Sunday, September 1, 2013

Letter to (Twenty Eight Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

This is by FAR the latest I've ever been with a letter to your or your sister. But you know what, sweet guy, I'm learning to let go of things. I've said it before, but if having Annie helped me let go of being a little too controlling and compulsive, having you helped me even more! I'm still learning to let go and it's a lesson I know I'll have to learn again and again (and again!).

Anyway, you've had a great month. We started out the month still sort of trying to figure out your bed situation. I had said I wanted you to stay in your bed during naptime and at bedtime. And when we took the side off your crib, I tried really hard to make that happen. I gave it my best shot, but ultimately it was just a rule that I couldn't enforce and honestly, after I really thought on it, one that wasn't worth fighting for anyway.

You are talking a good bit more, which is encouraging. You say a lot of words, will repeat almost anything, and are even starting to string words together. It's slow going, but it's going. I was thinking about it today. How you are probably at the place verbally that your sister was almost a year earlier. Shockingly, it hasn't really ever bothered me too much. You two have different strengths and weaknesses and it's my privilege and my delight to encourage the former and help you face the challenges of the latter.

I've been letting you sit in on "school" time with Annie and you trace and have even started trying to say little bits of her memory work. I love watching you learn and watching your desire for knowledge grow. Annie is ever the dilligent teacher- she asked me just the other day when we (her and I) should start teaching you your letters. And then tonight, I overheard her working on them with you.

I also decided that with school about to start for her, I want to create some special routines and practices that are specifically for you. I picked out a big Richard Scarry storybook and now, before your nap, instead of grabbing the shortest board book I can find,  and we're making our way through it gradually, a few pages at a time, as your attention span allows.

You continue to be obsessed with your sister. In fact, sometimes it feels like I'm becoming obsolete. You two are getting closer and closer to being the same size (several people have asked lately if y'all are twins) but you love for her to hold you and rock you before bed. It's comical, but more endearing than anything else. You two truly inspire me to love better.

One of your absolute favorite things is dinosaurs.  You love to talk about them, read about them, watch shows about them, wear clothes with them appliqued on them, and imitate them. It's so precious to me and feels like such an adorable "little boy" thing. Minnie put little tiny squirts of lotion on your toes and they appeared kind of pointy and y'all decided they were your claws and you were a "saur". You were beside yourself.

You've also become fascinated with the mounted deer at Mickey and Minnie's house. You talk to it and ask about it but are terrified when Mick tries to hold you up so you can touch his fur. Honestly your conversation with the deer last night was probably the most words I've heard you say consecutively. You would not stop talking to him!

You've been scared of a lot of things lately- noises (thunder, the mosquito truck), the dark, having your door closed. A lot. I think it's just a stage and I'm not too worried. It's funny when you combine a fear with a fascination, though. Like with the deer or with a few people we know (your Uncle Michel and an elderly lady that lives with some of our friends).

You are so fun and funny these days. I just love watching you grow and learn. As always, you're such an affectionate, cheerful little guy and just being around you is a delight. We love you so much, precious boy!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your Babar t-shirt is a 2T and the shorts are ones I made and they're a 24 mo. I originally made them pants and they were high waters, so I cut them off and made them shorts.

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