Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Searching for a New Home

So, our big exploring trip to NYC is THURSDAY. Like this Thursday.

In some ways, the trip really snuck up on us, but in some ways it's been a long time coming. We've been planning it for months and it's finally here! I'm sure this is a huge foretaste of what the real thing will feel like in January.

I have to say I'm a little nervous for a couple of reasons. For one thing: pressure. I mean obviously this trip is kind of a big deal. We really want to narrow down the area(s) we'd like to live. I'm okay with coming home and having two or three different neighborhoods on our radar, but what I don't want is to come home as lost and overwhelmed as (or more lost and overwhelmed than) I am now.  

But also I'm nervous because I'm pretty sure it will bring to the surface a lot of emotions. In one way, I know it will actually be (emotionally) harder than the real thing because I won't have my babies. But physically it's going to be a lot easier because I WON'T HAVE MY BABIES. Also, there's just the fact that I know it's going to make everything feel really real. It's actually going to happen...and relatively soon!

If I seem apprehensive it's because I am. I've been really, really looking forward to the trip, but this past week I just got so overwhelmed thinking about it.

At the same time, I know it will be fun to spend time together with just Peyton (we haven't both been a part from Graves for like more than six hours since he was born!). I also know it's going to be good for me to go up there and enjoy what the city offers in a temperate climate and without my two favorite buddies before the real thing happens.

Peyton has worked out the Manhattan itinerary and I've nailed down what we're trying to see in Brooklyn. I have a lot to do tonight and tomorrow to get ready, but I can't wait to see the place we'll call home in a few months!

Oh, and I'm planning to blog each day- probably brief posts. I don't usually do that on trips but for this one it seemed like a fun idea to chronicle this part of the journey!

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Christi said...

Minor panic attack...I couldn't live a comment from bloglovin. Aww...

Anyhow, I'm praying for you. I've been praying for you. I put a lot of pressure on myself for trips too...but this is a huge trip for you.

First of all, have a wonderful time with your husband. Hopefully you'll get to chat and spend time together without the interruptions or demands from the family. Your sweeties will be a-okay with whomever they are with.

Next off, many hugs about the home shopping (apartment). I remember when my husband and I had a weekend to go to St. Louis to find a home/apartment. Nothing like NYC and yet the anxiety was there. I'm praying that you come out with some wonderful ideas. My bil and sil lived in various parts of Manhattan and brooklyn for years (mostly brooklyn). It's where my nephew was born.

And lastly, I'm so excited for you and your family on this adventure. It's not been easy and it won't be easy at first but you have clearly put so much trust in Him and well it shows. Thanks for always sharing emotion and making life seem like it's just easy to make big changes.

You're such an amazing lady, I hope you see your strengths.