Friday, September 27, 2013

"Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Coney!"

"Coney" as Graves calls him had a big question for our sweet Cookie....

This guy and his sister are going to be saying "UNCLE Coney" in true legitimacy before too long and we couldn't be more over the moon. In fact, what prompted this video is the fact that I could not stop saying "OH MY GOSH!" on repeat like crazy when she told me over the phone the other night. Cookie's here this weekend (he proposed on Wednesday night and she was already planning to come home on Thursday...we feel like he's got things pretty well figured out or something).

[ETA: In a surprising fashion (nothing truly surprises me with him anymore) Peyton announced that he didn't really like the kids saying "Oh my gosh". This from a guy that I'm one hundred percent confident will allow them to swear when they're teenagers. He told me he actually doesn't say it himself because it's a "made up word created as a stand-in by people so they wouldn't take the Lord's name in vain" or something like that. He said there are just better phrases and now his adorable son is saying "Oh, dear!" quite a bit.]

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Amy said...

congrats to your sister! and this post just made me laugh because libbi went through and "oh my gosh" phase. and we had a big talk about alternatives (oh my stars was a favorite here - ha!) and i never realized just how much mickey mouse says "GOSH!" until we were trying to get our child to STOP saying it - ha! ;)