Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekly Happenings #229 (August 12-18)-- Operation Search For Our New Home (Continues)

Picking up where I left off the last WH post, we were back in Brooklyn on Monday.
I'm glad I wore my legit tennis shoes. I'm lame and out of shape, but I felt like I was training for an athletic event. 

We had a fabulous breakfast in Park Slope and then walked around the neighborhood for a couple of hours.

Next we hit Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill and ate lunch at a cute little placed called Ted and Honey.

We revisited Prospect Heights, Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. It was good to get a feel for the area at night. It was hard to think about how gentrification actually hurts some families. We got take out and I went to bed emotionally and physically exhausted....

...and missing these people.

Tuesday we did more of Manhattan after getting a late start and getting caught in the rain.

We did Lenox Hill and Yorkville- the Upper East Side- first. Lenox Hill was very fast paced and Yorkville just seemed a little too affluent for our tastes.

At a grocery store in Yorkville. This ain't your Kroger's olive bar. 

We went to Harlem next and met the sweetest man and his granddaughter who was being homeschooled by his wife, her grandmother. We had a wonderful conversation with them. Our last area to hit was the Upper West Side. I was exhausted so we went back to the lodge for a bit and then Peyton finished the UWS by himself.
My friend Mallory, who knows how much routines and rituals help me combat my anxiety, suggested I choose a couple of "keystone habits" to practice in order to have a sense of familiarity and consistency while we were on our trip. It was so helpful and I'm adding it to my mental/emotional health toolbox and for sure using it for the move.

Our tiny people had spent the day with Peyton's parents and got to enjoy a park date and picnic with their cousins!

Wednesday was our last full day in NYC and we wanted to revisit several areas. We headed to Prospect Lefferts Gardens again first. It was not at all the same feeling as we had gotten when we rushed through it on Saturday. There were beautiful homes and y'all, one lady INVITED US IN. We enjoyed visiting with another lady who was walking her dog and then moved on to Harlem after stopping for lunch at a random place in the Upper West Side.

Harlem was interesting. We were both really interested in it, but in some areas we didn't really feel comfortable. We visited with one guy at a coffee shop and he was so friendly. He was making lemonade with water, bottled lemon juice and sugar. I could tell it was a daily ritual for him.

We also went to an open house. The apartment was REALLY great. Too bad we found out later that the reason a cop was in the subway station was because "a robbery was going on".

After that we headed to Clinton Hill one more time, (accidentally) by way of Bed Stuy.
Definitely no/hopefully so. 

I enjoyed my favorite drink (a bottled Coke) in my favorite neighborhood (Clinton Hill). 

We visited with a lady outside her apartment and got a very good feeling about the neighborhood.

That night we went to a swanky bar in the trendy West Village. It's an area that's totally impractical for our purposes, but it's neat to visit.
We got dinner and drinks and just enjoyed a night out. 

Urban Traveling Protip: Even if you don't have a fridge, get your leftovers boxed in case you see a homeless person on the way home. You likely will see a homeless person on the way home. 

He told me that when he went exploring by himself last night he put $20 between a homeless couple who were asleep and snuggling at the subway stop because he just thought they were so sweet. I cried. I hope I'm tough enough for this city (and good enough for this man). 

We were headed home on Thursday, but we headed to Warby Parker to try on glasses and had lunch first.

Saying farewell to the Chelsea Lodge

Warby Parker fun!

ByeBye, Big Apple (for now!)

I love sweet texts from Minnie 

We got to the airport early and just kind of killed time before the flight. Peyton spent the entirety of our in-air time on the first leg of the journey working on a budget for our year in the city. Because, of course. 

We had a short lay over in D.C. and then headed home. Peyton's dad picked us up at the airport. We found these guys like this:

Tiny people, huge blanket bed. Operation Search For Our New Home had concluded. Tiny bit of sads for such a great experience to be over, but huge amounts of happiness to be under the same roof with them. The next time I fly into La Guardia I'll have them on either side of me and the next time I see New York, we will have found the home we've been searching for. I was a bit teary, to tell the truth. 

Peyton got up with the kids on Friday and I slept a little later. I got up and took my bath and we all hung out a bit. Peyton got read for work and the kids and I ate lunch. I started laundry and washed dishes and then we straighted up and I put the kids down for naps.
best blanket bed to date!

It's crazy how someone can melt my heart and fray my nerves AT THE EXACT SAME TIME (see the switch plate). 

I got the computer and ate a snack and then took a nap myself. When the kids go tup, we picked up their room and then got ready to head to my parens'. I realized they still had our house key, so my mom came over to lock it. We had a great time at Mickey and Minnie's and the kids fell asleep on the way home.

Peyton and I talked when he got home and I worked on a post and went to bed.

The kids woke up around eight thirty as Peyton was leaving on Saturday. I was really tired an super congested and we had a very low key morning. We watched cartoons and had breakfast and I took my bath and started laundry and dishes.
The stuff good Saturdays are made of

When the kids napped, I got on Twitter a bit, ate my lunch and meal planned, and just rested. They got up and I folded some laundry and then PEyton got home. We went for a walk and fed the ducks at the pond in our neighborhood. We fixed the kids supper and Peyton bathed them while I straightened the house. I uploaded some pictures and worked on a blog post and Peyton and I talked and went to bed.

We went to Sunday school and church on Sunday. Because of sickness, taking attendance, Cookie visiting, and the trip I hadn't been to our Sunday school class in a month! It was nice to be back. I helped with children's church at the late service and we came home and had lunch. I started more laundry and dishes and got the kids settled. I got on the computer and took a nap and ate my lunch. When the kids got up we cleaned up their room and got ready and headed to church. It was a really great sermon. We swung by home and picked up Peyton afterward and all headed to the grocery store. When we got home, I unloaded groceries and we put the kids to bed. We had a frozen pizza for supper and Peyton went walking with his brother. I played on the computer and searched for a bubble that I made for Graves and thought I had lost for like TWO HOURS (turns out it was in Peyton's car). He got home and we talked and went to bed.

She still had her backpack on and he took off his pjs. And they were on the floor yet again. But they were asleep and they were SNUGGLING. So sweet. Perfect way to end the week.

I'm glad to be back home. Tired and a little bit frazzled, but so happy to be reunited with my tiny sweeties. 

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