Saturday, August 31, 2013

What I'm Into: August

On the Nightstand:
I finished a book...hallelujah, am still working through two and started a new one. 

Reflections for Ragamuffins: Daily Devotions by Brennan Manning 
My friend Mallory suggested that I chose a couple of keystone habits and commit to those things for the trip, in order to sort of feel a sense of familiarity and routine. It worked great and one of the things I chose (along with writing daily) was reading from this book. Brennan's words are just loaded with grace and for me, that brings peace.  

I finally finished this. It was a really good read. Nothing super deep, but I think it spoke to where I am right now with parenting. Again, it was just so full of grace and those are messages I need to hear these days.

I'm going to finish this, but I don't know when. I hope this month. I wanted to love it more than I do and I'm just reading so many other things that interest me more. 

Like this! I read a good bit on the plane to NYC and almost regretted it. It's so good and it's actually a book I'm in no hurry to finish. Peyton mentioned that he thought it was the kind of book that would lend itself well to being a "bedside book" and just reading a few pages each night. It would literally take like less than a minute to do so. I think maybe that will be a keystone habit :)

I started this one the plane ride home and read a pretty big chunk.  I really, really like it. In fact, SO FAR it's one of my favorite parenting books I've ever read. It's got a Love and Logic feel, but it goes so much deeper to the "heart" of the child. It's less about behavior modification and more about teaching children the skills they need to cope with all the situations they will face in life.

This has been sort of a weird month and we haven't made it to the library much (or at all) and we also took a break from homeschooling and our Five In a Row books. That said, just this week I decided to do something for Graves (it makes me really, really happy when I can figure out small things to build in our day that are specifically for him). Before his nap each day, we're reading a couple of pages (as his attention allows) from this book. It has stories in it, but right now we're just going through the pages of colors, letter, shapes, ect. Things I need to be focusing on with him anyway. It's such an old book (it was mine growing up) and I love the classic feel, as well. 

On the Shelf:

Real Sex- Lauren Winner
I'm really excited about this one. A good friend recommended it and I know it will be really beneficial just based on my friend and his standards for writing and his ideas about sexuality. 

Immersion Bible Study: Psalms- J. Clinton McCann
We did this series in our Sunday school class for awhile and loved it and Peyton and I decided to do it on our own when the class moved onto something else. We initially got the Joshua one, but for some reason, had a hard time getting through it. So we're giving this one a shot. I have to be honest. My Bible reading lately has been the worst it's been in years. I really want to get back into Scripture and I'm hoping this will be a good place to start. 

At the Theater (or from the couch):

The Last Clinic
So, this girl was at the CPC a few weeks ago filming for a documentary. It turns out she'd done a short one about the attempts to close the abortion clinic here and she decided she wanted to tell the other side of the story, so she was filming at the CPC. Anyway, I had to watch the video of the old one. It didn't change my opinion or anything, I'm still very pro-life, but it does give you (or it gave me) a bit more understanding of  "the other side", especially one of the physicians who provides abortions. It seems like he's a truly gentle man who is honestly doing what he feels is right. Of course, I'd strongly disagree with him as I see it as the taking of an innocent life and I will live out the rest of my days trying to steer women away from that clinic, but it's weird and hard and humbling realizing the guy doesn't seem like the monster I thought he would (and kind of wished he would be, if we're being really honest). 

On the Small Screen:
I literally did not watch a thing besides Nightly News. Like I said, weird month. I like watching Nightly News just to stay updated and that pretty much is a keystone habit. I do it every night, super late, last thing, after I crawl in bed. It's always interesting and like I said, I feel like it keeps me (somewhat) current beyond, like, Miley. That said, it's been hard to watch because SYRIA. Oh my word, Syria. My heart is all kinds of broken every night thinking about it. 

In My Ears:
They sent Peyton a messed up hard drive, so we had to reorder it and again I'm without a monthly playlist. We did listen to some great tunes on a short road trip the other day including, but not limited to, They Might Be Giants, Of Monsters and Men, and Warren Zevon. Good, good tunes. 

Around the House:
I haven't changed up or done anything fun this month. Ordinarily it seems like there's something, but this month nothing. 

In the Kitchen:
Nothing super exciting. In fact, I've been on kind of a cooking strike this month. I know, sort of sounds like normal. But really, it's been worse. The kids have been eating a lot of sandwiches and fresh fruit, Peyton's been eating eggs and black bean burgers, and I've been eating...way to much junk.

Anyway, I did make this chicken mango salad and it was not awful, but probably not worth repeating. I made some old favorites (chicken spaghetti and tuna croquettes) and I made these turkey burgers which actually were pretty darn good. 

In My Closet:
It's been a polka dot sort of month...
[All three c/o Target]

I also enjoyed wearing an old skirt of my mom's from when she was in college-- 40(!!) years ago!

Peyton is obsessed with his litertature tees from here, and I couldn't resist getting AP one from her favorite book. And then I couldn't resist getting one for Brother Babar, too. 
I'm pretty proud of his little shorts- I whipped them up myself!

In My Mailbox:
I'm trying to get us outfitted for the big move and Land's End some down coats way marked down. I really need a petite xs, but for half off the XS will work wonderfully (and honestly it will be nice to have room to layer under it). I think it would look pretty absurd without the belt, but the belt makes the extra fabric less obvious. 

I also ordered AP some shoes to go with her uniform. I've found it really helpful to get her a pair of red Converse and a pair of white lace up Keds in the Fall because both can be passed down to Graves. I got these off eBay and they were still a little damp from their inaugural washing- well, inaugural at my house anyway. But I think they just sparkle. I doubt anyone will be able to tell that Annie's first day of school isn't necessarily their first.

In My Cart:
As nice as it is to have a couple of pairs of gender neutral shoes, it's fun to have a pair of fun, slightly girly cute ones, too. I picked these up at Target. Again with the polka dots, ha!

I also hit up the first of I think three consignment sales I'm going to this Fall. These are some of my favorites I got for the kiddos.

Lastly, when we were in NYC, we did a little thrifting. I found this skirt and two dresses for $5 a piece!

On My Heart:
I've been so overwhelmed lately with just being smacked with reality. I just feel like there's so much pain in the world and sometimes it pops up in the places you least expect it. From all the homeless people in New York to people right around us that I would never have guessed are undergoing terribly hard things. 

In My Prayers:
- I'm praying for a specific family at our church who is going through such hardships. 
- I'm continuing to pray for Annie's little school as the the school year draws near. That He will guide her teachers and guide us in educating her. 
- I'm praying that I will be wise in how I use my time and carve out space for myself, for relationships, for the Lord, for schooling and cooking and writing and for everything else I'm forgetting. 

On the Calendar: 
September is starting to look busy. School starts, the Junior League year starts, and we have a few other things going on. I think it will be a good month! 

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Liz said...

Love love love that quote at the beginning!

karen said...

Real Sex is very good (ha! awkward sentence). I really appreciate the research, depth and her sardonic wit when dealing with celibacy in all it's strange, holy glory. Would be interested to hear your take on it! (visiting from Leigh Kramer's blog).

karen said...

Real Sex is very good (ha! awkward sentence). I really appreciate the research, depth and her sardonic wit when dealing with celibacy in all it's strange, holy glory. Would be interested to hear your take on it! (visiting from Leigh Kramer's blog).

Ginger said...

What a wonderful list! I must look into those literature tees! Brennan Manning is a favorite author of mine - never gets old!

Tacy said...

Your What I'm Into posts always leave me feeling inspired by their uniqueness! Love the Brennan Manning quote... and such a fun idea to write it out like that.

Leigh Kramer said...

Cute polka dots! I can't imagine trying on a winter coat right now but kudos on getting a good deal. Love the thrift store skirt!

Leelee said...

First, I love all your polka dot outfits. Second, the Charlotte's Web and Babar shirts are so adorable on your kids. Third, seeing the vintage Richard Scary book really made me happy.