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Weekly Happenings Post #224 (July 8-14)-- Sleep Struggles

Whew. WHEW! Last week was one of the hardest weeks I've had in a long, long time. We took the side off Graves's crib, basically making it a toddler bed and he fought it like nobody's business. His nights and naps kind of went to Hell in a handbasket and I was hormonal and cranky and just did not deal well. Like I literally cried a lot of days. I seriously think I was more tired than when he was a newborn. The only time I can remember feeling so consistently tired is both my pregnancies. It was that bad. And, on top of that, I just let it all stress me out a lot. This week has, so far, been a lot better.

On Monday morning, I got up and got ready and left for the CPC. I was late and then I had to get gas, so I was really late. I had a good morning, though.
I feel so professional on Mondays when I answer phones and input data and that kind of thing at the CPC. Actually just doing things other than fixing sandwiches and wiping bums and pouring milk. Peyton tells kids sometimes that I'm going to "work" and they giggle. It's actually a really nice break. But I'm glad it's just a break.

When I got home, I played with the kids and talked to Peyton and then texted some friends. I called my sister in law and called or texted a couple of other people I needed to contact. I put the kids down for naps after lunch. I got on the computer a bit and then took a nap myself after I ate lunch.

When the kids got up, I folded laundry and unloaded and loaded dishes and then I vacuumed and hands-and-knees scrubbed in the kitchen and sunroom. We picked up toys and then headed outside to do an activity. I fixed the kids supper and let them eat outside.
Diggin' for d's

Pop-Ice for three

We came in and I bathed Graves and did his nighttime routine and put him to bed and then bathed AP and did her routine and put her to bed. I ate my supper and then got on the computer and took a shower. When Peyton got home, we chatted and went to bed.

Graves hurt himself climbing out of the bed for the third time on Tuesday and I was beside myself. Peyton had gone to get our nephew because his sister and her family are moving and we were keeping him some of the day. When he got home, we had a bit of an argument and then he fixed the crib. We even had the exact right size board he needed to put between the mattress and springs in the attic. Once that was taken care of, we ate breakfast, picked up a bit and all got ready to head to the park/pool. We had a fun time at the park, but it was really hot and REALLY humid.
sweet cousins

AP and Graves are legit wearing the same size shoe these days.

The pool was fun and we ate a lunch we had brought with us from home while we were there. Peyton took Simeon home and I started getting the kids settled. He got home and we talked and I got on the computer and then took a shower. Graves never took a nap in his "new" bed :-/ I ran a couple of errands to Target, Hobby Lobby and Kroger. I needed a can of chicken for dinner and I wanted to go look for some storage stuff for the kids' room in NYC. I got home and Peyton left for a church meeting. The kids played great and I cooked supper and picked up a bunch around the house. We all picked up toys and then they ate.
They are big chicken spaghetti fans. This is before Peyton or I even touched it. 

I got Graves to bed and Peyton got home.
Annie's favorite thing to do is ask "Why we...?", "Why you...?", "Why I...?" Today she asked me "Why we change up our whole house? Because Bud is a big boy now?".

He helped me with Annie and then left to go walking with his brother. I got on the computer. Graves woke up around eleven and was up until, no lie, one thirty.
This was at one in the morning.  [He piled a ton of junk on his sleeping sister's bed, complete with Hulk straddling her head, and he's pouting because we're a bit frustrated with him.]

Then he got up again around five. Thankfully, he went back to bed pretty quickly and got up for the day at eight.

Needless to say, we had a super lazy, cartoon filled morning. I finally got ready and picked up the kids' room a little and got them dressed and we met Carrie and her kids at Beagle Bagel. I couldn't believe we made it through lunch with all five of the kids, but they actually did okay (shocking especially for Graves, given how much sleep he was operating on). When we got home, I put the kids down and Graves actually napped well.
I sort of went on a Twitter rant about how I couldn't fathom how someone smart enough to hold a doctorate could think a child who had been napping consistently for two to three hours every day could be ready to just drop it. Anyway, I felt vindicated the next day and had to snap these shots. 

I got on the computer and then read the chapter in No More Perfect Moms for that night. When the kids woke up, we played and I did dishes and laundry.
They love wearing their house shoes after nap time. 

We left for church. The group was small, but it was a good discussion. We got home and I put the kids to bed and it took Graves awhile, but he did better than he had the night before. Peyton got home and we went to bed early.
Asleep with Hulk and a flower. And it only took two hours. 

I got up on Thursday and got myself and Annie ready because her little school was having some evaluations. Basically, they colored and did activities and we'll find out later at our conferences what they need to work on. Anyway, we went to that and I had fun visiting with the other moms. When we got home, Peyton left immediately for work and I started picking up around the house and started laundry. Graves fell asleep on the floor and I picked him up and put a diaper on him and he went right back to sleep.

I got on the computer and ate my lunch and then I read and took a (very) short nap. The kids got up and I folded and put up TONS of laundry and cleaned the bathrooms. I took breaks to play with them, but I folded and put up and cleaned for about three hours. I fixed the kids supper, did dishes, and bathed them and then put them to bed. I was sort of tired and Graves had a really rough time going to sleep.
Sweet Annie girl got to fall asleep on the couch that night :)

I asked Peyton to pick me up a coke and this is what he came up with. I was so frustrated. I HAVE NO PLACE TO STORE ALL THIS. 

But it was funny....

Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

Friday was long. Peyton went hiking pretty much the whole day with his brother. We had a super slow morning and watched the kids' new favorite, Dinosaur Train and snuggled.
The "saurs" as Graves says are going to Dinosaur Big City and some were afraid to leave their nest. Art imitates life and I mentally bookmarked this for future conversations (mainly explaining my own emotions to them). Also, how do I have a little boy old enough to love 'saurs??

I took my bath and started laundry and after we cleaned up we went to the dollar store. I thought maybe getting Graves some little "incentive" dinosaurs might help him stay in bed. We came home and had lunch and started naps. Ugh. It went horribly. I took a dinosaur away every time he got up (there were four) and told him I'd give him them back one at a time if he stayed in his bed for five minutes straight. In two hours, he never made it to the five minute mark. Well, I finally told him I was shutting his door. I didn't do it but for about two minutes, but he LOST HIS MIND. I don't know if he was scared or mad or what, but it was awful. I came in, hugged him and put him back in bed. He just sort of cowered and looked so hurt. He ended up falling asleep FINALLY, but I almost wish he hadn't. I knew I had either frightened him into staying in there or I had just broken his will, neither of which I'm comfortable with at all. I spent a lot of his nap crying myself. UGH. I took a short nap myself and Peyton got home. We cleaned up and got ready to go to my parents.

 I just lost it crying again in the car. I talked to Minnie and that helped things. I was just so tired. It took a while, but once we got home, we got the kids to bed. I went to bed soon after.
It's cute how they're both asleep spread eagle like this. Cuter still how they're BOTH FLIPPIN ASLEEP.

Saturday was another long, tough day. Peyton was working and I started off the morning relaxed, but happy. I just tried to be really patient with the kids.

We played and I took my bath and got ready and did a few things on the computer and I took Graves's monthly picture.

and then we went to the grocery store after I fed them lunch.
The twins question has started again. A lady at the store asked me and it was the third time in a month. They are every bit as close as I'd imagine twins to be, though, and I just love that. 

We came home and attempted naps again. I did okay at first, but I lost it again mid way through. I literally couldn't even eat my lunch without having to stop every two minutes. Finally, I just put the kids in the room together and let them play. I was so tired and irritated. I got on the computer and did a few things and when they got up, they had a snack and then we cleaned up. I fixed supper and Peyton got home and we ate. He put up the baby gate in the kids doorway and we bathed Graves and got them both to sleep. We talked and Peyton did another project for me. I got on the computer for a bit and then worked on my children's church lesson for the next day.

Sunday was nice but busy. I got up and got ready and we about to head out to run by the grocery story before church to get a few last minute things for children's church. And then I discovered Graves with a highlighter. UGH. All over his face and clothes. At least it wasn't on anything else.

We changed him and headed out. We still made it in time to run by the store. I made copies after I dropped off Graves and Peyton took AP to Sunday school. We went to Sunday school and then I taught children's church. It went really well. After that, my friend Lori and I decorated our room for VBS. Peyton had packed the kids a lunch and they ate and played in the nursery until we got done.

Graves fell asleep in the car and we came home and just relaxed. The kids and I went back for the VBS kick off and Peyton stayed home to work on a few things. I dropped Graves off and Peyton got him to bed and Annie and I ran by my parents' house to get something. We came home and I got her to bed and cleaned up the kitchen and picked up around the house and then did a few things on the computer.

This week has been SO much better. Which is good because I really don't know that I could handle VBS plus last week's stress. It's a pretty busy week, but we have lots of fun stuff going on!

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