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Weekly Happenings Post #228 (August 5-11)-- Operation Search for Our New Home

Obviously, I'm super late on this. But we left for NYC last Thursday and got back this past Thursday at like 9:30. So, it's been a little crazy. But our trip was SO much fun. I blogged about it in much more detail on the NYC blog. Oh, and all these pictures will be familar if you read the posts over there. We brought our big camera on the trip, but ended up not wanting to lug it around. And even when we did have it, it was easier to just take snapshots on our phones. We weren't really doing the typical "sight-seeing" thing anyway, so there wasn't much point. Plus, we'll have a whole year for that, anyway!

The kids had been up SO late on Sunday night. They didn't sleep too much later on Monday morning, but they got up and played together in their room. I slept late, so I call it a win.

Anyway, when I got up, we all had breakfast and I started laundry and unloaded and loaded dishes. We picked up their disaster area room and I loaded up all the stuff to take to Goodwill then I took a bath and got us all ready. We dropped off my stuff for the consignment sale that week and made a huge Goodwill drop off. I was shocked, but it only took about an hour and I had to drive across town. We got home and the kids ate lunch and I picked up some and then got them settled. Annie and I visited and I ate my lunch. Graves took a long time to go to sleep, but I got on Twitter and uploaded pictures from my cellphone and then uploaded pictures from the computer to the blog for a post. I spent about an hour planning the Brooklyn part of our trip and then folded a load of laundry and got ready for the consignment sale that night. I got the kids up and we hurried and picked up their toys and I dropped them off with my dad for about an hour until Peyton could get home.
This is what happened when AP told him Cookie wasn't at Mickey and Minnie's house anymore. I know just how you feel, sweet boy. Oh how I know. 

The sale was fun and I got a TON of cute things. Afterward, Carrie and I went and ate Mexican. We had such a great time and to be honest, the whole thing was bittersweet. We talked a lot about the move. [I know, I'm acting like we're moving tomorrow. But still. It's starting to hurt.] I went by Kroger on the way home and when I got home, I unloaded groceries and detagged all the stuff I bought.
"King of Wishful Thinking" at 10:45 in the frozen foods section = winning. I may have strutted. 

I picked up a bit and started some laundry and then I finished a post and went to bed after talking to Peyton some.

Tuesday was a busy day. I got up and was so tired and my throat hurt a little. I was so hoping I didn't have something, but I think it was just sinus stuff. Anyway, I laid on the couch a bit and then took my bath and had breakfast. I started dishes and straightened some piles in the kitchen and then scrubbed the counters. Peyton and I talked about the trip and I folded a load of laundry and when he left for work I vacuumed the kitchen and then mopped it. I cleaned both bathrooms and then helped the kids pick up toys (they had played SO well together!). They ate lunch and I vacuumed the rest of the house. I put Graves down and got Annie settled and ate a little lunch myself. I got on the computer and wrote a quick post and Morgan texted me about meeting for dinner. I laid down for a bit- I was just feeling sort of overwhelmed about the trip- and then talked to Darlene. I got ready and got the kids ready and we met Morgan and her girls at Newks. We had a nice time and when we got home, I bathed both kids and did Graves's nighttime routine. I did Annie's and practiced braiding her hair and then put her to bed. I straightened a little and got on Facebook and texted a friend. Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed.

Wednesday was a good, busy day. The kids slept super late and we didn't get up until ten!!! We had breakfast and I started laundry and changed AP's sheets and unloaded and loaded dishes. We picked up toys in the kids room and then I had my bath. I folded some laundry and the kids ate lunch and I started fixing some chicken spaghetti for them to eat while we were on the trip. I got them settled for rest time and ate my lunch and got on the computer. I folded more laundry, straightened some piles, and put fresh sheets on our bed. I read some in my book for my mom's group and folded up the Pack N Play for Peyton's parents. The kids got up and we got ready and headed to church. It was our last meeting and it went really well. We got home and I got the kids ready for bed. They had a really hard time going to sleep. I got on the computer and played on Facebook and sent a couple of emails about Junior League and to a new friend who is moving to NYC (Minnie and her momma are friends). I typed up some info on the kids and Peyton got home. I finished packing the children's stuff to go to the Herrington's and I started folding laundry and packing my bags. I ate supper and finished packing super late.
Annie pre-crash: "This is the biggest blanket bed we've ever made!" Yep, you two really outdid yourselves this time.

My parents got here around eight thirty on Thursday so we could leave for NYC. We were up and ready and the house actually looked really good. It's always nice to leave a clean, fresh house! I finished loading dishes while talking to my mom about things and then my dad took us to the airport after we kissed the babies goodbye. Our flight got delayed, but we had a great seat partner. We checked in at the Chelsea Lodge and got settled.
The room is tiny and the potty is down the hall. But CHEAP so...yay! 

Then we had a wonderful dinner at Lasagna Ristorante, a great Italian restaurant and watched the world go by!
After supper, we walked around Chelsea and called it a night. 

Friday was our first full day in the city. Peyton had an interview and so we just hung around Chelsea that morning. After his interview, we spent the rest of the afternoon checking out the East Village

We had ice cream from a place called Sweet Delights...

visited the Community Center and Botanical Garden...

did a little thrifting...

and saw some street art...

We finished up by going to Thompkins Square Park . I wasn't expecting so much green in Alphabet City.

We had dinner at Oda House, which has Georgian food. 

All the while, these guys were having a blast at home. 
She's been telling Minnie all the rules and jumping in puddles; he rubbed peanut butter in his hair and fak-reaked out about the thunder. 

We hit Brooklyn for the first time on Saturday. We slept late and then hit a farmer's market in Fort Greene and the Brooklyn flea. 

We had lunch at The Smoke Joint then stumbled upon a really happening block party in Clinton Hill

Next we headed to Prospect Heights- we did the Brooklyn Library and Prospect Park. 

Our last stop was Prospect Lefferts Gardens. We were a little turned off, but we didn't give it much of a change, to be honest. TIRED people. 

We came home and took a nap and the evening was just rough. I wrote about it on the NYC blog, but it involved transvestites, tears, Peyton and I getting in a fight, and me learning a few things about myself

We did meet a cute new friend who walked and talked with us for several blocks, so that was fun!

We decided to go to an evening service on Sunday and explored more of Manhattan. 
Favorite shoes!

We went to Hell's Kitchen first, by way of Times Square and a truly mediocre pizza place. 
(Times Square gives me about as much anxiety as the transvestites at the bar. Too many people, too much going on.) 

Hell's Kitchen was not a winner. It was just to urban and a little too dirty. We headed to Morningside Heights, which is a neighborhood filled mostly with Columbia professors and students. We loved it a lot. After that we did Manhattanville (West Harlem). We didn't give it too much time, but neither of us felt comfortable with it. 

We ended the night at Trinity Grace Church in Chelsea. The sermon was about evangelism and it was GREAT! We just came home and chilled out after that. 

The trip, of course, continued into this week. I'll share the rest probably on Monday!

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