Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #230 (August 19-25)-- Back in the Saddle (Or Slowly Getting There)

Last week was strange. I just felt so "off". I've been so incredibly inpatient with the kids and I hate that. And they seemed ridiculously cranky and irritable, too. Not sure if it's the chicken or the egg, but it's very cyclical. I think some of it was just being gone and being out of our routine and some of it is still being tired from the trip.

I know I sound so lame, but I'm just not in great shape. Peyton had told me months ago that I needed to start walking to build up my endurance because this would be like no walking I had ever done before. I remembered walking a bunch in Chicago when I was pregnant with Graves and decided to follow his advice. But the Summer came and it was just to lovely for me to add another thing to it, so I didn't. Honestly, the first couple of days were pretty rough and I was exhausted, but it wasn't as terrible as I thought it might be. I think part of it is that even though it rained some, the humidity there is not comparable to here. Exercising outdoors (even walking) here is (for me) really hard on your respiratory system. Plus it was definitely not cool, but the heat wasn't near as bad.

But I think it sort of caught up to me. I've been took quite a few naps and TRIED to go to bed earlier.

I got up and got ready to go to the CPC on Monday. It was sort of hard getting back in the swing of things and I had forgotten how to do some stuff. Ha! There was a girl there that is making a documentary about both sides of the abortion issue in Missisisippi. She was actually from Brooklyn, so it was neat talking to her. I got gas on the way home and Peyton had to leave pretty quickly. The house was a WRECK (he had gotten the kids to clean up their room) and I was kind of stressed. I got to work and picked up and did dishes and laundry for the next couple of hours. I fixed the kids lunch and then put them down for naps. Graves never did fall asleep and he pulled the bulletin board of the wall. I finally just put AP in there and they striped the bed. OMG.
It appears my kids have gotten very good at mess making. However, Annie just informed me that they were "changing the sheets" because "our Little People teeteed on them". 

I did get some sewing done, I ate my lunch, and I got on the computer briefly. When they got up, we played and then they ate supper and had baths. I worked on my sewing project some more and cooked turkey burgers for myself and Peyton. He got home and we visited and ate and then I finished a post and cleaned up the kitchen.

I got up feeling kind of yucky on Tuesday. And then Peyton realized he was supposed to be at work. It was actually probably good because I got myself in gear. I took the trash to the street and put Graves's car seat in my car.
I was struggling with getting the seat tight and mentioned it on Twitter and someone suggested getting in the seat to tighten it. Best install ever!

I took a bath and worked on laundry and did dishes and the kids had a snack. We worked on tracing and memory work and finished pretty quickly and then I worked on cutting out some laminated tracing sheets while the kids did Play Dough. We ate lunch and cleaned up and then they rested. I started a post, got on Twitter, took a short nap :), and made a dessert for Ultreya that night. When they got up, we all got ready and headed to Ultreya after a speed clean up of their room. It was good and Peyton met us there. He went to get a headlight on his car fixed afterward and I put the kids to bed. They took forever to go to sleep and I finished my post and put some pictures on Facebook. Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

Wednesday was weird (and frustrating). I just couldn't seem to get anything done. I slept a bit late since Peyton was home, but I still got up before nine. I needed to send a few emails and between that and getting a bath and talking to Peyton some, the morning was gone. He told the kids a story (they were dying for some attention from him and he had been busy all morning) and left for work. I started my dishes and laundry routine and helped the kids clean up their messy room. They ate lunch around one thirty and we skipped our school routine for the day. I got them settled and got sucked into something on the computer. I ate lunch and then started to get ready for church. I went to help the kids get ready and I realized they had been playing in their "special things" boxes.
Don't worry, I found his baby hair. Or actually his sister did. 

Don't know which I get a kick out of more- her outfits or her faces!

We did a quick clean up and left for church. We're doing this new thing where we listen to a video tapped message from the bishop and then break into small groups and discuss. It went well. Since Graves had skipped his nap, I put him right to bed and AP followed right after. I got on the computer and worked on a post and put pictures on Facebook until Peyton got home. We chatted and went to bed.

I got up and we got ready on Thursday to go over to the Howie's for a play date. We had a great time and came home and ate lunch and took naps. I ate my lunch, got on the computer, and took a short nap. The kids wanted to swim in their little pool so badly.
I so didn't want to do this and it started raining after five minutes and thundering after ten (I knew it would). But Summer is almost over and the reality of not having a yard next year is on my mind a lot and I think the five minutes I spent in a chair under the little overhang by that door were maybe the most well spent ones I've had all week.  

Childhood is so beautiful.

We came in and dried off and ate supper and then I let them take a long bath together.
They love eating lettuce with raspberry vinaigrette. They decided the lettuce is leaves (an obvious choice for a little boy 'saur and a little girl 'saur). And the dressing is, well, pink dressing (an obvious choice for a pink-loving little boy and a pink-loving little girl). 

We all played and I folded laundry and talked to my mom and then I put them to bed.
Peyton's love for the literature tee is OOC. I actually think it's kind of a cool quirk about him that this is essentially the top half of his casual wardrobe I love that I get to be married to such a fun, unique dude. 

Annie cried so hard because she was worried her prince would fall asleep again while we did her nighttime routine!

I got on the computer and worked on a post and made this mango salad for supper. Peyton got home and grilled the chicken and we talked and ate and went to bed.

Peyton was off on Friday and it was a full day. We got up a little late and then I took a bath and got ready. I started dishes and laundry and had breakfast and we left to run errands. We went to Payless, CSpire, and Radio Shack. We got home and I dropped Peyton and the kids off and ran to Target and Kroger. Peyton put the kids down for naps and when I got home he took his car to the shop (it ended up needing a new battery). I ate lunch and got on the computer for just a few minutes and then I started getting ready because we had a moms social thing . Peyton got home and the kids got up and I made a dessert.
They did this during naptime. Cords on blinds give me anxiety. I told Peyton I was just so thankful no one was hanging from it. Gah, I'm so morbid. 

He took the kids outside to swim in the little kiddie pool and I left for the thing. Y'all- it was fun but I was out SO late. We ate, visited, and then played a game where we basically just answered questions about ourselves. I enjoyed myself but I was so drained by the time I got home. Peyton and I chatted and went right to bed.

Saturday was busy, too. We slept late. The kids actually both came in our room and crawled in our bed and went back to sleep (Annie before five and Graves around six). When we all got up, we hustled and got ready to go to Granny's. Peyton ran to the store and made chicken salad while I got ready and got the kids ready. We left and got to Granny's before noon. We stayed all afternoon and Peyton helped his dad bush hog. Granny was feeling sort of bad and that made it a little bit of a harder trip. I just didn't want her to feel like she needed to worry about feeding us or keeping the kids entertained or whatever. We did have a wonderful time, though.
Barefoot on the back of a pick-up

fans of the fried chicken (one more obvious than the other)

Minnie commented on another picture I put up on IG and said she sits just like I did when I was her age (i.e. not like a lady). She's riding in the car the same way I am now...at twenty eight.

After we left, we headed over to Ellis and Minda's since we were about half an hour away. Minda cooked supper and we just visited. We had "noodle bowls"- so yummy and so pretty. After we ate, we all took their dog for a walk and winded up at a little park in their neighborhood. Annie was so sad we had to leave the AWESOME park (haha, it was tiny!) and had a huge melt down. I know she was exhausted. The kids both fell asleep on the way home, in spite of having slept between Granny's and El's house.
Driving in the night and singing "Werewolves of London" and howling with your sweetie. Next time, I think we'll try to find a Warren Zevon bar in NYC. We are so weird.

Before she went to sleep, we moved on to Annie's favorite- Wilco. She's weird, too.

We put them right in bed and pretty much went to bed ourselves.

We got up on Sunday morning and bathed the kids and got ready and headed to Sunday school and church. It was a good lesson and a nice service. When we got home, I stripped the beds and started laundry and Peyton fed the kids lunch. We put them down and I ate and then I went to a Junior League orientation for my project this year. I'm working at the Children's Museum and I think it'll be really fun. I got home and did a few more quick things and then it was time to get ready for church.
feeding Cheez-Its to the neighborhood ducks who stopped by our yard

She's wearing my nightgown. That plus her hair is hysterical to me. It gets worse if you can hear her voice. NYC isn't going to know what to do with this chick. Country comes to town. 

Like father, like daughter...had to get her a tiny literature tee. So excited to find her favorite book!

Can't forget Brother Babar! Gah, they both look so big.

Obsessed. Jon jons and bishops or literature tees. Whichever.

We went to the evening service and ran by Walmart and came home and fed the kids and put them down.

I searched for some Winter coats online for them and went to bed.

I had a hard day emotionally today, but I think this week is going to be really good.

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