Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Letter to (Twenty Nine Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

What a great month it's been with my great little guy! I forgot to mention it in my last letter, and we actually weren't back yet on your "monthly birthday", but we left you with the grandparents overnight for the first time EVER last month. It was kind of a big deal. We had left Annie by herself overnight with grandparents a few times when she was a little younger than you, but it just hadn't been necessary yet and two kids is a lot more to put on somebody than one. And plus you're BUSY- you wear people out. Also, if I'm honest, we like to baby you a bit. Anyway, you'd had a few nights without me and a few without Papa, but never without us both at once. Well, you did fabulously. You were pretty easy going and I think you had all your grandparents chasing you at some point, but overall you could not have done better. You did have one little incident where you got scared of some thunder at Minnie's and you smeared peanut butter in a your hair a few times, but that's all to be expected. Minnie also did un-potty train you. Haha, I think it was just a bit much with everything else.

To be fair, you still needed lots of reminders and we really only did it because you initiated. That said, I hated to throw in the towel, so we're back at it. You've had quite a few "accidents" and a few that um, weren't so much accidents. I walked in morning from a shower and you were sitting on the floor saying "taste poo-poo?" and pointing to a pile. Luckily, from what I could tell you hadn't truly sampled anything yet. Another time, Annie told me that you didn't potty in your underwear and dump, you took off your underwear, squatted and did your business. NOT OKAY. Anyway, we had a talk and you've done better when we put you on the potty and have even told me a couple of times that you needed to. It's a process, I know.

You are such a goofy little boy. You love dressing up and being silly and OF COURSE making a mess. The bigger the better. The other day you and Annie tore into a box of "special things" I thought was pretty inaccessible. Luckily, we (Annie) found your baby locks from your first hair cut.

But you have an almost heartbreakingly sweet side, too. You are the most affectionate little child- physically and now verbally. I told you before bed tonight that I loved you and you said "I love you, Graves?" I asked you if he wanted me to tell you again and you said "uh huh" and nodded. I said "Oh Graves, I love you so much". You grinned, sighed so big, buried his head in my neck and said "I love you, Momma". I love that you wanted me to say it twice. Another time we were riding in the car and we heard you say to the stuffed animal you were holding "Okay? Check on you?" and then you started softly singing Edelweiss. It just melted me.  

The other morning I put you in bed with me when Papa left for work, hoping you'd sleep a bit more. You did and when I woke up your sweet hand was resting on my head. It was so sweet.  

You have had a wonderful Summer- playing in the backyard pool, feeding the ducks, going for walks. You love being outside. You've especially taken an interest in Papa's hammock and love to pretend anything (a blanket, a cardboard box, anything) is a hammock. 

With having started, I wanted to do something specifically for you. So before his nap each day, instead if grabbing the shortest board book I can find, we're making our way through Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever, a few pages at a time, as your attention span allows. 

You also have these little cards we've been playing with all Summer. They just have common words on them and we show you the picture and you practice. They're really made for babies with ambitious parents, but I think they've been pretty helpful and really fun. Up until about a month ago, you were still probably at the point with your language that Annie was when she was almost a year younger than you. But I really didn't let it bother me and these days you string words together like crazy and have even said a few SENTENCES. It's been neat to experience this in a different way this time, because I appreciate your little words and little voice so much more than I would otherwise. I feel like, in this regard, it's almost like I've gotten to do the first child thing twice. We get excited over achievements in this area the way most new parents would. I hope I can always be your biggest cheerleader!

Actually, your biggest cheerleader is (and I hope will always be) your sister. She gets so excited when she teaches you new things...and anything she's learning she wants to teach your (for example the presidents of the United States). She is just so smitten with you, Graves. The other day Grandpa Randy kept y'all and you fell asleep in his lap. I was so happy when you transferred easily into my own arms. I held you for a bit, but it didn't last long because Annie asked me "Can I just hold him too, please?". You're about as big as her, but she loved it. She kept rubbing your back and tracing your features and then she touched your feet and said "sweet little toes" so softly. It was such a beautiful moment. 

You miss her a lot when she's at school (you keep saying "Miss Annie. Love Annie"). But I think the time just the two of us (or three of us when Papa is home) is really wonderful. It's special to be able to give my attention to just you. 

The other day when it was just us, I put you in one of Papa's old grimey undershirts because the chalk we have stains y'alls clothes (I know, it's CHALK, weird right?). Anyway, you told me it was "pretty". I'm fairly confident you thought it was a dress. The joys of being a little brother- we're working on "handsome" :)

Graves, every day with you is a day that I can't help but smile and laugh. You are such a bright, funny little boy. Your energy is almost always coupled with your charm and sweet disposition. You are such a darling boy and I'm so thankful you're mine!

I love you,
Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your little truck shortall is an 18 mo. but it runs really big :)

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