Sunday, August 4, 2013

Letter to (Four Year and Four Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

This month has been so much fun. It was another easy, laid back month and we all just enjoyed it so much. I think, particularly, though, you and I thrive off that kind of pace.

We've been playing in the sandbox and in y'alls tiny plastic pool, eating Pop-Ice and enjoying some beautiful (and incredibly hot) days!

But we've also started planning for another season. We're starting to nail things down about moving to New York in January and I explained to you that we wouldn't have just a ton of space for y'alls toys. I told you that maybe for Christmas it would be fun to get "decorations" for your room instead of more toys. I asked you how you felt about that and your eyes lit up and you immediately started discussing the possibilities. I thought that was so sweet and precious.

We had your curriculum counseling meeting at school and it was very interesting to learn about your learning style. You still are very auditory and your fine motor skills need work. But you're also very creative, you're good at (and interested in!) Math, and you listen and follow directions well. We're also trying to build up your confidence a bit because you really hesitate when you aren't 100% sure you know the correct answer.

Minnie gave you one of Bump's old handkerchiefs recently. You told me one night that you got hot when I was were talking to "those ladies at I wiped my sweat off with Bump's handkerchief." All I really wanted to do was sob into it when you said that. Bump was one of my most favorite people ever and sometimes it just nearly kills me she didn't get to meet two of my other main favorites.

We gave you and Graves some Aladdin and Jasmine Little People recently and you guys love them. It's also been interesting because all Summer you've really only wanted to wear dresses because that's what princesses wear, but now, since Jasmine wears pants, you are happy to wear shorts and rompers! 

You've started this thing where you sometimes speak in short, choppy sentences. For example the other night you were upset and you told me "mouth hurts". I asked why and you said "cryin' maybe". I asked if you'd been crying and you said "'bout to". For some reason, I sort of love it. Also, this is sort of a tangent, but you've gotten SO good at regulating your emotions lately!

You're very organized and like things to be neat. I've never gotten you to put up your clothes before (toys yes, clothes no) but the other day you volunteered to put up several pairs of shoes. I looked in your drawer and you had stacked them up so neatly. I'm not sure if it's genetic or I've trained you to be that way, but I love it. 

You've also gotten very self-sufficient since we gated you and Graves in your room at night. The other night you had a little accident and when we found you the next morning, you had changed your clothes and made yourself a palate on the floor! 

A little girl at church put her hand on my arm the other day and said "Do you know that she (and pointed to you) talks just like you?" I told her yes and that your little brother was starting to. She just sighed and put her head in her hands. It was hysterical. I'm kind of glad you talk the way you do, though. You turned down Duke's mayonnaise the other day and I was about to have to take away your Dixie Darling card myself. 

You love to ask questions in the form: "Why we...?", "Why you...?", "Why I...?" The other day you asked me "Why we change up our whole house? Because Bud is a big boy now?", after I made his high chair into a booster seat and Papa took off one side of his crib. Y'all are both growing up so, so fast. 

You and Graves are in the same size tennis shoe (you're about to move up), which is both adorable and hilarious. Lately people have started asking if the two of you are twins and my new response is to say "No Ma'am, but they are inseparable in the way I'd imagine twins to be". Because y'all are. And it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever had the privilege of witnessing. You also love to be the one to rock him before we put him to bed, even though he's about as big as you these days! And he loves it more than you can imagine. The way you two love inspires me to love better myself.

I have to tell you this. For some reason I worried a little bit about the way your sweet, precious nature will effect you. I asked Papa and several friends if they could think of anyone who was an introvert, sort of self reflective and a follower but still with a strong confidence and a great sense of conviction. I got several answers I was pleased with (Papa smiled softly and nodded slowly and told me that he thought of me that way) and that has helped me to feel better. And I know your personality could change a LOT between now and your teen years. I just do worry because you're so sweet and I don't want anyone to take advantage of that or use it to manipulate you.

I love you, sweet, precious girl and there is NOTHING about you I'd change.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. You're wearing my old Indian costume that was made out of a pillowcase. Clearly it doesn't have a size, but I wore it when I was around your age!

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