked on my blog design and got on Twitter and went to bed.

We all woke up late on Tuesday and got ready in a hurry. I took a bath and got ready and then got the kids ready and changed over some laundry while Peyton talked to someone on the phone about the possibility of renting our house here (his sister and her family are probably going to live in it while they build a house, but we're not sure of the timeline). Anyway, we all finished getting ready and I ate a quick breakfast and we left for the pool. Graves and I ran by Walgreens on the way (we took seperate cars so Peyton could leave to get ready for work) and got sunscreen.
I think this bathing suit is a little weird and I kind of wished I hadn't bought it. But she wanted to wear it really bad. Somehow, she managed to make it look really cute :)

We swam for a good bit and when Peyton had to leave, I changed the kids and they ate a snack I had packed. We came home and they played while I started more laundry and dishes and looked for a lost toy. Annie and I did memory work and then we picked up toys then I fixed them lunch and started planning Annie's Five in a Row stuff for the week. After Graves went to bed, I finished that and we read. He woke up super early for what he's been doing lately and had to potty. He said his tummy hurt and he was just in a bad mood. I ended up putting him back in his crib, but he never fell back asleep. He was pretty happy in there with AP, but I was kind of frustrated because one of them needed something every two minutes. I finished my header and got them up. They were both kind of grumpy and disobedient. Graves especially was just pushing my buttons. I lost my temper with him for the second time that day and he told me "scare me". I was a little heart broken. I just hate to know that *I* hurt him like that.

thankful for his (and the Lord's) forgiveness in my worst moments.

In happier mothering moments, Annie told me that Dress Up Dolly won't "ever go to church again this Summer" because she lost her other church shoe. I, of course, explained to her that she could still go, as it's more important to worship the Lord and be in his house than to be wearing the right thing when you get there.

Anyway, the kids played and I did a few things around the house and then they ate dinner and played outside. We came in and I bathed them and put them to bed.
Generally, I hate onsies. But I loved the color and motif so much I had to grab this one. I got sort of (alot) emotional thinking about how this will be the last one for awhile...maybe ever. I've done surprisingly well with the things I can prepare myself for (e.g. weaning, his first haircut, ect.), but this tiny stuff sneaks up on me. I had my cry, though, and I think I'm done with that. He's becoming such an amazing little boy.

I got on the computer until Peyton got home.

Peyton was off on Wednesday and we got up (semi) early. Peyton made muffins while I took my bath and then he got ready and I cleaned up the kitchen and started making some marinade for some chicken. We chatted and then Peyton did Annie's memory work with her while I got all our stuff ready and then we headed to the pool. We ran by Peyton's parents' house to drop something off and then went to the pool. We had a great time and the kids enjoyed it and we got some good "lesson time" in, too.
little guy, big load

We ran by the Pharmacy Association on the way home and then stopped at Mugshots to get burgers for me and Peyton (the kids had eaten at the pool). We ate and then Peyton read to AP.
[Blue cheese burger- SO good]

I got on the computer and worked on my Weekly Happenings post and started a couple of others. We had a pretty slow evening. Peyton woke up with a headache and we just didn't do much. The kids played really well and we decided we needed to get out after they ate.
I cleaned up the nap mess by myself. It's still so much faster than helping AP. I feel like this is bad and it shouldn't be that way. But I have to remind myself she's equal to or above kids her age in other areas. Oh and NOT TO COMPARE.

I thought I had seen something about an early July Fourth festivities, but when we got there, there was nothing. We ended up going to Walmart for some groceries and to kill time and got home really late.

Thursday was the Fourth and Peyton was off again. We all slept late, but then had sort of a crazy morning. Graves pottied in his underwear right after climbing out of his crib for the second time. Whew! I started some laundry, took a bath and had breakfast and then we got moving. I did Annie's memory work and Peyton cut the yard and got his shower. I got myself and the kids ready and we took AP's monthly picture and then headed to my parents' house for lunch.

Just for fun, we gifted the kids with Jasmine and Aladdin Little People and they were SO excited they could hardly contain it. 

 Peyton brought some steaks and my dad cooked hot dogs and sides and we had a great time.

He found the grilled zucchini and kept saying "YUM!"

And Annie found a house for her Little People. 

When we got home, we put the kids down (Graves fell asleep in the car and actually transferred!) and both took naps ourselves. Peyton worked on cleaning up some piles and hanging up some of his clothes in our room and I got on the computer for a bit. Graves woke up earlier than I expected and the kids played and then I helped AP clean up her room and we got ready and headed out to a balloon glow/concert/fireworks show. We had a wonderful time, but by the time we got home it was eleven o'clock.
Graves was memorized by the balloons. 

Sweetest little people ever. 

I love when he looks up at her like this. 

So much silliness. So much happiness. 

He's such a baby lush. Peyton was tussling his hair and he could not get enough of it. 

David Lee Murphy asked if there was anyone out there who liked to party and the chick on the blanket we met twenty minutes before points to Graves and goes "he does".

And they were both captivated by the fireworks. 
[I love AP's face in the last picture.]

Such awful quality/lighting, but I adore it when she smiles with her shoulders.

We put both (sleeping) kids in bed and Peyton watched a movie and I got on Twitter and worked on a few blog posts.
When you party your little two year old booty off and don't get home until eleven at night, you get to sleep in your jon jon. 

Friday we all got up and I got my bath while Peyton watched the kids play outside. I fixed them breakfast and brought it outside. Graves had a little potty accident right after breakfast and I brought the kid in to bath both of them. Peyton was getting ready for work and I had already gotten upset about something silly and I was just STRESSED. Peyton came in and he could tell I was trying to stay calm and use an upbeat, happy voice and he told me "you're doing a great job" and that really helped. The kids had a bunch of sand from the sandbox in their hair and it was tough getting it out, but I finally finished up that and got them dressed. I talked to my mom and that helped, too. Peyton left and I started dishes and laundry and picked up around the house.
Whenever my sink looks like this (not all THAT often, I promise), I think of being thirteen and watching The Real World (I know, I know) and thinking how dumb they all were to let the dishes get crazy and then fight about it. The irony, of course, is that at that point in my life I had never eaten on a plate that had not been washed and put away (and the food on it prepared) by Minnie.

I talked to Morgan on the phone and made a list for Peyton of things I needed him to do and then I did AP's memory work with her and the kids had lunch. I put them down for their naps and sent some emails, at my lunch and got on Twitter and read blogs. I was uploading some wedding pictures from a CD to the harddrive and I got completely flustered (we have a couple of different hard drives but I NEVER have trouble keeping them straight...until that day) and then I accidentally unplugged the little thing that looks like a flash drive that actually makes the wireless mouse work. I've done this before and I always think the computer is broken. UGH. We finally left for my parents' house WAY late. We had a good time, though, and AP fell asleep on the way home. I put the kids to bed and did a few things on the computer and then Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

Peyton was working on Saturday and the kids and I started the morning slowly- just hanging out watching cartoons. I took a bath and got going and we had breakfast and then I started laundry and dishes. I worked on lesson plans a bit and then converted Graves's high chair to a (backless!) booster. I fed the kids lunch and unloaded dishes and then got them settled. I read some blogs and got on Twitter and ate my lunch and then I read Fresh Power and did my Bible study. I watched a bit of The West Wing and when the kids got up, we got ready and got things together and left to meet Peyton at the pool. We swam until it was about time for the pool to close and then came home. The kids ate supper outside and we did quick baths and put them to bed. Peyton fixed French toast and we talked and then I got on the computer and went to bed.

Sunday was a great day. Peyton went to early church, but I knew the kids were tired, so we went to Sunday school and the late service. I got the kids settled watching cartoons and I got ready and then dressed them an fixed their breakfast. We headed to Sunday school and then church. Brother Mitchell preached a really good sermon!
I think Hymn No. 431 is one of the most important (possibly the most important) but oft forgotten hymn we could sing on a patriotic weekend.

We came home and I got busy.
Poor guy fell out of his crib and busted his lip and got all eaten up by skeeters. 

What a Sweetie, though!

I changed my clothes and then changed both the kids' sheets. I started browning some meat and unloaded dishes and then read and played with the kids some. I made spaghetti for later that night and fixed their lunch and then took out the compost and cleaned out a big thing filled with ice cream that someone from church had sent with us last week. I wiped down the counters, hand washed a cake stand and started more laundry. I got the kids settled and got on the computer for a bit after I ate my lunch. I got the kids up and we all picked up and got ready for church. Annie was so exhausted and everything kept setting her off. Anyway, we went and the sermon was AMAZING. When we got home, Peyton had heated up the spaghetti and we all ate and then got the kids to bed. We talked some and Peyton fell asleep early. I got on the computer and registered AP for VBS and wrote a check for her school and did a few other things and went to bed.

This week is definitely busier than most of ours lately, but it's going to be fun, I think!

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