Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #227 (July 29-August 4)- Cookie and Coney and King Louie Visit

We had a great week this past week. And we ended it with seeing Cookie and Conrad ("Coney" as Bud calls him these days) and of course their lovely dog, King Louie. 

I got up and got ready for the CPC on Monday and sent an email to a Twitter friend with some questions about NYC before I left. I had a good day at the CPC and then I got home Peyton and I had time to talk for a few minutes.
This is the calendar at the CPC. It means so much to me that, right alongside prayers for the sparing of literal lives, these women are willing to pray for clarity for me and Peyton and we try to determine where our family will thrive next year. 

 He left and I fed the kids lunch and did dishes. They played and I folded laundry and then I put them down for naps. 
So in addition to dress holding during bed jumping, godfathers are also pretty good at analyzing personalities and discussing their impact. Additionally, they make darn good friends to anxiety filled mommas. At least in our case. 

Annie fell asleep so it ended up being a great naptime. I mostly researched NYC and ate lunch and then I took a super short nap myself. 
He asked to nap in AP's bed. I put him in it and not a peep. He was out in five minutes. 

They got up and played and I folded more clothes. I let them go outside for supper and I read some and looked started doing lesson plans and then decided to take the week off from Five In a Row. We came in and did bedtime routines and I put them down and got back on the computer to upload pictures and work on a post. The kids took FOREVER to go to sleep (it was like midnight!). Peyton got home somewhere in there and we went to bed pretty late. 

Peyton went golfing with some friends on Tuesday and I got up with the kids. Graves was set on getting up at 7:00 and I had already sent him back to bed an hour earlier. Anyway, he ate breakfast and we snuggled and then he played by himself (without waking up AP!) in his room for a bit. She got up and we all ate breakfast (Graves had another one). We straightened their room and then I took my bath and got ready and we headed over to Haley's to play with Gus and Hank. We had a great time visiting and made pizzas for lunch! We came home and I put them down and got on the computer.
In his own bed, but wearing sister's slippers. 

 Peyton got home from a work thing and we talked a bunch about the trip coming up. He went outside to work in the yard and I finished up some things. The kids got up and we picked up toys and then I let them play in the kiddie pool while I read some. 
Post-swim sand box jumping

Hosing off sister's toes- such a joyful little servant!

They ate supper outside and Peyton bathed them while I did laundry and dishes. We got the kids ready for bed and my friend Kellie dropped by to pick up some canvases for a project she's doing for me. Both the kids went to sleep fast and Peyton and I had makeshift suppers and talked and then I got on Twitter and wrote a quick post. 

I slept late on Wednesday and then ran by the sewing store to get some some supplies because I was taking a class the next day. When I got home, I started laundry and dishes and straightened. While the kids ate lunch, I deleted pictures off the camera's memory card. I put them down and AP ended up falling asleep. I got a lot done- I had lunch, got on Twitter, got some things together to go to Goodwill and recorded them for tax purposes, read some of the chapter for that night, got a blog post half written, finished the chapter, and got the kids' dinners ready.Whoa! I woke them up and we got ready and left for church. The group went really well and we had some great discussion. I put the kids to bed when we got home, but they took awhile falling asleep. I got on the computer and went to bed pretty early.

Thursday was fun. The kids got up and played a little by themselves which was really nice. I got up and we all had breakfast and I sewed some on our rug that the kitties have worked on. I traced and cut out my sewing pattern and then got Graves to clean up the toys he had made a mess with in his room the night before. I sent an email about a Junior League thing and then took my bath and we got ready to meet Carrie and her kids at Mellow Mushroom. We had a really good time and when we left it was naptime. I put the kids down and I got a lot done again. I threaded my machine and set up my bobbin for that night and then I got on Twitter and did my whole header for August. I got the kids up and we got ready and met Peyton at sewing shop. He took the kids home and I had fun at my class. I got home and the kids were in bed. Peyton and I discussed some stuff about our will for a meeting the next day and then I wrote a blog post.

I actually got up kind of early on Friday and Peyton and I both did some straightening. I got laundry going and we got ready for the meeting with the lawyer who is writing our will. The babysitter got here and we left. We met our financial adviser (who is also a good friend!) at Beagle Bagel and went together to the attorney's. The meeting went well and when we got home, I straightened the house some. We all loaded up and headed to Parker Uniforms to get AP a dress she needed for school and then I dropped the kids and Peyton off and ran to Hobby Lobby. During naptime, I ate lunch, got on Twitter, read blogs and wrote a post. I hung up some clothes and then the kids got up. I traced a pattern and cut it out and pinned the fabric to make a second pair of pants. We all got ready and headed to my parents' for beans. Graves had never fallen asleep and was just ill pretty much the whole time. The kids both fell asleep on the way home. I worked on my sewing project and got it almost done but it took a couple of hours. I went to bed late. 

The kids slept a little late on Saturday and Graves even got up and played by himself for a bit. We all got going at nine and had breakfast and I loaded dishes. I started putting the elastic in the pants after I tried them on Graves. It kept twisting and I had to undo some stitches a few times. It took a while to get it right. 

I hopped in the bath and got all our stuff ready and we met Cookie, Conrad and my parents at the yacht club. We had so much fun swimming and had lunch. It was the best time.

When we got home, I put everyone down and spent half an hour organizing my sewing box and cleaning up the mess from sewing I had made in the study. I got on Twitter and talked to Ellis on the phone for nearly an hour. The kids got up and played really well together while I took a quick bath and got ready. 

Peyton got home and Claire got here and Peyton and I left. My friend Mallory started a philosophy club and we discussed politics that night. It's really a fun discussion group! We got home and gave the kids quick baths and picked up toys and put them to bed. I got on the computer and then went to bed. 

We all got up and got ready for early church on Sunday and Peyton ran to get the kids donuts since he had promised them to them the night before. We actually left on time! We had communion so AP sat with us. She was so tired and sat in my lap and snuggled the whole time. We were skipping Sunday school to go see Cookie (Peyton left for work) and when we went to get Graves apparently he had had an accident in the nursery, but it wasn't much of an accident, if you know what I mean. I love that our nursery workers handled it so well. Anyway, he had also shoved something up his nose. Rough day to be a nursery worker! We left and headed to my parents. I was all the way across town and remembered I was supposed to do the Sunday school attendance that week. I called my friend Karissa and thankfully she answered in the middle of Sunday school and was so sweet and helped me out. When we got there Cookie and Conrad were still asleep (they had been out late at the engagement party they were in town for). We hung out until they got up and then visited and ate lunch. Both kids fell asleep in the car on the way home. 
Cookie and "Coney" wore these folks out. I was so sad about Cookie leaving and was just having a really hard day and decided a nap for myself would help.

I sorted some more Goodwill stuff and then worked on AP's letter. I ate lunch and took a nap myself. The kids got up and we just played until Peyton got home. 

"Look, a little nurse just like Cookie!" ::SOB::

We had dinner (just leftovers and such) and played some more. I finished up the Goodwill stuff and Peyton got the kids to bed.
The first of hopefully many Goodwill loads as I seek to purge our house before the move. I felt better and lighter. Apparently, this is good for the soul.

 I ate and we talked and took some stuff to the attic and then I finished AP's letter and tagged stuff for a consignment sale. Peyton and I chatted and went to bed. 

I'm going to post more about it tomorrow, but our trip is this week and I'm so excited/nervous!

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