Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Story

Sometimes I think that our story is small and boring and that there really isn't much to it. I don't think that's true for us, really. I don't think that's true for anyone.

Sometimes it feels that way, though.

Sometimes I wish I was the intelligent blond spit fire from The West Wing or Law and Order (Ainsley Hayes and ADA Alex Cabot, respectively), instead of the wife who's a bit of a smart ass.

Sometimes I want to be a real writer with a book on a shelf instead of spending countless hours in the  (admittedly so far very fruitful) endeavor of growing a reader.

Sometimes I wish I was sitting in an office wiping tears from eyes and helping people process their pain instead of wiping bottoms and helping my four year old process (what is to her very real) four year old hurts.

Sometimes I wish I was in a classroom teaching adolescents big , foundational concepts about life instead of teaching toddlers and preschoolers...well, big foundational concepts about life.

But those things aren't my story. At least not in this season, they aren't. And the truth is I have a husband who loves my sassiness, I have a child that adores books more than I'd ever dreamed, I have the privilege of helping that same sweet girl navigate her pain and the privilege of wiping her brother's bottom. And I have the honor of teaching them about life.

And that is a damn good story I get to live.

I have a confession: I *cannot* do this in five minutes. I've never done it in five minutes. Do people really do that? I get close and they are by far the quickest and most rough-around-the edges post and are very stream of conscious. But FIVE minutes? My mind just will not go that fast.

Five Minute Friday


Karrilee Aggett said...

Hey there! We are neighbors tonight over at Lisa Jo's... yes - I love this! Change is always around the corner... and our story is forever being written... Oh - and Ainsley Hayes... Yes please! (We are watching West Wing on Netflix right now and I love her!)

Debi @ said...

Oh yes, it's so easy to want to be in someone else's story, but how blessed are you to be in yours? Great post. Thank you for sharing it with us.