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Weekly Happenings Post #226 (July 22-28)-- Still a Little Sickly

I really thought we were over the sickness or at least on the tail end of it last Sunday. But we weren't. Peyton got the bug on Sunday evening and Annie got sick midweek. We had a lot of fun things planned and I was sort of disappointed. We missed a Sunday school part on Sunday and I cancelled my mom's group for Wednesday. There was another family cook out on Thursday for my ladies circle at church and we of course missed that. And then I ended up canceling our lunch with Carrie on Friday just to be safe. 

The silver lining is that we had a pretty relaxing week and we got to sort of operate on our own schedules which is nice when you're sick (or caring for sick little people). The other bonus is that I knocked out, or made progress on, some things I probably wouldn't have if we had been all over town. And we did have a nice fun weekend!

Peyton stayed home on Monday. He was functional but still contagious. I got up with the kids and had a pretty relaxing morning. I took a bath, ate breakfast, and tried to sort out some library fines. I sent a couple of emails, straightened the house and worked on lesson plans. And I played with the kids some, too. I started laundry and got the kids eating lunch and then ran to Target. Peyton had them resting, so I ate my lunch and got on the computer. I took a short nap myself and then helped the kids clean up their room.

Peyton had found this random one day only special event at the movie theater that was a documentary about Bruce Springsteen. I got ready and left to go see the movie by myself. Ha! I actually had a really good time. When I got home, Peyton had everyone in bed. We visited and I got on the computer and then went to bed. 

Peyton went in SUPER early on Tuesday (like left our house before four AM).I got up with the kids around eight and we lazed around a bit and then I had a bath and we ate breakfast. I started laundry and dishes and worked with Annie some on tracing and memory work. 

I cleaned the kids' play kitchen and the microwave and vacuumed in the den and bedrooms. I folded towels and then we cleaned up and had lunch. The kids rested and I got on the computer until Peyton got home. We talked and the kids got up. I helped them straighten up their room and then we headed to my parent's house just for fun. We had a good visit and I bathed them there. When we got home, they were both asleep. I talked to Peyton and wrote a post and laminated some things for AP. We went to bed sort of latish and then Annie woke up at like four in the morning COVERED in throw up. I did get Peyton to help me get her in the tub, but then I sent him back to bed. I really didn't want him to re-expose himself (he gets stomach bugs so easily and so, um, violently) and plus I knew he was exhausted. I ended up staying up a good while starting laundry and cleaning the floor and tub after I got Annie settled back in. I knew I'd be glad for it to all be done in the morning and plus I didn't want the germs around. But I probably went a bit overboard and could have saved some of it. Anyway, it worked out well because Peyton got up with the kids. And AP was fine after that little episode!

After sleeping a little late on Wednesday, I took my bath and visited with Peyton and had breakfast. Peyton was off and we all just had a lazy morning. 
The rule is you have to be in your bed (or better yet, snuggling in Momma's arms) to have your "baa". Lazy mornings mean a few trips back to bed/him laying  on the couch beside me so he can take a hit.

Peyton had a meeting at the church, so he left for that and I got busy. Annie worked on tracing and memory work and then I did my morning chores- laundry and dishes. We picked up and had lunch and then it was naptime. I read AP's Five in a Row book and I had lunch and got on the computer. I took a nap myself and Peyton got home. 
Magically, he woke up and played for a bit without getting in her face and bothering her.

I cooked super (we had these tacos, but I substituted fish for shrimp) and we ate and then got the kids to bed. I cleaned up the kitchen and visited with Peyton while I laminated some things and then we chatted. I got on the computer and cut out fabric for a sewing project. 

I had a TERRIBLY bad headache when I woke up on Thursday. Peyton was off but had an early morning meeting. The kids got up around eight and I spent about half an hour on the couch. I took some medicine and it kicked in and so I folded several loads of laundry. I took a bath and had breakfast and the kids ate a snack and then we picked up toys and did some school stuff (tracing and memory work) and I fixed their lunch. 
I'm not sure the underewear atop your clothes has the same powerful superhero effect when you're wearing a bumble bee jon jon under them. Shhh!!!

I did dishes while they ate and Peyton got home and did Annie's book with her. I ate lunch and spent most of naptime looking at NYC apartments.

When the kids got up, we went for a walk to the pond in our neighborhood. We fed the ducks and came home for supper, baths and bedtime (for the kiddos!). I got on the computer and sewed some and Peyton watched a movie. 

A little Timehop gem:

Story of my life. I adore my husband but he has the kind of personality that can drive a person up the wall. I have a feeling living in a six hundred square foot space with him will be...sanctifying.

I got up with the kids at seven on Friday (Graves woke up at six and Peyton had been up with him). Peyton went back to bed and I fed them breakfast, dressed them and started laundry. Peyton got back up about half an hour later and I went back to bed. We were ridiculous this week! Anyway, he took the kids to the park/splash pad and I slept until about nine. When he got home, he mowed the yard and I took a bath. I ran some errands when he came in (CSpire- my phone is acting crazy, Hobby Lobby for some canvases and Target). I got home and we worked on lunch together- grilled chicken Ceasar salad. Peyton grilled and I made the dressing. We ate and he left for work. I cleaned out our small vacuum and then we did our school stuff.
One thing we discussed at our curriculum meeting recently is that one of AP's weak areas is fine motor skills. We're not worried about it, but we're trying to be more diligent with tracing, cutting, ect. The other day Graves picked up the marker and gripped it like this and starting trying to do the sheet (the line on the left is Annie's). I've NEVER shown him how. She, on the other hand, makes me demonstrate the grip every time before even attempting (we're also working on confidence with her). Hopefully he'll always want to imitate her. It'll make homeschooling a lot easier, that's for sure! It's so much fun seeing their different strengths and weaknesses and trying to help them capitalize on/overcome them.

One area she's NOT lacking in is the imagination part of the brain- this is a worm in a raincoat and he was birthed into being right along with a fabulous story in which he's the central character. I'll take a storyteller over a penmanship prodigy any day, but that's my own passions showing through.

 I read to the kids and put Graves down and then I vacuumed and mopped the kitchen and cleaned his high chair. I started laundry and Annie and I read her book. I got her settled and got on the computer and then started working on my sewing project. The kids woke up but they played so well. They ended up having stayed in their room for over three hours! I finished and we cleaned up and headed to my parents' super late. We ate and visited and came home for bed. I got on the computer and visited with Peyton when he got home. 

Saturday was a fun day. Graves got up at six, but I changed his diaper and sent him back to bed. He got up for the day around seven and Peyton got ready for work. We relaxed and watched cartoons and I texted my friend from church who we were supposed to go to the park with because it was rainy. We decided to just have a little play date at her house. I got ready and got the kids ready and we headed over. We had a really nice time and when we got home the kids took super long naps. I got on the computer for a bit and then took a long nap myself. They got up and I got us all ready to go over to Patrick and Haley's house. 
I kind of hate we haven't worn this more this Summer. It's one of my favorites and I'm pretty sure at five I'll have to throw in the towel on bubbles. Hard to watch my sweet goofy grinned girl grow up.

Peyton got home and we left. I'm glad both the kids took such great naps (a real rarity for AP) because we stayed SO late at the Harkins'. Some other friends and their new baby were there and we had the best time!

We got home and put the kids to bed and it was close to midnight. I went to bed pretty soon after that with a terrible headache. I took some Sudafed and ended up having a pretty restless night. 

Peyton went to early church, but the kids and I went to Sunday school and the late service on Sunday. I took attendance during Sunday school and so I missed our class. When we got home, the kids played and I cleaned up the disaster kitchen. I unloaded and loaded dishes, scrubbed counters, took out the compost, and tidied a bit. 
His eyes were the same grey blue as his outfit for church.

I've never asked AP to put up her clothes (toys yes, clothes no) but she volunteered to put up a huge pile of shoes. She stacked them so neatly! Not sure if it's genetic or if I've trained her to be sort of compulsive. Either way, proud.

I fixed the kids lunch and then put them down for naps. I worked on a post and took another nap. The weather and a weird schedule had totally thrown me for a loop! I got up and folded a bunch of laundry when the kids got up. Peyton got home and we all just had a relaxed night. He helped me feed and bath the kids and we all cleaned up and then it was bedtime for them. We ate supper and chatted and then I got on the computer for a bit. 

This week we have some fun plans with friends on Tuesday and Thursday, my mom's group on Wednesday, a meeting on Friday, something Saturday evening. Plus Cookie will be here for the weekend! I'm excited about all of it!

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